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When arriving in Orlando you will probably need to go to a supermarket and the Target may be one of the best options for you!

You will probably have to buy some personal hygiene items, as it is not worth bringing from Brazil.

In addition, stock your room with snacks and goodies to take in your backpack during trips to the parks, will be essential.

Speaking of essentials, water is much more affordable in the supermarket than in the Hotel.

Therefore, going to the supermarket during your stay in Orlando is almost a necessity.

When getting ready to go to the supermarket, the first option that will come to your mind will probably be the Walmart.

However, there are other supermarkets in Orlando such as Walgreens, Publix, Trader Joe?s and Whole Foods, and each one of them has very attractive differentials for your purchases.

In this article we are going to talk about Target, one of the main supermarkets you will find in Orlando.

It is worth remembering that not only consumer products live the Target Orlando.

The supermarket has a vast sector of household items, toys, medicines, makeup, stationery and electronics, which makes it worth a search for items for gifts and souvenirs.

Get to know a little more about Target Orlando and take advantage of the tips to make the most of your shopping.

Shopping: Walmart or Target?

Both supermarkets are excellent, both in terms of price and variety.

Still, it's worth a look at both because, despite being similar, there are some differences.

One of the differentiating factors is the look of the store, with Target being a little more visually attractive than Walmart.

Walmart is more like a supermarket and the items are often disorganized in the store.

At Target, the items are better arranged, which makes the store more pleasant to shop.

Prices are low on both chains, but some items can be a little more expensive at Target.

However, things that are a little more expensive are also higher quality, such as the clothes and household items that are sold at Target.

It's worth going to both supermarkets, but if you have to choose a more organized supermarket, with different items for the home, your place is at Target.

Check out other options that will be found at Target, this time divided by sector.

Shopping Tips at Target Orlando

In addition to the items that we commonly find in supermarkets, and that you are likely to buy in Orlando such as water, fruit, cookies, among others, Target offers much more.

It is worth remembering that the chain also has its home brands.
Home Brands are Target's own brands and today the company has 42 brands ranging from homeware, fashion, children's, cosmetics and food, in addition to exclusive brands.

Target and today the company has 42 brands ranging from homeware, fashion, children's, cosmetics and food, in addition to exclusive brands.

The big difference is that the products from the Target chain really have a lot of quality and the prices are usually lower than other compatible items, so it's worth checking out and taking advantage of it.

Home Products at Target

The kitchen items you'll find at Target are a delight.

It's good to prepare your head before, so you don't go out buying what you won't even be able to take in your suitcase later. But knowing which items you find interesting to search at Target, make a list and enjoy, because this sector is really special. Anyone who likes to cook will feel in paradise.

Cutlery, bed linen, lampshades, there is everything in the home goods area, as well as in the gardening sector.

Children's Products at Target Orlando

Many options for toys and school supplies are found at Target at very affordable prices.

Target's toy prices are more affordable compared to Brazil.

In addition, you can find some Disney-branded toys that will be much cheaper than at the park.

Personal Care, Pharmacy and Cosmetics at Target

You will not bring shampoo and conditioner from Brazil, probably. So it pays to shop at Target.

It has a wide variety of personal hygiene items at very attractive prices, as well as makeup.

If we compare Target's prices to Walgreens, we will generally see lower prices at Target, which makes this section of the store worth a visit.

There are many vitamins in this sector that are sometimes very expensive in Brazil, so it pays to do some research.

Electronics at Target Orlando

Another worthwhile sector at Target is electronics, especially when it comes to games and video game accessories.

Target has a greater variety of these items than Walmart.

The prices, however, are very compatible including other electronic items such as cell phones, computers, and cameras.

Accessories and Clothing at Target

Supermarket clothes are simple clothes.

At Target it's no different. Hoodies, socks, and children's clothing are good options from the Target chain.

The store has a lot of things for babies too, but if you don't have a small child, here's a souvenir tip for that friend who does.

Discount Coupons at Target Orlando

In addition to the discounts acquired by the coupons, there are promotions in store, but those who are a fan of discount coupons can take advantage of them in droves at Target.

If you want more Orlando coupons besides Target, be sure to check out our post about Orlando discount coupons.

There are at least two ways to enjoy shopping by paying less with coupons: through the website, application, inserts and local newspapers.

Step by Step to acquire Coupons on the website

Well, first enter Official site from Target in the Weekly Ads session.

You will need to register to check all promotions, but it's free and fast.

Then scroll down and click on ?Coupons?.

You will see all available coupons. Just select and then print. After that, just present it at the cashier at the time of purchase and enjoy the discount.

Where to Find a Target in Orlando

In malls, you'll find Target at Millenia Plaza and Florida Mall.

Millenia Plaza – 4750 Millenia Plaza Way – Every day from 08:00 to 00:00.
Florida Mall – 880 Sand Lake Rd – Every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

But there are many other units in Orlando. So many that if we were to list them all here, this post would be huge.

To find a Target Orlando store near you, you can visit your Official site, here they show all the locations of their stores in Orlando!

Targets in Orlando
Targets in Orlando

Another option is to follow in this link here and search for Target Orlando store addresses on Google Maps.

Check out the other addresses of Target supermarkets in Orlando.

Be sure to browse the site in order to take advantage of the promotions.

Use the tips in the article to enjoy your shopping.

Online Shopping at Target

And of course, just like any giant chain in the world today, it is also possible to shop at Target online.

If you do, you have the option to have it delivered to your hotel or airbnb. But to be honest, I wouldn't use that option.

First, especially for tourists, it's really cool to go to Target Orlando's stores, second, because I have the habit of doing almost all my shopping online at Amazon.

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