CVS Orlando – Orlando Pharmacy and Convenience

One of the must-stops for anyone visiting Disney in Florida and enjoying shopping is the Orlando CVS.

The store chain is known as pharmacy, but it has much more than just medicines.

In the United States, pharmacies do not work in the same way as in Brazil.

The moment you're there, you'll feel like you're in a convenience store, made up of a variety of products. In addition, of course, to medications, vitamins and supplements.

In the corridors, you can find cosmetics and hygiene and beauty products in general. In addition, it is also possible to buy snacks and even some gifts from Orlando!

What is Orlando's CVS like?

It is likely that you have already followed our travel tips for Orlando. I believe that one of the main ones is the way your suitcase should be assembled.

We always indicate that some products are purchased there, as is the case of personal hygiene products. In other words, you can count on Orlando CVS!

It is very common that shampoos, conditioners and creams are much more affordable than in Brazil. In addition, makeups also have a very special price!

Anyway, you should take some time at the beginning of your trip to get to know at least one of the CVS 'in Orlando.

What to find at CVS Orlando

Well, as we said above, CVS is not just a pharmacy as many visitors believe.

And there you can find just about everything, we are going to list here some items that you can find there.

Medicines at Orlando CVS

In the middle of the park marathon, it is common for you to feel pain in your body and even in your head.

If you forget to take a pain reliever or muscle relaxant, remember CVS!

On the other hand, some drugs cannot be purchased without a prescription. For example, if you make continuous use of contraceptives, be sure to buy it in Orlando!

If this is the case, it is very difficult for you to acquire it at CVS. Remember, too, that Brazilian recipes are not valid in Orlando.

In that sense, the solution will be to use your health insurance and undergo a medical consultation.

Vitamins and supplements at CVS Orlando

Contrary to medications, vitamins and supplements can be sold over-the-counter.

In addition, their entry into Brazil is permitted.

You can find several vitamins and minerals, as well as medicinal oils. The values of these products are much lower than those found in Brazil.

Cosmetics at CVS Orlando

Without a doubt, the CVS 'cosmetics section of Orlando is the favorite of many Brazilians! Especially from Brazilian women.

In it, you can find shampoo and conditioner brands like Pantene, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, etc.

Regarding makeup, I recommend that you stock your lip balms and mascara! Prices are much lower than in Brazil, especially for brands considered famous here, such as Maybelline and Nyx.


First I need to point out that we do not recommend that you buy a lot of food here. Obviously a snack or two can be purchased here for convenience.

But for food purchases in larger quantities, we recommend other supermarkets that we have already mentioned here on the blog as Walmart and Target.

However, if you're looking for a quick breakfast, or a quick grab a snack to take on your parks, CVS Orlando can be a good solution.


Well, again we believe that there are better places to buy souvenirs to take to your family members as Five Below, Ross and Marshalls.

However, you can find cool stuff on CVS too if you're already there.


Of course, as the title of this post says, CVS is a pharmacy and convenience store.

Therefore, there you will find several items that can save your skin while traveling, such as: cell phone chargers, plug adapters, çThecheap raincoats, mini travel hygiene products, luggage scales, suitcases of various sizes.

This and many other items that can help your trip.

Orlando CVS price average

Regarding the same products on Brazilian soil, CVS Orlando is very affordable!

There, some “expensive” brands in our country are common, as is the example of shampoos by Aussie and makeup by Nyx.

So be sure to include Orlando's CVS in your shopping itinerary. Even more if you don't take your personal care products from Brazil!

Is it worth buying at CVS?

Without a doubt!

The variety of products is immense and of course the prices are also many.

A very different thing from the stores in the United States and Brazil is that the promotions there are usually something that are really VERY worthwhile.

So it is possible that for some products you will find great deals and prices at CVS and for others you will find better ones at Walmart and Target.

But for medicines and vitamins, CVS prices will be excellent!

Where is CVS in Orlando?

CVS is present in several points in Orlando. For sure, some of them will be close to you!

Check it out below:

Operation until 22h

  • 1201 E Colonial Drive;
  • 8025 Lee Vista Boulevard;
  • 2702 S Orange Avenue;
  • 2351 S Hiawassee Road;
  • 5899 Orange Blossom Trail;
  • 13454 Orange Blossom Trail;
  • 8981 Conroy Windermere Road;
  • 5190 S Conway Road;
  • 4315 Curry Ford Road;
  • 3502 Edgewater Drive;
  • 3212 Curry Ford Road.

Operation until 00h

  • 9188 International Drive;
  • 5886 Conroy Road;
  • 9306 Narcoossee Road;
  • 7001 Old Winter Garden Road;
  • 7996 Conroy Windermere Road.

24h operation

  • 6790 Central Florida Pkwy;
  • 7300 Curry Ford Road;
  • 5300 S John Young Pkwy;
  • 7599 W Sand Lake Road.

COVID-19 test centers

In current times, taking care of our health and our travel group is essential.

So if you feel any of the COVID-19 symptoms, go to an Orlando CVS.

The following addresses offer on-site testing:

  • 6790 Central Florida Pkwy;
  • 5886 Conroy Road;
  • 1201 E Colonial Drive;
  • 5899 Orange Blossom Trail;
  • 9306 Narcoossee Road;
  • 8981 Conroy Windermere Road;
  • 5190 S Conway Road;
  • 7001 Old Winter Garden Road;
  • 4315 Curry Ford Road;
  • 3502 Edgewater Drive;
  • 3212 Curry Ford Road.

Of course, be sure to take a look at your official site.

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