Earl of Sandwich Orlando – Cheap and Delicious Sandwich at Disney

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Earl of Sandwich is an American restaurant chain that currently has 33 branches in the United States. In Orlando, you can find it at two addresses, but let's focus on the main one: Disney springs.

The restaurant's history is pretty cool, because it was through it that I realized the origin of the name ?Sandwich? (?sandwich?, in English). In the 18th century, the 4th Earl of Sandwich popularized the food in Ireland and Great Britain.


As early as 2004, the 11th Earl of Sandwich founded the Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs. In other words, after many generations, food had its legacy established in Orlando.

How is the Earl of Sandwich?

The restaurant works like a typical fast-food restaurant. That is, you make your choice, order at the counter and wait for the dish to be prepared.

At this point, you will receive a pager which will then be triggered by staff when the order is ready.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, as is the whole Disney springs. The sandwiches are delicious, I dare say the best I've ever had.

Also, be aware that the lines can be huge at lunchtime or in the late afternoon. Therefore, there is a very interesting and little known alternative: online ordering.

You access the Earl of Sandwich website, place your order and just pick it up at the counter. We have already commented here that, in Orlando, those who know how to make the most of their time wins a lot! So, remember that you can even order through your cell phone screen.

Finally, the restaurant is good even during opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm. That is, you can eat a delicious sandwich at any time of the day!

Video at Earl of Sandwich

If you are one of those who prefer viewing than reading, then enjoy that we have already shown a little bit of it in our Youtube channel. Follow the video.

What is the Earl of Sandwich menu?


Breakfast isn't the Earl of Sandwich's forte, but it's still delicious. It is open from 10 am to 10:30 am.

Anyway, at that time, there are three options for eggs and one for ham. The restaurant also has a healthier menu, such as oatmeal or strawberry yogurt.

The drink list is also huge! In turn, it is divided into drinks from a machine, bottle or can, as well as teas and coffees (hot or iced).

However, I recommend you try the local lemonade, which is wonderful!

Lunch and dinner

After 10:30am, you really get to meet the Earl of Sandwich! There are several sandwich options, such as turkey, beef, chicken, tuna, roast beef, and even caprese.

It is even for these meals that we recommend you to eat there!

Surely, one of the sandwich options will satisfy you! Also, there is a soup of the day option. If it's tomato, try it!

It's delicious! The menu also has pizza, mac ?n? cheese and salad.

Earl of Sandwich - Sandwich
Earl of Sandwich – Sandwich

For kids, Earl of Sandwich features 3 specific options. But I believe your kids will like the sandwiches as they are really very good.

Drinks are the same Breakfast, adding beer and wine. However, remember that the age of majority in the United States is 21 years old.

So, if your age is between 18 and 21, don't drink, it's a crime. Also remember to always carry your passport.

Restrictive diet options

The Earl of Sandwich's menu has vegetarian options, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, the caprese sandwich is meatless, as is the vegetarian omelet.

Regarding vegans, the Veggie sandwich is excellent! The restaurant undertakes that there are no ingredients of animal origin.

In addition, to consult the menu of allergen-free options, simply ask an employee.

As with all parks, Disney Springs also values everyone's service.

Therefore, we realize that it is an excellent option for all audiences. Always remember to notify an employee of the Orlando restaurants any dietary restrictions you have.

What is the average price of Earl of Sandwich?

Let's go to what many want to know

When reading all these praises, you probably thought that the value to eat at Earl of Sandwich was expensive, right?! But, happily, no!

The taste of the sandwiches is far superior to some very expensive restaurants in Orlando.

Therefore, we reinforce that there is a way to make your stay in the city cheaper.

For example, the most expensive sandwiches cost US$ 7.99.

Of course, it all depends on how much food you are used to eating. There are people who eat 2 sandwiches + potato easily.

Others don't even hold 1 whole. One thing to remember is that in the United States the portions are usually large, so even if you're really hungry, we recommend buying 1 sandwich at a time.

If you drink wine, which is the most expensive drink, add another US$ 7.59.

Thereby, you can do a snack complete (and delicious) for less than US$ 16!

And it is worth mentioning that this is considered a “Disney restaurant” since it is in Disney springs, with that, we consider it one of the best value for money for a quick meal there!

Is it worth eating at Eal of Sandiwch?

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