Disney Castles: See Castles Around the World

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Written By Carlos Braga

The disney castles are spread all over the world with various attractions. Above all, they are inside the huge parks and everyone has some attraction.

In this way, it is possible to relive the history of characters like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  

What are Disney castles?

They are seen as the most recognizable symbols around the world.

So each one has its own style, shape and also different sizes.

So, these days, there are six of them and each one has its name:

  • Cinderella's castle;
  • Tokyo Disneyland;
  • Sleeping Beauty from California;
  • Sleeping Beauty in Hong Kong;
  • Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant;
  • All Princesses.

Two of these locations were specially created for Princess Cinderella. As well, another three follow themes dedicated to Sleeping Beauty. But, the most recent, paid attention to several characters that the company has. 

Photo: Cinderella's castle is the best known and used as a symbol for Disney. 

Cinderella's castle

Most likely, Cinderella's Castle is the best known of all the others. disney castles.

It is inside the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and was built in July 1971.

With that, it took 18 months to be ready and its inauguration was on October 1, 1971.

It is around 58 meters high, with the main colors of blue and white.

Also, some tricks make him look much bigger than the real thing. Above all, it is surrounded by a moat, with about 3.3 million gallons of water. 

inside him

In the original design, it was supposed to have 29 towers, but 13 and 17 were not made. Since, they might not be seen from everywhere in the park.

Thus, it is possible to walk inside the castle and inside it there are some places to visit:

The places have long queues for you to enter. Therefore, you may need up to 180 days in advance to make a reservation. 

castle curiosities

This is one of disney castles that the intention was to be seen from very far away.

That's why the project was so that anyone who was in Seven Seas Lagoon could already see it.

This way, guests who were riding on the ferry would already be able to see.

Photo: Tokyo's castle is very similar to Cinderella's, in Orlando.

Tokyo Disneyland Castle

Another space with the theme made especially for Cinderella.

Therefore, it is almost the same as the one you have in the Magic Kingdom and it was opened in 1983.

Above all, this princess was chosen for her dedication to work, which matches the Japanese.

The biggest difference it had with the other location was an attraction called Mystery Tour.

In this way, it was made up of several villains from the Disney, until the year 2006. But, it closed and the castle received a new painting with:

  • Gold details;
  • Different shade of blue on the roof;
  • A light pink on the white stones of the tower.

Equality between Disney Castles

This version is slightly smaller than the original, around 51 meters tall.

However, many of its attractions are the same, with just a few exceptions.

Above all, it competes with a park right next to it, the famous Tokyo DisneySea.

Its location is in a city close to the Japanese capital, Urayasu.

Thus, the building is just a symbol that is inside the park.

So, in it there are seven lands for everyone to have fun, in addition to seeing the castle. 

Photo: Outside of California, there are still two more Sleeping Beauty Disney Castles around the world

Sleeping Beauty Castle in California

Aurora, princess of that place, was the first to have a castle inspired by her.

In addition, there are two others, scattered in other parts of the world.

Its opening came in 1955, as a symbol of the park and works as a kind of main entrance. 

The path inside its interior, exits in Fantasyland, on the other side.

But, its height can end up being a little disappointing at 23 meters.

However, like the others disney castles, it was also made to look bigger than it actually is.

castle design

Like some of the other buildings, it has a giant moat next to it.

So it has a bridge to make the connection and it really works.

That is, she can stand up like in a royal castle, unlike the buildings in other parks and her colors are:

It wasn't meant to have any attraction inside him at first.

However, they decided that this should change, so they created a themed tour.

In this way, the interior has images to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Photo: In Hong Kong, this castle follows many medieval traits and has a Chinese practice in it. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong

This version is very similar to the one made in California. Thus, its creation came in the year 2005, with a medieval look.

In addition, its design relies on Feng Shui, a Chinese practice to harmonize homes.

It has dark blue tones on its roof and its interior has only stores.

Above all, it has the same height as the original, with 23 meters.

It also has fewer trees around, to give a more open view to follow nightly shows.

Parties that the place had

During some of his birthdays, there were times when the decor changed. Therefore, some events were made for the fifth and tenth celebration:

  • Celebration in the Air, a transformation of Tinkerbell's Pixie castle;
  • Disney in the Stars, a fireworks show.

In the presentation regarding the fairies, the decorations were a golden dust.

Thus, during the day, it glowed with sunlight. However, at nights there was huge lighting in an amazing way. 

Why was it closed?

It happened on January 1, 2018 for the park to be renovated.

So, this took place at the time of his 15th birthday celebration.

In this way, the change came to 14 Disney princesses and heroines and the name changed to Magical Dreams. 

Photo: In Paris, one of the Disney Castles for Sleeping Beauty was also made and it has a dragon inside. 

Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant by Disney Paris

This is another one of disney castles that went dedicated to Sleeping Beauty.

Thus, its inauguration came in 1992 and is 50 meters high.

With that, he is the largest building for Aurora and third in size compared to the others. 

The location has two parts, an area with a dungeon and an animatronic dragon. In the other, it has a passage in a concrete porch.

It is all decorated with stained glass windows and tapestries, with the theme of the film's story. 

Changes in the castle

In the year 2011, the entire building was painted with a new color scheme.

In addition, it had a restoration and added multicolored LED lighting. Above all, there was the Disney Dreams night show that had several new decorations:

  • Moat with water sources;
  • Window replaced by a door with LED;
  • Central Plaza stage has been removed.

There were many birthday celebrations where everything was decorated differently.

Photo: The castle of all princesses in Shanghai has several attractions inside.

For example, in 2009, he went to the Magic Mickey party and got a plaque from him and his friends.

As well as the towers that were left with the representation of the same with ribbons.

All Princesses' Castle in Shanghai

In addition to being the most recent, the concept was to do as its name says.

So, the creation was made in a special way for all the princesses that Disney has. In this way, it gives a home to all your stories with details and opportunities to explore.

Its structure is very similar to that of the others. disney castles.


But, he has a bit of China in some parts of his architecture.

Therefore, the biggest highlight is at the top, with a flower known as the golden peony, popular in the country's tradition. 

the inside

Inside there is a restaurant, the Royal Banquet Hall, and there is also a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

In addition, in the main hall, there is a mosaic with five princesses to represent seasons: 

  • Tiana from The Princess and the Frog: Spring;
  • Tangled Rapunzel: Summer;
  • Merida de Valente: Autumn;
  • Elsa and Anna from Frozen: Winter.

There is a star-shaped chandelier on the ceiling to match the rest. Since, everything was made to look like a night sky.

So, there are several stars everywhere to complete the beautiful decoration of the environment. 

What makes Disney castles different?

The biggest of their differences is between the sizes of each one.

As well as the distance between the years when they were open to the public.

Furthermore, some of attractions are unique and will not be seen anywhere else.

All provide unique experiences for visitors in their own way.

Above all, some of the environments have more to see and explore than others.

For example, Sleeping Beauty in California, which has new stairs and sets. 

What are the inspirations for the creations of Disney castles?

The disney castles were created on account of the movies, for the most part.

But, some gained the identity of some real place, of other countries.

In this way, Sleeping Beauty's castle follows the Neuschwanstein.

Its location is in Bavaria, Germany and was built by order of King Louis II. Thus, the year was 1869 and it was no longer common to create castles and fortresses.

In addition, it has a medieval appearance and is like a tourist spot in the country.

more inspirations

According to what is believed, Cinderella's space in the Magic Kingdom also came from Neuschwanstein.

However, it has a few touches from elsewhere, known as the Alcázar de Segovia. 

It is located in Castile and Leon, north of Madrid, Spain.

With that, the place accumulates many centuries of history and was the residence of many kings, as well as, it came to have the use for prison and later, it became a military prison, nowadays, it is a museum.

The other Disney castles

As might be expected, they are heavily inspired by the cities in which they were made. For example, Tokyo Disneyland, with many traces of Japanese culture.

tokyo disneyland disney castle
tokyo disneyland disney castle

Above all, that of the princesses, in which the inspiration was only each one of them. 

The truth is that many look like the medieval era, as planned.

In addition, the biggest references to architecture are within the drawings, such as the one by Aladdin, which follows the appearance of the famous Taj Mahal.

What are the activities at Disney castles?

Everyone has their own attractions for the public to see.

Thus, it has its presentations and seasonal events, as well as birthday celebrations.

But, some have the repetition of something they already have in another park, among all they have:

Within the attractions it is also possible to find other shows for the public.

Above all, all palaces give you permission to walk inside.

However, some are ground floor and others have staircases and stories to tell. 

Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant

Its location is in the Magic Kingdom and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

But, the reservation needs to be made many days in advance, when they are available. In this way, it is possible to learn more about through the Disney website.

When you make a purchase for disney castles, the price of meals is included.

Thus, it is around $60 to $80 per adult and $65 for children.

So, it's worth the starter, main course and non-alcoholic drinks and the princesses pass by the tables to take pictures.  

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

There's one of these in Cinderella's castle and also in the princesses' castle in Shanghai.

Finally, boys and girls can use the place, from 3 to 12 years old, with companions. Above all, there are some packages that are offered for each one:

  • The Disney Frozen Package for $179.95 plus taxes and dresses included;
  • The Knight Package Deluxe for $79.95 plus tax.

Girls can dress up like Anna or Elsa.

Meanwhile, the boys can dress up as princes, with the most expensive package.

In addition, the experience is incredible and those who help them get ready are Cinderella's fairy godmothers.  

other attractions

are not all disney castles which has a restaurant for the public.

However, the princesses castle, or Enchanted Storybook Castle has it.

With that, the name of the place to eat is the Royal Banquet Hall. 

Royal Banquet Hall - Disneyland Hong Kong
Royal Banquet Hall – Disneyland Hong Kong

Its beautiful decoration draws everyone's attention, in addition to the characters passing through the space.

Above all, some dishes come with the symbol of Mickey, like your ears. 

Images in locations

Sleeping Beauty's palaces often have pictures to tell their story. So it's like taking a tour from start to finish to reminisce about the movie. However, Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant has a special part.

Special attraction at Disney castles

This Sleeping Beauty palace in Paris is more immersive.

In other words, its environment has much more life, like that of California. With this, there is an area when descending to a kind of cave in the construction. 

Inside Disneyland Paris Castle
Inside Disneyland Paris Castle

a magical place

Inside, a dragon lives and the name of the activity is La Tanière du Dragon. In this way, the animal sleeps throughout the day and occasionally wakes up.

Plus, he's pretty big and scary, as well, he's one of the biggest animatronics in the world. 

In California

With this Sleeping Beauty castle, it has 3D scenes and various images. Above all, the interior is quite dark and some photos can be bad.

But, that doesn't detract from the incredible experience it is to be inside. 

When you get to some areas, you may feel the sensation of being inside the movie.

Because, it is possible to hear the laughter of the witch Maleficent, in addition to her space through stained glass windows.

Thus, the complete story is told from beginning to end, with many details. 

Hong Kong

According to disney castles this may be the one that leaves a lot to be desired.

However, he leaves no beauty behind and neither does the tale. In this place there are night shows and various celebrations for festive dates. 

What is unique about Disney castles?

In the Enchanted Storybook that was made for princesses, it has two unique attractions. That is, you will find them only in this park and nowhere else. In this way, each one can be identified by the names they have:

  • Voyage to the Crystal Grotto;
  • ?Era uma vez? Adventure.

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto

The first is a boat ride, which is around the building. Thus, it is an incredible route that shows several characters from the drawings.

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto Shanghai Resort
Voyage to the Crystal Grotto Shanghai Resort

For example, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Rapunzel and many others. 

As a wonderful ending, the doors are opened to go inside the castle. Underneath it, with walls that change to emerge new identities.

Finally, the place is very dark and only the brightness of the attraction that gives the vision to a magical world. 

Once Upon a Time Adventure

Its entrance is at the back of the castle and sometimes it can even go unnoticed.

Above all, it tells the whole story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Thus, it is a walking tour, with many stairs all along the way.

There are some projections of images to make the story complete.

In addition, as you walk inside the attraction, you will find sculptures of several princesses.

Finally, there is a well where a Snow White appears to sing. 

Photo: Disney castles are attractions for the whole family, as well as being very beautiful on the outside.

Which Disney castle was the most expensive?

The truth is that all disney castles needed a lot of money for construction.

However, the Cinderella one, in Orlando, was the one that had the highest price to be made.

Therefore, he is one of the biggest symbols and even the entrance of the movies.  

Its value was 4.7 million dollars so it could come to life. Because, in their structure, they had to use many tons of steel.

It also took glass and concrete, as in any other work to be done. 

What is Cinderella's suite like?

The room was specially made for Walt Disney and his family to stay.

But, he passed away even before the inauguration and could never use it.

Cinderella's Suite at Magic Kingdom Castle
Cinderella's Suite at Magic Kingdom Castle

Above all, it is very difficult to get a place to stay, perhaps only with sweepstakes.

It can accommodate up to six people and has four-poster beds, as in ancient times. In addition, it has a room with a television with the original 1950 film.

When it turns off, it looks like a mirror and the stained glass windows also show scenes from the drawing.

more of the decoration

Every room is geared towards the style that royalty deserves. For example, the bathrooms with two sinks, jacuzzi and three story mosaics.

Finally, the ceiling has a fake night sky, to give the feeling of bathing under the stars at Disney. 

How much does it cost to enter Disney castles?

In the most famous and well-known complex, in Orlando, there are several packages to enter.

So, the tickets They are divided into three different types, but all are valid to go to any park. Above all, some give you the chance to enter more than one location per day:

  • Disney base;
  • Park Hopper and the Plus of it.

The base already gives the chance to know the Magic Kingdom and have fun in Cinderella's palace.

As a result, it can cost around 850 reais per person for a one-day visit. Therefore, the value for a whole week can reach R$ 3,350. 

In other countries

Within Paris, values vary greatly according to dates.

In addition, the most expensive price is paid without booking for the day and costs 119?.

Even more so if you want to visit the two parks on site. 

Your voucher in Hong Kong can be around 489 reais for two days.

Above all, it is only valid for adults and other ages gain some different values.

However, the place has seven different areas for guaranteed fun.

Prices for more parks

In California, to visit one of the disney castles, can cost from $90.

So, this value is for adults and in real it is more or less R$ 450. But it changes according to the choice to spend more time inside the park. 

Disney Castles With Rainbows
Disney Castles With Rainbows

With Disney in Shanghai, it's not much different from those same expenses.

However, many of the tickets sell according to the season. For example, in the summer, it can reach 82 dollars, or 416 reais. 

Where to buy?

In any of the parks you will have the chance to get your ticket at the box office. Above all, it is also possible to find them directly on the internet, on official websites. However, many people recommend purchasing the passes only on the spot, rather than in advance. 

new disney castles

There is still no prediction that other disney castles come to exist, since those who have so far fulfill their role very well.

In addition, everyone is undergoing renovations so that they can bring something different to the public.

All are open for visits and there are still several fantastic environments throughout the parks. Thus, you can take a complete trip and learn a little more about Disney.

Therefore, even with the palaces, it is possible to have fun in different ways in the places. 

Common questions

How many castles does Disney have?

For now, there are only six, in different countries and dedicated to Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and all the princesses. Apart from them, there is still no project for new ones to emerge.

Where is Sleeping Beauty's castle?

In three different locations, one in California is the best known. The others are in Hong Kong and Paris, known as Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant.

Which Disney princess and castle?

In Tokyo Disneyland and Orlando, there are castles for Cinderella. In Hong Kong, Paris and California, they are dedicated to Sleeping Beauty and the one in Shanghai is for everyone.

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