Walgreens Orlando - The Supermarket / Farm

The Walgreens is one of the most famous establishments in Therlando. Many tourists and locals frequent this store.

The most interesting thing is that it is technically a supermarket, but at the same time it is a pharmacy. But in practice, it goes beyond that.

That's exactly why she's so popular.

That way you have access to a simply impressive product catalog. Believe me, most of the things you are looking for can be found locally.

In this article, see how the store can help you in emergency situations. Especially if you are just visiting Orlando. 

The practicality of this market

When you visualize a Brazilian market, the idea is totally different from Walgreens.


That's because it sells much more than common products there. So, you can find cleaning items, stationery, medicine, food and more. 

The convenience store name fits much more into the profile of this establishment. That way, if you're traveling, it's perfect for emergencies. So, if you need something, just look for a market like this.

Buying in this place is always very advantageous and practicality is the biggest benefit. So, there are two points that justify this. Check it out below.

available units

This store is practically everywhere. There are numerous units distributed in Orlando. So no matter where you are, you'll find one near your location.

But rest assured that it is quite easy to find the store closest to your hotel or wherever you are.

  • First enter the official site from Walgreens
  • Click on "Store Locator"
  • Enter the ZIP Code (US Zip Code) or the address of the Hotel in which you are staying.
  • There are a number of filters if you want to refine your search by some criteria such as 24-hour stores, which print photos, which have flu vaccine, etc.
  • Finally, click on the green “Find a Store” button and see the list of stores near you

Opening hours

Most units operate 24 hours a day. So at least one Walgreens it will always be open, regardless of your schedule.

Many people pack only products from this store for an affordable price. So if you come across one, make your shopping.

Walgreens Shopping Tips

Since we're talking about shopping, we've separated some very interesting tips. This type of establishment has an absurd variety.

With this, many people end up buying things they never even imagined.

It is recommended that tourists enjoy the Walgreens calmly. Thus, you can account for each discovery within the store.

Believe me, it's so much that a lot of people get lost. So, let's show you some of the possibilities of this place.


Simply one of the most amazing sessions in the store. In the cosmetics wing, you will find very good products. Most interesting of all, the price is usually quite affordable. You can assemble a complete kit only with the accessories sold there.

Generally, this establishment devotes an entire wall just to cosmetics. That way, there's a lot to check out. You can spend hours looking at the diversity of elements.

It is possible to find everything from basic objects to less conventional ones. So, there is makeup, enamel, mask, creams. In addition, the store has some very interesting types of shampoos. This session already makes the site visit worthwhile.


Originally the Walgreens it's a pharmacy. Thus, if the cosmetics part is huge, imagine the medicine part. There are thousands available for you to buy. Now, don't think that you just have to come and choose, quite the opposite.


Medicine is something serious and the store takes great care with the sale of these products. So, depending on the medication you want, you must provide a prescription. So if you're thinking of visiting Orlando, be sure to take out travel insurance.

Now, basic things like band-aids and headache pills are on the shelf. So you can just take what you want, no prescription needed.

Also, who needs to get vitamin D or those fish oils. These elements are usually much cheaper there than in the Brazil. O Walgreens is reference in this type of product.


This is one of the most famous parts of the place. But, you might be a little surprised by the price. The food session is usually one of the most expensive there. That's why many people prefer to stop by Walmart to buy food.

Even so, it's not at all exorbitant. That way, if you're in need of something to quench your hunger, it's worth checking out. Furthermore, this ward follows the same pattern of variety as the others. 

There are many foods available. So, you find fruits, donuts, frozen dishes, breads, cereals, among others. O Walgreens is sensational when it comes to diversity. You can set up an entire lunch with only the products from there.


This property has an amazing photo printing system. You can separate the images you want and that's it. Also, it is possible to make some very interesting setups. 

Of course, it's not very professional. However, for a market, it is already a good size. This is one of tourists' favorite sessions. After all, many like to record their trips on paper.


If you think this place can no longer surprise you, take it easy. There are still numerous products available other than those mentioned here. 

The Walgreens it also has scales, gift cards, socks, among others. So these are just a few examples. This is just to get you a sense of how diverse this place is.

Walgreens stores in Orlando

There are several stores around Orlando. That's why it's very easy to come across one if you're visiting the place. Even so, there is a simple way to find a nearby establishment.

You just need to go to the company's website. Once that's done, click on “store locator”. Also, follow the instructions below.

  1. Put your Zip Code (American Zip Code) or the address of your hotel or residence.
  2. Choose whether or not to select a kind of search filter.
  3. Click on the “Find a store” button.

Discount coupons

Now, let's talk about one of the best things about Walgreens. The store offers several Discount coupons for your customers. The company's website is a great opportunity to get some of them.

The company's own tabloid often has several offers available. So, even though this is a more expensive place than Walmart, it's worth it. There are many shopping options in one place. 

Lastly, that's all you need to know about this establishment. So, if you pass by Orlando, be sure to check out the place. Trust me, you will be shocked by the amount of stuff for sale.

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