Blizzard Beach: Disney Water Park

Disney is full of amusement parks: there's Epcot, the Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. All with different themes and attractions. However, there is one that is little commented on: the Blizzard Beach Water Park!

The park, which is one of Disney's water parks, goes a little unnoticed by anyone planning a trip to Orlando, but it is a very cool attraction for those on vacation.

If you want to know a little more about it and how to enjoy it on your vacation, keep reading!

What is Blizzard Beach Water Park?

As the name implies, it is a Disney water park. It is not the only one: another example is the Typhoon Lagoon.

What makes Blizzard Beach Water Park unique is the story behind it. Or rather: the legend that gave rise to the park.

An old Floridian legend says that, some time ago, used to have heavy snowfalls in an unknown region of Florida.

It may or may not be true, although it recently snowed in Tallahassee for the first time in 30 years, which shows how rare snow in Florida is. After all, the state is not known as & #8220; the State of the Sun & #8221; for nothing, right?

But anyway, continuing the story.

Because of these heavy snowfalls that supposedly existed in Florida, a ski resort was built in place, with a cable car and everything.

However, with the strong Florida heat, the snow melted and the entire ski park was abandoned.

However, one day, a group of people saw a crocodile (which is the symbol of Florida) sliding there, on what was once the ski slope. Because of this, they decided to create a water park in the place (using the crocodile as a mascot).

Whether this is true or not is another story. But, like everything at Disney, there is a certain magic behind this legend, for sure.

What are the attractions of Blizzard Beach?

Like any good water park, Blizzard Beach has some radical attractions and lots, lots of refreshing water.

The park's first major asset is the Summit Plummet, the largest toboggan run in the park. It is the second tallest and fastest in the world, at 36 meters high and a person can reach 97 kilometers per hour when slipping on it.

Curiosity: only one toboggan is bigger and more intense than this one and it is Brazilian! Well, the Insano, which is in the Beach Park in Fortaleza, beats the Summit Plummet.

If you are brave and like adrenaline, you cannot miss this chance!

The park has other, more tranquil slides. One is the Slush Gusher. It is 27 meters high and its top speed is 56 kilometers per hour.

Other cool attractions:

Teamboat Springs

This toboggan is one of the quietest (and funniest too!).


In it, people get on a giant buoy (minimum 4 and maximum 6) and slide along the curvy route. It can be done with the whole family!

Downhill Double Dipper

Have you bet on toboggan racing? Probably yes. You went up and down the toboggan and a friend counted the time. Then he changed and he saw who was the fastest.

Downhill Double Dipper - Disney's Blizzard Beach
Downhill Double Dipper – Disney's Blizzard Beach

At Blizzard Beach there is an attraction to do this, but without the hassle of counting the time. Basically, two people go on two slides side by side to see who gets to the pool first.

Toboggan Racers

Okay, did you think a two-person dispute was enough excitement and adrenaline in the previous attraction? But what if a race with 8 people was possible at the same time? That's what Toboggan Racers proposes!

In it, you and 7 other people (may be strangers or friends) enter 7 toboggan runs at the same time and try to see who gets to the finish first!

Melt-Away Bay

It is a huge pool in the middle of the park, with some very calm waves. It is a good recreation of the sea. It doesn't have much adrenaline, it's very smooth.

Cross Country Creek

One of my favorites at Blizzard Beach! This attraction is very cool and very creative.

Basically, it consists of a & #8220; river & #8221; that circulates throughout the park. The water has a light current, which pushes people along the way.

Cross Country Creek - Disney's Blizzard Beach
Cross Country Creek – Disney's Blizzard Beach

You enter the water with a float (you can only stay inside with it) and you are pushed all the way through the park.

There are 7 entry and exit points. If you fool around, you can spend the day running around Blizzard Beach. In a way, it is also a legal means of transportation around the park.

Runoff Rapids

This attraction has a little more adrenaline. It is made up of some varied slides: there are times that are open, another that is closed, with many sharp curves. The idea is to take a float and go alone (or accompanied by one more person) and go down there, taking advantage of the adrenaline of the route.

Attractions for Kids at Blizzard Beach

Yes absolutely yes! It wouldn't be a Disney water park without some specific areas for children, would it?

Parents may be concerned about their youngest children riding the same extreme toys as adults (some don't even accept children).

Therefore, there is an area just for them, with many specific attractions.

Ski Patrol

This is a playground that accepts children up to 12 years old. It is kind of formed by several other small attractions.

There's Fahrenheit Drops, which is a zip line that crosses the pool for children to play (safely) from up there.


In addition, there are some icebergs floating in the pool (children can walk by them and, of course, fall into the water).

In addition, Ski Patrol has two slides: the Freezin & #8217; Pipe Springs, small and closed, and Cool Runners, a little bigger and with more adrenaline.

Tike's Peak

For really small children, the youngest, it has this attraction. The Tike & #8217; s Peak is formed by some small slides, where the parents put the smaller ones to slide.

What are the opening hours of Blizzard Beach?

Typically, Blizzard Beach Water Park is open from 10 am until 5 pm.

However, during the summer months (July, August and September) the park has extended opening hours: it opens at 9 am and closes at 8 pm.

In addition, the park is closed in the reverse months. In 2019, it will close on October 27 until January 4, 2020.

That's probably why few people plan to spend time at Blizzard Beach when they think about going to Disney.

It is interesting to note that normally, at least one Disney water park is always open. That is: when one closes, the other is open. When the first one opens again, the other one closes for maintenance.

In this case: Blizzard Beach closes on October 27, 2019 and opens on January 4, 2020. Then, on January 5, 2020, Typhoon Lagoon closes.

So take these dates into account before planning your trip.

Oh, just to complete: the pools at Blizzard Beach are slightly heated, but not enough to withstand the cold of January and the like, okay? They reach 27 degrees, which is not cold, but it is not hot enough in my opinion.

So, what did you think of Blizzard Beach Water Park? Liked? If so, plan your trip to fit at least a little day to enjoy the waters of the place!

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