SheiKra - Busch Gardens Roller Coaster

When you think about emotion, Busch Gardens is the right park to visit. There are several roller coasters to choose from and enjoy. THE SheiKra, however, is one of the park's most captivating attractions.

The Busch gardens it is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, about an hour's drive from Orlando. He is part of the SeaWorld group and is the furthest away. It's a must for fun lovers, even if it's a little away from others city parks.

Now, let's talk about SheiKra?

well, the roller coaster was developed and designed by Bolliger & Mabillard and opened to the public in 2005. It was the first roller coaster dive coaster, that is, made of steel and which has other special features, which we will talk about later.

In 2007, however, it was duly modified to be one of the floorless. In other words, it's a roller coaster that doesn't have a floor for footrests. Since then, it has conquered many visitors, those who are, of course, looking for adrenaline.

The rails, for example, are red and with blue supports, which gives a nice contrast for those who see it from the outside and even more for those who “get a taste” from the inside.

So, the brave ones on duty need to give SheiKra a chance, that's a fact. Much because it causes several sensations, including a nice butterflies in the stomach. And once you've gone once, it's impossible not to want to go again.

How is SheiKra

The toy is, in turn, the most famous roller coaster in the park. It is 61 meters high and has a free fall of 90 degrees, reaching over 110 km/h. Have you thought?

Before collapsing, the cart, which has three rows of eight seats, stops for a period of three seconds. This is the moment you have to regret, lol. But when you go through that part, the adrenaline screams and you just want more and more.

Busch Gardens - Complete and Free Itinerary to Enjoy the Park
The SheiKra roller coaster and part of its 90 degree drop. Photo: Disclosure

And it doesn't end there. After going through this surprise, there is another drop, this one a little smaller, which is also done at 90 degrees. This time, there's no stop, but it's just as cool.

For those who want to feel even more excited, don't miss out on the front row of the cart. It's the most intense place to walk, because when it's time to fall, you have a privileged view of the entire park.

So, the coolest part, besides these falls and the inversion (a medium looping), is that your legs are completely loose (yes!). In this way, the seats at the ends, which are, in all, six, give you this experience of freedom. In other words, more than exciting!

In addition, SheiKra is 971 meters long (very big!). However, unfortunately, the fun is only 3 minutes long. Very little time, right? When you go see, it's over. However, nothing that takes away the beauty of this attraction. It is more than a mandatory stop.

SheiKra's route, at Busch Gardens, promises adrenaline. Photo: Disclosure

It is important to remember, first of all, that to use the toy you must have a minimum allowable height of 1.40m.

Knowing a little more about the toy + trivia

If you were curious to learn a little more about SheiKra, how about watching a video of the journey? But, I tell you, it's not at all impressive compared to what you feel there, live. You can get a taste of how it is, but the feeling of venturing into the attraction is much better!

Check out SheiKra's video at Busch Gardens:

Curiosity: Sheikra's route, at any given time, is in a passage over water. That way, whoever is outside, watching, takes a real shower.

Curiosity 2: the name SheiKra is based on an African bird of prey, the shikra hawk. This animal is known to dive in an upright position to capture prey. Thus, the reference is more than faithful!

Curiosity 3: if you went to SheiKra and want to keep that moment as a souvenir, you can buy your photo on the toy through PhotoKey, photo service and park app.

Where the attraction is at Busch Gardens

Well, to get your bearings in the park, which is huge, you need a map. In it, you'll find all the attractions – although there are always changes when a toy is inaugurated and such – that you can visit.

This is the Busch Gardens map. In it, you can find your way around and find the attractions you want to visit.
Map of Busch Gardens park in Tampa Bay, Florida. Photo: Disclosure

SheiKra is located at Stanleyville, which is on the left side of the park. For those who want to start the day already feeling the thrill of the roller coaster, the ideal is to start on that side.

Entering the complex, turn left, pass by Morocco, Bird gardens and arrive at Stanleyville. And there it will be, the famous and most feared roller coaster: SheiKra.

In short: if you go to Orlando, you need to go to Busch Gardens and get to know SheiKra and other roller coasters in the park, like the Cheetah hunt, Kumba, Montu etc. In fact, we've already made a post here on the site about radical attractions. To see, just click on here.

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