Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

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The Paddlefish became one of restaurants most prominent within the entertainment area of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Then see below why its unusual location and decor attract so many visitors.

Meet the Paddlefish

The famous steamboat docked at Disney Springs has been part of history since the 1970s.

Paddlefish - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

Thus, its first name was The Empress Lilly and it has hosted many unforgettable events, including character breakfasts.

This current development stands in place of the former Fulton's Crab House.

Inaugurated in 2017, the place attracts attention for being on the water and for its cuisine that appeals to all tastes.

an amazing decoration

Also known as floating fortress, O water restaurant occupies a large area.

In addition, its decoration, inspired by the bottom of the sea, attracts many onlookers.

Inside Paddlefish - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Inside the Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

This space has a modern look that mixes warmth and elegance.

Thus, through different parts, it manages to offer the best and most different stay for its visitors. 

Paddlefish - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

The place is elegant and comfortable.

The environment is formed by three floors with bars, meals and outdoor terraces, which allows for incredible experiences.

In addition, it has tables on the edge of the roof that give access to beautiful views throughout the day.

Paddlefish - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

People then have access to a view of the entire lake. Thus, you can enjoy the sunset in the best way.

If you wish, there are also live events on Friday nights and Saturdays.

Paddlefish Menu

the customers of Paddlefish have a unique dining experience in the Disney springs.

Paddlefish Food - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish Food – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

The place has seafood as its main specialty, however, it stands out for catering to different tastes, with other delicious meal options.

Option for all tastes

The menu contains foods that appeal to different culinary tastes. Thus, snacks, side dishes and main dishes can be found with items such as:

  • American sandwiches;
  • Salads;
  • meat and chicken

There are even combinations for those who opt for items from land and sea in a single dish.

In addition, the place has categories designed for children, with reduced and nutritious meals.

Paddlefish Food - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish Food – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

Created by Executive Chef Steve Richard, the seafood menu is a standout.

Thus, it presents as main cooked options, scallops, king crab and even filet mignon. 

Do I need a Paddlefish Reservation?

To enjoy all these possibilities, it is not mandatory to make a reservation.

But, it is recommended due to the large number of people who frequent the space.

They can then be carried out through the restaurant's website. 

In addition, it is important that they are made up to 60 days in advance.

Paddlefish - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

In this way, it is possible to program in a calm way and enjoy the place a lot.

opening hours

The opening hours of Paddlefish is from 12:00 to 23:00.

Thus, lunch takes place between 12:00 and 15:55, while dinner is from 16:00 until 23:00. However, this information may change depending on the location.

Various drinks for adults

Despite having outstanding dishes, the restaurant also has a variety of drink options.

In this way, you can find several items for tasting such as:

  • American craft beers;
  • Drinks and spirits;
  • White or red wines;
  • draft beer

It is possible to please different tastes. In addition, visitors can still have access to new flavors and can make combinations the way they want, just order.

Is Paddlefish an interesting restaurant to visit?

For those who like to discover new places, the floating fortress cannot be missing from the list.

In addition to offering an unusual and pleasant environment and decor to enjoy, it also has quality service and variety on the menu.

Being inside the Disney Entertainment Complex, there are no worries about parking.

Paddlefish Food - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish Food – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

That is, it is not necessary to pay to store the vehicle, and it is possible to visit the restaurant and other places.

With the differential of location, services aimed at different audiences are also very attractive.

So, no matter if the person came back from the park or went to a special event, the Paddlefish it is made for everyone's comfort, individual or group.

The environment is therefore very well known and recommended.

Paddlefish Food - Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs
Paddlefish Food – Seafood Restaurant at Disney Springs

This happens not only because of its magical gastronomy, but also because of the hospitality that causes a real enchantment in customers.

Spaces for all occasions at Paddlefish

There are several options of places to enjoy the meal in the water restaurant. However, some places may please more than others according to taste and situation at different times.

For those who like to eat with the aroma of the food being prepared, the internal area allows this and leaves visitors with mouth watering.

On occasions aimed at meetings and business meetings, the environment is a good choice.

For those who prefer to be outdoors, looking at the sky, the sun and the stars, the outdoor space is incredible.

If you want, when doing the check-in, the place provides a part in which the decks that generate a lot of well-being are located.

Perfect for going in a group

On Sundays, between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm, the Paddlefish has a special program for colleagues, friends and other groups.

In this way, it has standout meals such as crab and Benedictine asparagus.

There are general events that are aimed at all audiences. But, these occasions are for the visitors to have a better experience of the environment and their food together.

Discover all the attractions at Disney Springs

Disney springs It is one of the places that you cannot fail to know and enjoy.

located within the Walt Disney World Resort works as an entertainment space.

Disney springs
Disney springs

Thus, incredible stores and restaurants can be found, mainly in the Town Center.

town center

Inaugurated a short time ago, it is an area that contains several departments.

Thus, it is aimed at purchasing various products, from sports items to everyday blouses. So there are stores like:

  • Zara;
  • Lacoste;
  • Melissa;
  • Columbia;
  • Pandora.

The space becomes very attractive for those who need to do some shopping and don't want to go too far.

In addition, even in the case of tours, there is comfort and places to visit.

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