Busch Gardens Children's Attractions

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For those who think the Busch gardens it's a park that only has extreme toys, is wrong. The park has many attractions that will please all audiences. And today we are going to list here all the Busch Gardens children's attractions for you!

He stays in a nearby town called Cover, 90 km from Orlando and we usually spend 1h30 to get there.

He gained fame for the extreme roller coasters, but as we say, it has many attractions that please the whole family.

The Busch gardens will please from the little ones to the big ones who love to feel adrenaline. As it is a park that allows direct contact with nature, with exotic animals and African fauna, the children are delighted.

children's attractions of Busch gardens.

Thinking about kids, today the theme is focused on that, so check out our list.

A is for Africa

It's a super cool show, with lots of dancing and music, with the participation of the characters from Sesame Street. At the end of the show, children can still take pictures and get autographs. Remember to pay attention to the map to know the location and time of the presentation.

Bert & Ernie's Watering Hole

For hot days it's a great choice. The environment is all colorful, with many water attractions (showers, jets and waterfalls) and rubber for the children enjoy!

Opening Night Critters

It's a show with trained animals and it's in the Pantopia theater. The show is very fun, where children are super enchanted by the presentation of more than 100 animals rescued from the streets and shelters. It is an attraction that everyone loves.

Edge of africa

It is the place where you and your family will be able to see several African animals such as: hyenas, hippos, elephants, lions, zebras, among others.

Stanley Falls Flume

It is the favorite part of the water for families, the splash has a drop of 12 meters and it is impossible not to get out of there wet.


It is the area with 16 thousand square meters that is in a special region within the Congo with various activities. Among them we can highlight the encounters with exotic animals and attractions that children and adults have fun together. Here's what you'll find there:

Tiger trail

It is one of the most fantastic places to visit and one of the best children's attractions in the world. Busch gardens.

There you will see the amazing Bengal tigers and you can see them in two ways: one through the underwater windows, where you can watch the tigers swimming and playing in the water.

The other way is through the glass boxes installed by the environment they live in. You will be very close to them, very unusual to be honest, you will even see the tigers taking that afternoon nap. If adults are already crazy, imagine the children!

Orangutan Outpost

You will be able to know and learn more about the life and behavior of orangutans, only a glass window will separate you.

Kulu Canopy

It is the habitat of flying fox bats, the vast majority among bat species; and the tomistoma, which are crocodiles with a pointed snout.

Tree Top Trails

There are three floors full of fun. There are many networks, tunnels, bridges and some traps, where the children they can explore everything and have fun for a long time.

Jungle Flyers

Fly under the treetops? At Jungle Flyers it's possible! THE child it needs to be at least 1.22 m and can fly under the treetops and there are three types of flight, all of which are 15 meters high.

Walkabout way

It is suitable for children from 5 years old and there is the special moment with Australian animals such as kangaroos and wallabies, known as mini kangaroos.

Children over 5 years old can feed them with the food sold in the park, it costs around $5.

Show Turn It Up

It's the ice skating show that takes place in Busch gardens, with performances full of adrenaline, with music of the moment. Be sure to stop by The Moroccan Palace theater to enjoy the show with the guys.

Air grover

It's the roller coaster for the whole family to enjoy together. The plane, which is commanded by the monster Grover, with lots of turns and light drops that are super fun. It is allowed for children from 0.97m.

Congo River Rapids 

For the hottest days it is mandatory to go there to refresh yourself. Board a super buoy with up to 11 people and go rafting along the Congo River. Remember: it is impossible to leave dry! The minimum height allowed is 1.07m.

Snake's Curse

Despite being a roller coaster, we have already seen a number of children there.

That's why we included it in this list of Busch Gardens children's attractions.

The roller coaster is sensational, with many curves and turns.

The path starts at a height of 21 meters, where it is reached by a vertical elevator. You will walk backwards, forwards and many turns along the uncertain 640-meter tracks.

The speed exceeds 60 km/h. The child needs to be at least 1.07m to embark on this adventure.

Sand Serpent

Full of twists, turns, descents and ascents, children over 1.16 can venture into the Sand Serpent.

General Busch Gardens Tips

As the park is located in another city, it is essential to leave well in advance to arrive at the beginning of the opening hours. Busch gardens.

This way you will be able to enjoy the empty park and enjoy the attractions better.

As it is a very large park with the Serengeti Plain in the middle (Savannah), the attractions end up being further away from each other, so divide the park into blocks and go through these divisions.

In fact, Busch Gardens is a much more confusing park than the traditional ones. Disney parks. We recommend that you have a map in hand or hire a script service not to get too lost.

As we said, the park is long, so take the opportunity to get around by the cable car, the Skyride and the train, Serengeti Railway, both cut through the park and are great to take a break, see the animals and save your feet.

Skyride has stations at the Edge of Africa, near the Cheetah hunt is on Stanleyville, by the path between Kumba and Sheikra. It is possible to walk between 3 and 4 people depending on weight.

The Serengeti Railway has several stations throughout the park, and in addition to taking a beautiful walk seeing various animals such as giraffes, lions and zebras, you will relax.

With regard to water toys, as children like it a lot, it is good to take at least a complete change of clothes.

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