Disney`s Boardwalk: Paradise next to Epcot

When we think of entertainment off parks but inside the Disney Complex, soon comes to Disney Springs head, but there is something far beyond that space. Disney`s Boardwalk It is an amazing place with entertainment, wonderful restaurants and a charming setting.

It is located at the back of a hotel and neighbor to two parks, Boardwalk It really is a magical place and very little known by Brazilians.

What is Disney`s Boardwalk?

It is a kind of boardwalk or a village with many gastronomic activities, entertainment and accommodation. It is at the back of Disney`s Boardwalk Inn, one of the hmost charming motels in Disney.

Boardwalk receives many visits every day from people who are not staying there and make sure that everyone goes out very enchanting with the beauty and charm of this place.

The Boardwalk around a lake as well as Disney`s Yatch Club Resort hotels and the Disney`s Beach Club Resort. This environment with the hotels next door is a really beautiful sight and it is worth visiting.

In addition to having the two hotels mentioned above as neighbors, there are two more Disney Dolphin Resort and Disney Swan Resort, in addition to the parks. Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Who would you like to visit? Boardwalk When you are in one of these parks, you can walk or take a boat using the free internal shuttle from Disney Complex.

The entrance of Epcot which is next to Boardwalk It is not the main entrance but the entrance of the International Gateway, it is next to the UK flag.

It is through this hidden entrance that the guests of the hotels of Boardwalk arrive at the park, either on foot or by boat. Remember that there is no problem going to Boardwalk by car, this way you have to enter by Disney´s Boardwalk Inn and tell them you’re visiting Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Inn Room
Boardwalk Inn Room

For those who will make different parks of Epcot and Hollywood Studios or have a schedule other than a visit to Boardwalk, It is best to go by car for easy travel. Upon arrival, indicate that you will visit Disney`s Boardwalk and you will be directed to the visitor parking lot.

By proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, there are many benefits when combining one of the parks with going to Boardwalk and from here it is possible to watch the fireworks of the night show from afar. Epcot.

What to do on Disney`s Boardwalk?

With a promenade around the side with 400 meters, you can enjoy exclusive shops, with fantastic restaurants and trendy nightlife.

It is very pleasant to walk around the place enjoying the beautiful view of the lake and the hotels, if you are not staying there, no problem!

All free areas of Disney are visitable! As Boardwalk, the hotels are super beautiful and worth visiting as well.

It's nice to go in the late afternoon to watch the sun go down.

There are tours for all tastes and pockets, such as playing arcade, cycling with friends, taking a boat ride or just walking by the lake. Enjoy the moment, feel the best Boardwalk has for you.

Enjoy a good meal at one of the many restaurants in Boardwalk. Check out two great dining options that will make your visit even more enjoyable.

Trattoria Al Forno

It is an Italian restaurant serving several simple meals that are cooked in the oven. Many come with handmade mozarella and the pizzas are really tasty, we recommend with our eyes closed!

At breakfast the restaurant gained a special touch with the presence of the characters Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapanzuel and Flynn. His price is fixed and includes a starter, one of the main dishes, a basket of bread and side dishes.

As he stands next to the Boardwalk Bakery (which we'll talk about below), bakery products may come from there. The appearance of the bread is not attractive, but as it comes warm, you end up trying it out and really are delicious!

Neapolitan pizzas are just like those of Naples in Italy with lots of fresh tomato sauce and freshly made mozarella. There is also a wide range of cold cuts served accompanied by olives and & #8220; caponata & #8221 ;.

In addition to the pizzas, there are pastas, risottos, vegetables and seafood that make up the recipes of various cities in Italy. Country that has numerous gastronomic diversity as well as the restaurant Trattoria al Forno.

We can also add a classic Italian dessert accompanied by a beautiful cappuccino. Remember that the wines served are 100% Italian, imported from regions such as Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto.

Boardwalk Bakery


Here you can find everything from bakery, breads to the best sweets of the Disney Complex. You can try anything from there that you will like! Without a doubt it ends up being a mandatory stop to have a snack, end the day or just grab a bite. There are incredible sweets like cheesecake, which is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

How Boardwalk Bakery opens early and closes very late, you can visit it at almost any time of day. There is the right option for those who want to snack, have breakfast, a faster dinner, anytime you can enjoy the delights of the Bakery.


Do you sport? This is your spot! For those who like to watch games while enjoying a beautiful dish, the ESPN Club It pleases the whole family, even if there is someone who does not enjoy sports that much.

The style of this restaurant is divided between bar and cafeteria, with TVs everywhere so that no one is without seeing the sport being broadcast. For you to understand the addiction, even in the toilets there is TV!

With a cool atmosphere, you can sit at traditional tables, at the bar or on sofas. A very cool and different experience!

We highlight the three most beloved gastronomic places of Boardwalk, but there are a number of other restaurants to visit, it is worth noting that some restaurants in the Disney ComplexEspecially those with character meals need to book in advance.

Remembering that reservations can be made from 180 days in advance by the app. My disney experience or directly on the website of Walt Disney World.

And you, had the pleasure of meeting boardwalk? If so, tell us here in the comments!

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