iFly Orlando - Free Flight Simulator

Have you ever had the desire to fly the same in some sci-fi movies? This experience can become a reality for you at iFly Orlando!

There's a lot to do on a Disney vacation: adventures in the Epcot, Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal kingdom and much more.

But there are also plenty of entertainment opportunities around the Casa do Mickey complexes, such as the iFly Orlando, for example.

For those unfamiliar, the franchise iFly specializes in simulating parachute jumps for tourists, offering a very fun program for those on vacation.

Here in Brazil, there are two cities with iFly units: Brasília and São Paulo. However, one of the most famous in the world is in Orlando.

Do you want to know what the experience of visiting this place is like and how to insert it in your travel itinerary? Check it out below!

What is iFly Orlando?

IFly Orlando is the Orlando branch of the world's most famous parachute jump simulator.

The structure has a super powerful air tube that puts the human in flight, simulating a parachute fall (without the parachute open, of course).

Much of the simulator is aimed at athletes and military personnel, including NASA astronauts (since there is a NASA campus in Florida).


The other part serves the millions of tourists who travel to Orlando and look for radical attractions outside of Disney and other theme parks in the city.

In iFly, you can enter the superpowered air tube and stay in flight for 60 seconds, simulating a parachute fall, without necessarily getting on a plane and jumping from above.

For those who are afraid to jump with a parachute, for example, it is a great way to enjoy this experience, but without actually having to get on the plane.

In addition to the normal flight (you wear a special suit and get into the tube, but we will talk about that below), there is a second type of flight that is very interesting: with virtual reality glasses, which makes the experience even more complete.

How is the flight at iFly Orlando?

The flight experience at iFly Orlando is very interesting, especially now that the branch has been completely redesigned.

iFly used to be located in one place, but now it has moved to another portion of the International drive.

The building is brand new, with new decor and new features. When you arrive, you can check in on a computer with a number of languages (including Portuguese!), Which is a benefit for those who cannot speak English.

Soon after, you keep your belongings in a closet and go through a brief training period, which consists of watching a video and a lecture with a professional, who will teach you the best positions and how not to get hurt in the activity.

Next, you will receive an iFly jumpsuit of your size to be able to enter the wind tunnel, which will be controlled from the outside by the company's professionals.


Each ticket entitles you to two 60-second flights in the iFly wind tunnel.

Anyone who is a beginner (ie, not an athlete, military, astronaut or goes through any specific program), there is always an instructor to accompany you on both flights.

The first is more peaceful and serves to acclimatize and get used to the flight and the sensation of falling.

The instructor is at your side, helps you start flying and controls your position so that it doesn't hit the walls and fall, for example.

The second flight is more radical: the instructor flies with you and people reach much higher heights, going up and down the wind tunnel.

If you found the flight time short (only 60 seconds), know that there is a reason for that.

The wind tunnel acts on the body and is, in a way, like a "blow". We say it in a way because it doesn't hurt, but it definitely causes a certain pain to stay in the free fall position for two minutes. Some people, especially those who are not in the habit of having a daily exercise routine, come out of pain in some regions.

That is why flights cannot go much longer than two minutes (one minute per session), so as not to cause even greater pain in people. There are packages that allow more flights on the same day, but only two are recommended for beginners.

How much does it cost to fly?

There are different flight packages with different types of experiences for different types of tourists.

The most basic starter package offers two one-minute flights each, rental of flight equipment, training and an instructor in sessions, in addition to a flight certificate and costs $69.95 per person.

Then there are more packages with 3 flights per person ($ $89.95), 4 flights ($ $111.95), 5 flights ($ $131.95).


There is a group package of 10 flights for 1 to 5 people to share ($ $299.95) and a package of 2 flights with virtual reality ($ $109.95).

The cool thing about virtual reality is that there are two models. The first is a “normal” plane jump, simulating this experience. The second one is themed on How to Train Your Dragon and features some of the characters in the film.

Is it worth going to iFly Orlando?

Like everything in life, the answer to that is “it depends”.

THE experience itself is really cool. Prices, as you can see, are a little expensive. After all, we are talking about almost 70 dollars per person. If it is you and your spouse, for example, give $140 dollars, more or less R$ 500 depending on the dollar quote at the time (if the dollar approaches R$ 4, for example).

Considering that it would be 4 minutes of fun (two for each, divided into two sessions), you may find it expensive.


You can tell that there are other experiences at Disney that would be more memorable for spending that money.

However, having said that, iFly Orlando is very cool and it certainly won't be “wasted money”. Flying like this is a lot of fun and not something you do every day. Especially if you're afraid to actually jump your parachute.

In fact, there is an opportunity to parachute jump in Florida, so you may prefer the “real thing” to the simulation.

As you can see, it depends. If you go, you will not regret it. Perhaps, considering that there are two iFly units in Brazil, you can test the novelty there.

So, what did you think of iFly Orlando? Will you put in planning your trip to Disney or not? Tell us in the comments below!

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