Busch Gardens Radical Attractions

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If your family and you like adrenaline filled toys instead of light more children's toys keep an eye out for this selection of extreme attractions at Busch Gardens in Tampa, very close to Orlando!

He gained fame for his extreme toys, especially with many different roller coasters.

The easiest way to get from Orlando to Tampa is by car, the road is very good and the trip takes around 1h/1h30. We recommend the use of In-car gps or if you have a cell phone, use an offline map or if you have internet, use an online GPS.

The park, in addition to its radical toys, is almost a zoo and belongs to the group of parks in the SeaWorld.

It has been much visited by tourists who want adventure and contact with nature.

Despite the fame of being a radical park, children have a lot of fun there, as there are many rides and shows for the kids, in addition to all the awareness of the work carried out by the SeaWorld group on the preservation of animals.

Busch Gardens' More Radical Attractions

Enough rambling, let's go to the list of the most radical attractions at Busch Gardens


Tigre can only be visited by people taller than 1.37 meters. It's included in the Quick Queue, Busch Gardens' method of skipping the lines.

Tigris - Busch Gardens Radical Attraction
Tigris – Busch Gardens Radical Attraction

Near the entrance to the attraction there are lockers to leave bags and backpacks. The locker costs US$ 1.00 for one hour and US$ 2.00 for an additional hour. Bags are distributed free of charge at the attraction for those who take only small items, such as cell phones, keys and wallets, for example.

Gopro-style cameras are allowed as long as they are attached to the chest or doll with accessories.

br>The whole ride takes just over a minute, making it a very fast roller coaster.

As its name implies, Tigris is inspired by tigers, the most feared felines in the world. It's in the Stanleyville area near Jungala. This is where the park's Bengal Tigers are found. Another species of tiger also inhabits the park, the Malayan tigers, a species that has just under 500 individuals in the wild.


The course of this super roller coaster takes 3 minutes and has 7 inversions.

In it you go with your feet loose, which for many people gives even more adrenaline! It is very fast, reaching 96 km/h, being until recently considered the fastest inverted roller coaster in the world!

With G-force, you get that impression that your body will never take off the chair again.

Cheetah hunt

This roller coaster it doesn't have looping, so a lot of people don't believe in the possibility of it being radical, but even though the upside-down turns don't happen, because it simulates the run of a cheetah, reaching up to 100 km/h and counting on 3 shots, it ends up addicting everyone for the adrenaline rush!

The combo that this roller coaster provides is something out of this world: curves, speed and height! It actually simulates the movements of the cheetah in the middle of the Serengeti, with 40 meter dives into a spectacular underground trench!

Due to its characteristics, it is one of the most sought after attractions in the Busch Gardens.

Snake's Curse

It is located in the park in the area of Egypt and tells the story that happened in an archaeological site where they found a large statue of a mythological snake and that has been reconstructed.

The adventure begins the moment the serpent's head is put in place and where they discover a curse.

Of course, this is while your roller coaster car is just 21 meters off the ground, ready to be launched hard to start the ride.

In addition to being one of the newest roller coasters in the Busch gardens, is also full of innovation. The carts are independent and follow stretches from the front, while the second phase is done from the back, ending with the cart changing its angle.

The coolest thing is that the movements of the Cobra`s Curse its movements are inspired by a crawling snake, where its carts spin according to the movement of its passengers.

Despite being a radical attraction, it is not the scariest Busch gardens.

Falcon's Fury

Many people believe that it is one of the most radical rides in the park, because it takes you to a tower over 100 meters high.

When you reach the top, the seat you are comfortably seated in tilts into a horizontal position and your body faces down for a few seconds.

Falcon's Fury - Busch Gardens Radical Attraction
Falcon's Fury – Busch Gardens Radical Attraction

The moment you think the attraction has failed and you regret having gone, the elevator simply collapses and only returns to the original position of the seat, almost reaching the end of the ride.


It's an old roller coaster, being opened in 1980, all made of steel.

It is in the Timbuktu region, which connects the areas of Congo to Nairobi. As it is an older attraction, the route ends up being quite predictable.

Scorpion - Busch Gardens
Scorpion – Busch Gardens

It rises 18 meters high and has a loop, reaching a speed of 80 km/h, the duration time is 1m30.


Despite being a Vikings ship, it differs from the others by reaching 360º, giving a complete loop inside the pirate ship!

Phoenix - Busch Gardens Radical Attractions
Phoenix – Busch Gardens Radical Attractions

Turning both clockwise and counterclockwise, you will be upside down for a few seconds. It is located in the area of de and is suitable for all audiences, except for those with health problems.


Launched in 1993, it was the fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster in Florida, highlighted by its vertical loop that was once the tallest in the world, at 36 meters high.

As much as its launch took place almost 30 years ago, it is still at the top of Busch Gardens' extreme attractions.

Kumba Busch Gardens
Kumba Busch Gardens

It reaches 100 km/h with loops, and its duration is 3 minutes. As it is located at the end of the park, in the Congo part, it is interesting to get there and go there, without queuing and do the park in reverse, backwards.

Jungle Flyers, Wild Surge & Tree Top Trails

For the kids and for the more fearful adults, it ends up being a radical attraction, there you will find many activities such as climbing and zip lines.


Undoubtedly it is the most famous roller coaster at Busch Gardens, because it reaches 110 km/h, in addition to the visitors climbing to 61 meters and waiting for 3 seconds for the free fall of 90 degrees, this occurs with their feet hanging.

Needless to say, it's our favorite! Well, at least so far.

It was built on the ruins of an ancient African civilization, and is the first roller coaster of its kind in the Americas and the third in the world!

The other two versions are in Taiwan and England, but nothing compares to the height, intensity and speed of the Sheikra.

This roller coaster is the first free-fall coaster to merge with an Immelmann loop, which turns upside down as it makes the turn, with a portion with lots of water and another drop 42 meters high and at 80 degrees, passing through a underground tunnel.

Stanley Falls Flume

Due to the 12 meters high drop at the end, it is considered radical by a number of people, the route is slow over the water and it is a delight, because at the time of the fall, you will get very wet.

Stanley Falls Flume
Stanley Falls Flume

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