What to Buy at Disney – The Shopping Guide

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Do you already know what to buy at Disney when you finally get there? There are so many options and different items that it can be hard to know what's worth it and where to find the amazing products.

But don't worry, in this article we'll talk about the best places where you can find super products that are worth buying at Disney World during your trip.

Why Shop At Disney

Everyone knows that traveling to Disney is to visit the best roller coasters, enjoy the main attractions and have fun in the most famous theme parks in the world.

But it's also really cool to buy gifts for yourself and your family members. After all, Disney stores are amazing and you will find a lot of unique products there.

Disney Mugs at World of Disney at Disney Springs
Disney Mugs at World of Disney at Disney Springs

That said, Orlando is a city with many options for outlets and shopping malls.

Is there nothing better to buy in town outside of Disney stores?

Well, there are options and you will naturally find good products in many of the common places outside of Disney, mainly the most visited ones like Premium Outlets, Walmart and Target.

That's why we've listed below what to buy at Disney and what's better to buy elsewhere.

What to buy at Disney: what is and is not worth buying there

Let's get straight to the point and start talking about what is worth buying at Disney.

The first element to bear in mind is that the stores inside the Disney parks and facilities sell themed products with different characters from the company.

Disney 50th Anniversary Merchandise - Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs
Disney 50th Anniversary Merchandise – Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs

In other words: everything there is themed with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White, Elsa, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and dozens of other Disney icons.

All other types of products are not in Disney stores and therefore you will find them in malls or other places in Orlando.

As such, we consider official character merchandise to be one of the top products worth buying within Disney.

The reason is simple. In the parks, hotels and in Disney Springs, the products are official and tend to be more beautiful and well-made.

For example, a Zip mug of Beautiful and the Beast it's really done in the shape of the character.

Meanwhile, in other stores, things are more patterned and not really made in that shape or those colors.

Of course, due to this better quality, the price is naturally higher.

So whatever you want to buy with Disney characters, I recommend that you buy them at the parks or at any Walt Disney World facility.

Where to buy gifts at Disney

The Disney complex in Orlando is very large.

In addition to parks and attractions, the place also houses restaurants and hundreds of stores.

But that doesn't mean that all stores are recommended for shopping.

To make it easier for you, we have listed here what we consider to be the main stores for you to decide what to buy at Disney when you make your trip.

World of disney

I couldn't start this list with another store because World of disney it's my favorite store and it's also the biggest Disney store in the entire world!

Minnie Ears at World of Disney at Disney Springs
Minnie Ears at World of Disney at Disney Springs

Technically outside the Disney parks, the store is still part of the company complex as it is located in Disney springs.

We have already shown a lot of the products found in it in our Youtube channel.

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As it is the largest Disney store in the world, it is also the store that offers the widest variety of products.

It has everything: clothes, toys, stuffed animals, household items, children's costumes, pajamas, hats... in short, every kind of Disney product you can imagine.

You're sure to find the perfect product for anyone in your family at the store.


Located in the Magic Kingdom, specifically in the Main Street USA, Emporium is the most famous store in the park.

That's because the store is completely decorated according to the magic climate of Disney and the Magic Kingdom.

Emporium Store at Magic Kingdom
Emporium Store at Magic Kingdom

Not to mention the fact that the store is gigantic.

As one of the biggest and most famous stores, Emporium sells practically everything, from clothing for men and women, to toys, stuffed animals and various types of souvenirs.

An interesting detail is that the store is open until 1 hour after the closure of the rides and attractions of the Magic Kingdom.

Disney merchandise at the Emporium Store
Disney merchandise at the Emporium Store

Therefore, it is worth doing your shopping at night, after having fun and before heading back to the hotel.

Creations Shop

Located at Epcot, this is the biggest store in the park.

Formerly known as “Mouse Gear”, this shop has been revamped and its name is now the Creations Shop.

Creations Shop at Epcot
Creations Shop at Epcot

It also sells everything: clothing, toys, plushies, homewares, books, and many other Disney-themed products.

It is even bigger than the Emporium, being the largest Disney store inside the theme park.

No doubt you will find amazing products to buy there.

Disney Products - Creations Shop at Epcot
Disney Products – Creations Shop at Epcot

D-Tech on Demand

Located in Disney springs, this store is a little more specific.

D-Tech on Demand is focused on custom products featuring Disney characters.

D-Tech on Demand Phone Covers
D-Tech on Demand Phone Covers

It ranges from simpler objects such as cell phone cases or tablets, to headphones, chargers and much more.

One of the highlights is the possibility of customizing covers and magic bands inside the store.

Once Upon a Toy

Also at Disney Springs, this store is a delight for children and some adults like me.

She specializes in toys of all types, sizes, colors and characters.

Once Upon a Toy - Disney Springs Store
Once Upon a Toy – Disney Springs Store

In addition to toys like dolls, there is also an exclusive section with video games, especially those with Disney characters like Kingdom Hearts, Disney Infinity and Epic Mickey.

Country Stores

At the World showcase, at Epcot, there are several stores from each of the countries portrayed there, such as Norway, Italy, France, Japan and others.

It's worth taking a look at the products to see the souvenirs and souvenirs typical of each place.

Mitsukoshi - Japan Pavilion at epcot
Mitsukoshi – Japan Pavilion at epcot

I particularly love the Japan store because I'm addicted to Anime.

What to Buy at Disney – Best Products In The Parks

Imagine that you arrived Disney parks, had a great time and it's almost time to go home but would like to buy gifts for your loved ones to show that you remembered them during your trip.

So you ask yourself, what to buy at Disney? What are the gifts that will please anyone?

Below is a list of several park-exclusive products that we believe make great gifts.

Hats with Mickey and Minnie ears

Hats with Mickey and Minnie ears are great classics for those traveling to Disney.

Wearing a Mickey or Minnie ear is part of many people's journey and of course we are not outside that group, as you can see in the photo below.

Nath and Carlos at Epcot
Nath and Carlos at Epcot

Therefore, there is nothing more classic from Disney than taking a Minnie ear hat home and giving it to someone.

They are very common and are in several Disney stores, it is very easy to find these products in any Disney park or hotel.

autograph book

If you have a niece, cousin or friend who is a big fan of Disney princesses, but for some reason could not visit the Orlando parks.

An amazing gift idea is to buy an autograph book and collect the signatures of all the Disney princesses like Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Belle, Pocahontas, Cinderella? among many others that can be found in the parks.

Princess Fairy Tale Hall - Meet Various Princesses at Magic Kingdom
Princess Fairy Tale Hall – Meet Various Princesses at Magic Kingdom

At the same time, if you take the children with you for the trip, this can be a really cool activity to do with them.

Mugs and Kitchen Utensils

One of the things we always recommend when someone asks what to buy at Disney is the mugs and kitchenware because they are so beautiful.

Disney Mugs at World of Disney at Disney Springs
Disney Mugs at World of Disney at Disney Springs

The logic is quite simple: everyone needs a good mug to drink tea or coffee at home. Why not gift one of the Disney characters?

There are literally dozens or hundreds of different mugs of different Disney characters like Pluto, Ariel, Jack Skellington, Sully and many others.

There are cheaper mug options at Walmart and Target.

Disney Products at Walmart Orlando
Disney Products at Walmart Orlando

plushies and dolls

Without a doubt, one of the most successful gifts in Disney stores is, of course, the dolls and stuffed animals of the characters.

These objects are in practically all the stores in the complex.

World of Disney - Disney Springs Awesome Store
World of Disney – Disney Springs Awesome Store

Of course, if you want something less expensive than the plushies found inside the Disney parks, you'll find less expensive options outside the complex like Walmart and Target.

And there are plushies of absolutely all Disney characters, from the classics like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Simba and Beast, to more recent ones like Moana, Elsa, Baymax and others.

Clothes, t-shirts and pajamas

Disney specializes in producing all kinds of clothing with many design options based on their characters.

Disney clothes in Orlando
Disney clothes in Orlando

And when we talk about ?every type? it's all the same. It even has ties, luxury clothing and more.

It has all kinds of prints for all kinds of Disney characters.

Also, again you will find cheaper options at Walmart and Target but you can also find excellent options at Department store how Ross and Marshalls.

Ross Dress for Less
Ross Dress for Less

Another good gift is pajamas. They are very warm and printed with many different characters.

Now that you've checked our tips on what to buy at Disney, you can start saving money for the gifts you'll bring from Orlando.

And let's face it: you might even need to buy an extra bag to get back from there. There are so many cool products in Disney stores that it will be difficult to fit everything in one suitcase!

Now that you know what to buy at Disney, what kind of gifts will you bring from there? Tell us in the comments below!

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