Walt Disney World History in Orlando – Learn Everything!

THE history of Walt Disney World shows how much its creators were visionaries. After all, they realized that Orlando was the ideal place even without counting any kind of business in the city.

Knowing the history of the most famous park in the world will increase your desire to travel. Then, see how it was built and the most striking facts in a timeline.


If you intend to travel to the park, find out which are the best attractions. As well as, have tips that will make your trip even more pleasant and safe. 

What is Walt Disney World?

Before getting to know history of Walt Disney World you need to know what it is. In short, it is one of the most famous entertainment resorts in the world. Located close to Orlando, receives thousands of visitors daily.

Contains theme parks with references to Disney works. For example, Avatar, Star Wars, Monsters SA, Princesses Disney, among others.

Thus, visitors can take advantage of rides and stores that follow the pattern seen in the movies.

It also has spas, gymnastics centers, hotels, beauty salon and golf courses. This way, the whole family has options of fun during their tour or visit.

During your tour, you can meet your favorite characters from the cinema screens. As well as, follow thematic parades and also a memorable fireworks display at the end of the day.

History of Walt Disney World in Orlando

THE history of Walt Disney World in Orlando it started on October 1, 1971. The brothers Walt and Roy Disney created a secret project called X. For four years they looked for an ideal place for it to be implemented.

They didn’t just want to create a park, but something even more grand. So, they bought more than 27 thousand acres of land, little by little, so as not to attract attention. 


In 1965, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported on the purchase and speculated who the owners would be. In October, a journalist confirmed that it belonged to the Disney brothers, raising the price of land.

Due to the discovery, on November 15, 1965, they announced the beginning of the history of Walt Disney World and the construction of the project.

It was budgeted at least four hundred million dollars.

They had state-of-the-art technology so that the futuristic location could be designed. In addition, the surrounding city has also benefited, with schools, transport and commerce. 

Walt Disney passed away in December 1966, causing Ron to complete the project on his own. Then, on October 1, 1971, Disney World was opened, named after Walt to honor him.

Chronological order of Walt Disney World history in Orlando

Below are some of the milestones of the history of Walt Disney World and the year they happened:

  • 1965: announce the Disney project;
  • 1967: construction begins;
  • 1971: the opening of the Disney World complex takes place;
  • 1975: Disney Village Resort and Village Mar are builtketplace;
  • 1997: creation of the Disney Wide World of Sports;
  • 2001: creation of Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge;
  • 2003: creation of Disney Pop Century Resort.

Over the years, in order to improve entertainment, many spaces, stores and parks have been created within the complex. In fact, it is hoped that others will be made to maintain the public's interest.

Disney motif in Orlando

Orlando was the chosen location for the history of Walt Disney World by chance. After all, the Disney brothers are looking for a place with good weather and offering cheaper land.

Florida at this time was known for being sunny and having beautiful beaches. Also, it was famous for the large farms in its territory.

It was in 1950 that the tourist vocation of the place attracted investments, such as airports. Then, the visionary Walt Disney realized that it would be the ideal space for his tourist complex.

Gradually, he bought the lots that were necessary for the attraction. But, always keeping care that your plans are not discovered. Because that would generate an overvaluation of the land, increasing its price.


Disney Theme Parks in Orlando

Now that you know the history of Walt Disney World it is important to know which are the main Parks. So, when you travel, you already have the itinerary prepared for fun.

See below the four main attractions that you can not miss in Orlando.

Magic kingdom

It is the main park of Disney and has the most famous characters. In fact, one of its greatest symbols is the castle of Cinderella. 

Without a doubt the Magic kingdom it is the epicenter of Magic throughout Walt Disney World.


The park of countries, as it is known, unites the diverse cultures of the world. It also has futuristic and technological touches. It is usually the favorite place for adults.

Hollywood Studios

He is part of history of Walt Disney World and it's one of the smallest parks, but a lot of fun. It has the theme of cinema and attractions like roller coasters. One of the advantages is that in one day you can go to all the toys that you have in place.

Animal kingdom

One of the most recent and striking of the place. Thus, it is themed with regions of the world, in the smallest details. In addition to having several rides, you can see real animals in space.

Walt Disney World History: How to Enjoy the Trip

After getting to know history of Walt Disney World it is even more irresistible to visit the park. So, it is important that you have a good travel schedule so as not to miss any attraction.


A simple suggestion, but one that makes a difference, is to create a itinerary considering your travel time. So, see how many days you will be at the place and write down the attractions you want to see.

Researching each park and seeing which toys or stores you want to visit is essential. This way, you get to know the time you will have to go in each one of them. That way, you can create a schedule of days.

It is interesting to leave one free to revisit the parks you like best. Also don't forget to take time to rest, eat and take lots of photos. In fact, consider the queue times for each attraction.

Having this organization will make your experience even more incredible. Then, plan to get up close to all the history and fun that Disney in Orlando can offer you and your family.

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