The Garden Grill – Character Dining at Epcot

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Written By Carlos Braga

The Garden Grill is a restaurant with very fresh meals, as it is located next to Living with the Land. Therefore, you will be able to eat delicious food and with a privileged view of the greenhouse.

In addition, your meal can be accompanied by some Disney characters.

For example, the squirrels Tico and Teco (Chip and Dale).

The Garden Grill - Characters

How is The Garden Grill?

The Garden Grill's ambience is very beautiful, with green and wooden accents. Really, you can imagine yourself in a restaurant in the middle of a garden.

In addition, you can observe a part of the attraction Living with the Land, which is next door. So, in addition to seeing trees and plants, you can feel that smell of nature up close.

The Garden Grill - Tables

The main characters in the restaurant are Chip and Dale, the famous squirrels. However, if it's your lucky day, it's likely that Goofy, or even Mickey, will stop by.

The characters are very friendly and are always ready for pictures.

So stay tuned and be sure to call them for a click!

What is the menu at The Garden Grill?

The restaurant can be visited both for lunch and dinner, and the menu is practically the same. The options are very healthy and fresh. For example, a mixed salad that varies according to the harvest of the day.

In addition, it also has a fresher version of the famous mac and cheese, as well as grilled meats. For dessert, be sure to try a berry muffin.

Allergen-free options

If your diet has any restrictions, rest assured during your trip to Orlando. All restaurants in the parks have allergen-free options, and they are still delicious.

At The Garden Grill, for example, you can enjoy bread, salads and meats that are gluten-free, lactose-free and/or seafood-free. The berry muffin is also on that special menu.

So remember to let the waiter know about any restrictions you or anyone in the group has. The cast member is well prepared and will certainly serve you with great affection.


Although The Garden Grill is a restaurant family friendly, there are also alcoholic beverage options on the menu. For example, a drink with Florida vodka, peach and mango.

The menu also features wines and beers. To top it all off, traditional machine drinks and a lemonade with a personalized glass (souvenir) are also available.

What is the average price of The Garden Grill?

Just like all character restaurants, The Garden Grill is a bit pricey. According to Disney itself, the values vary between US$ 35 and US$ 60 per person, being classified as ?$$$?.

However, I believe it is worth eating here, as the food is really fresh. By the way, it is a great option for a ?detox? in Fast Foods.

Tip for the Garden Grill

A cool tip that many people already take advantage of is to book the Garden Grill for breakfast!

There are 2 main reasons for this, firstly because it is a super cool meal with characters, especially for those traveling with children.

The second reason is that with this reservation you will be allowed to enter the park a little earlier, why is this important?

First, you can take some pictures at the entrance to the park, near the famous “ball” at Epcot, the SpaceShip Earth, with virtually no one around.

Not to mention photos on the way to the restaurant, where you'll have a very low capacity park to take these photos, so we see this as a great advantage.

Is it worth eating at the Garden Grill?

Well, for the food itself, we believe not.

The value for money at this restaurant is close to many other character meals found in Walt Disney World.

The point here is that, it is a restaurant with a meal with characters inside a park, so it can be a great addition to your itinerary because you already take advantage of a trip to the park to have this meal.

If you're thinking of going to epcot just for that, it's not worth it! Look for other locations outside the parks like Ohana or Chef Mickey's, so you save your ticket money.

And there is also the issue of this restaurant being located in Epcot, the Disney park which, in our opinion, has the greatest number of good dining options within all of the Orlando parks!

But for several profiles, it can be an excellent option.

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