Disney Springs 2022 – All About Disney's Amazing Downtown

Disney springs Attractions

Disney Springs is one of the most popular destinations for those visiting Orlando and Dinsney Florida. It is a free place with several activities from cinema, dozens of restaurants and a giant Disney store (The biggest store in the world!). The renovated Disney springs will surprise you with so many options of things to do. One place … Read more

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique 2022 - Princess Day at Disney

Many children dream of becoming a princess or knight, and at Disney's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, those children's dreams can come true like magic! What is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique It's like a magical Beauty Salon where your children can be magically transformed! The girls in… Read more

World of Disney Store - The World's Largest Disney Store

Disney Orlando Store

Today we will bring you information about the biggest Disney store in Orlando. The Famous World of Disney. First of all, it is not only the biggest disney store in orlando but the biggest disney store in the WORLD! She is simply gigantic. Get ready to walk a lot as this store promises to freak your head out… Read more

The Art of Disney: A Collector's Paradise

Find out here all about The Art of Disney store, which is like an art gallery located in Disney Springs in Orlando. Without a doubt, anyone who is a fan and loves to collect Mickey Mouse and company items will feel right at home. Check out here what you'll find there and if you're worth… Read more

Goofy's Candy Co - Goofy's Candy Store

Goofy's Candy Co is a Disney Springs candy-only store with the Goofy theme! There you will find all kinds of classic sweets sold at Walt Disney World Resort! So come check with us! Not to mention the smell of this store! He's unforgettable, a sweet smell of candy, even… Read more

Mother's Day at Disney Springs

Mother's Day at Disney Springs

If you're looking for a special place to spend Mother's Day with your mother at Disney Springs in Orlando, don't worry, we'll give you several options here! Disney Springs guarantees a great holiday for you. Let's take a quick look at some of the menus restaurants are offering for you and your… Read more

1 Day at Disney Out of the Parks

Disney Springs

Want to know what to do outside the parks with your free day at Walt Disney World? In today's post we will give you tips for a complete itinerary to spend 1 Day at Disney Outside the Parks. It seems silly to mention this, since you can relax by your hotel's pool, decompressing after a… Read more

UNIQLO Orlando - Must See Store in Disney Springs


Whoever visits Orlando, surely wants to bring back some memory there, right? The UNIQLO Orlando store in Disney Springs is a great option, as it brings together several collections of clothing, stuffed animals and other accessories. Thinking about giving someone a gift is already quite complicated, but when you have so much variety, it ends… Read more

Mission Space - Travel to Space at Epcot

Epcot - Mission Space

Does traveling to Mars seem like an impossible dream? In disney nothing is impossible and in Mission Space you can participate in a space launch and successfully land on the moon. Strong emotions await you! The Mission Space attraction started its activities in 2004 (October) at the Epcot park at Walt Disney World in Orlando. IT'S … Read more

Mickey Dome Cake: Now You Can Make It

Who has never drooled seeing pictures of “Mickey's Cake”, the famous Mickey Dome Cake? We've separated a whole post just for him with news on the subject 🙂 Mickey Dome Cake is found at Amorette's Patisserie cake shop in Disney Springs (formerly downtown Disney), there, in addition to being pitiful, there are liiindo cakes… Read more