World of Disney Store – The Largest Disney Store in the World

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Today we will bring you information about the disney's biggest store in orlando. The famous World of disney.

First, it no it's just the largest disney store in orlando and yes the largest disney store in the WORLD!

She is just gigantic.

Get ready to walk a lot because this store promises to freak your head out and make you poor because you want to buy everything.

World of Disney - Disney Store in Orlando
World of Disney – Disney Store in Orlando

Above to get an idea of one of the entries. Yes, it has several entries.

But come on, where is it located?

World of Disney is in Disney springs at the disney resort complex in orlando.

With free parking there, it's a great place to take a stroll. Take the opportunity to stop by this store.

Here on the blog we have already talked about some places in Disney Springs. Like Blaze's Pizza, Earl of sandwich, it's the Amorette's Patisserie.

Going back to disney's biggest store in orlando.

A tip I like to give is, whenever you enter, take a look at everything, for example the ceiling of the store.

Every detail of it is unmissable and meticulously thought out, so enjoy.

In fact, in 2018 it underwent a major renovation and expansion and Disney took great care in the details, added new wings and managed to make the details even more incredible.

Let's talk about this a bit later in this post.

The World of Disney in Disney springs It's one of those stores that even if you don't want to buy anything, it's worth stopping by just to check out the whim that this store has.

She recently underwent a super makeover and looked more beautiful than before. We'll show you everything you'll find there!

World of Disney Alas

Specifically speaking, the store is divided into 12 wings, parts or rooms.

With the various entrances you can end up a little lost inside the store.

To make your tour easier, it's nice to mark some points that you've already visited so you don't go round and round.


And believe me, even we who have been several times got lost in this store.

But to help even more, we are going to list for you what you will find in each of the different wings of the store the The Great Hall & Roundabout, which is a large hall and the central and main part of the store, which has many smaller and more generalized key chains, pins and souvenirs.

The Exotic Animal Room

It has clothes for men and adults, like pajamas. t-shirts, pants, coats, socks, caps and underwear.

Enchanted room

The enchanted room has items for the kitchen and home, such as picture frames, dish towels, mugs, ice cube trays, pan protectors and even some foods like coffee and pasta, obviously all from Disney.

Magic room

Here you will find bed and bath items such as sheets and pillowcases, towels, pillows, robes and bathrobes.

The Vilains Room

In this area there are Disney jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, husbands and boyfriends, prepare your pockets hehehehe.


The Map Room

You will find disney trinkets as varied as headphones, mouse pads, cell phone and tablet cases, pens and pencils, globes and even cordless phones.

The bird room

Bags and bags and more bags, and also backpacks, toiletry bags and hats, and also some makeup items.

Snow White Room

It's the baby part where you find clothes, toys and plushies, all a delight.

Carnival Room

Area with toys, clothes and accessories for girls.

Wonderland room

It has dvd's, books, clothes and toys in general.

Adventure room

Here you will find products from adventure movies like Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean

Princess room 

Couldn't miss it, it's a room full of products from Disney princesses, from dolls to costumes and crowns, as well as makeup.

Children love this area.

What to Find at the World of Disney Store

Basically everything!

Everything related to the movies, characters and Disney parks. Are there countless toys, costumes, mugs, stuffed animals, key chains, glasses, pieces of clothing, kitchen utensils?

Everything about Disney can be found at World of Disney.

Me and Nathalia are always crazy about the housewares, and it's almost impossible to go in there and not buy anything.

World of Disney - Disney Springs Awesome Store
World of Disney – Disney Springs Awesome Store

More objectively, some products you can find at World of Disney are:

  • Clothing for men, women and children
  • Disney toys for all ages and tastes,
  • Kitchen products and items
  • Bed, Table and Bath Items
  • Books
  • video games
  • Mugs
  • Glasses
  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • All sorts of Souvenirs
  • Stationery Items
  • Electronics
  • Necklaces and Rings
  • Bracelets and Earrings

Obviously, all Disney themed and reminiscent of the characters from the movies and cartoons.

Is it Worth Going to World Of Disney in Disney Springs

MUCH! It is without a doubt a must-stop for anyone who enjoys Disney or is visiting Orlando.

The store is huge and you can find merchandise for everything there.

Talking now a little bit about prices and promotions at the World of Disney store.

You can even find some promotions, but it is not a guarantee that you will buy cheap products, after all you are in a store with official disney products.

The point here is, in this store you will find many new releases and featured products from Disney.

New product collections can be found here. Therefore, on these products you will not find good deals.

Even though it's not cheap, it's worth checking out.

Before, there were options with better prices, which were the Disney outlets located in the Premium, however Disney closed these stores making World of Disney perhaps the best place to buy things directly from Disney right now.

A good option for those looking for very cheap Disney products are the large Orlando supermarket chains such as Walmart and Target.

World of Disney History

When Word of Disney opened on October 2, 1996, the concept was simple: it was born to be the largest Disney character merchandise experience in the world.

World of disney
World of disney

Well, apparently it was successful, because to this day it is the biggest disney store in the world.

On the day it first opened its doors to the public, it boasted over 15,000 square meters of commercial space.

The concept of World of disney continued to be implemented to a limited extent.

On January 1, 2001, a second World of Disney location opened as part of Downtown Disney's inaugural lineup. Disneyland California.

A third venue opened in 2004 on Fifth Avenue in New York.


It stayed for many years until high rental rates precipitated a move to a more conventional, if over-the-top and fun Disney Store in Times Square.

In 2012, the Disneyland Paris got its version of World of Disney as part of the Disney Village area renovation.

More recently, in 2016, Shanghai Disney Resort got its version of the store as part of the Disneytown area.

World of Disney Update

Let's go back to 2018, when truly for the first time in its history, the World of Disney Store at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World underwent a major overhaul.

A series of separate labyrinthine rooms were removed and Colors 90's pastries.

The walls were replaced by a wall of exposed bricks that give a more modern look and, above all, are much more suited to the Disney Springs theme.

The store gained an open warehouse feel, fitting in with the idea that this space was already related to the local business of bottling water from the local spring.

Showcasing the genius of Disney's imagineers, the store's specific theme is that it was once an animation studio.

A “faded” sign above one of the entries says “Village Marketplace Annex Animation Studio”.

Throughout the store, there are old animator tables and sample sketches of Disney animated classics. It was fun walking through space and looking for them.

Disney made it easy for us to find what we were looking for by placing lighted signs in each area. With simple messages like “Tees”, “Mugs”, “Hats” and “Home”, Disney doesn't make it difficult for you to see what you'd like to see.

World of Disney Reimagined
World of Disney Reimagined

World of Disney Video Tour

On our last trip we went there and bought blouses, coats and plush toys at reasonable prices (among other bad things eehehehe).

And speaking of our last trip.

We stopped by and filmed everything so you can get a real idea of all the products you'll find there.

Here is part 1 of our tour of the store in our Youtube channel. We hope you enjoy!

Information about the World of Disney store in Orlando 

  • opening hours: Normally from 10 am to 11 pm.
  • Address: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830, USA (Disney Spring Marketplace Area).

Don't forget to tell us what you think of the Biggest Disney Store in Orlando in the comments!

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