Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an attraction for the whole family. It was the last roller coaster opened at Disney Orlando. Until the opening of Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios! It is located in the Magic Kingdom park and is to this day the most popular attraction in the park. Undoubtedly the roller coaster of the seven dwarfs is… Read more

Disney parks

Disney parks

Something that for some may be obvious, for others it can be quite confusing. So, we made this post to tell you a little about the Disney parks that exist so far. There are so many options that once you're there the problem really could be time management and not how… Read more

Splash Mountain: Magic Kingdom attraction

Splash Mountain is one of the most beloved attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom park and one of our big favorites of all the Disney attractions. It is based on an old and classic Disney cartoon, “Song of the South”. It is a very fun attraction that ends in a super fall… Read more

Kumba: Rollercoaster from Busch Gardens

Kumba Busch Gardens

That Busch Gardens has the best rollercoasters in Orlando we already know, right? Now you can learn a little more about Kumba! First, I will correct myself. In fact, the park is in Tampa. But, as it is very close to Orlando (about 1:30 am), I consider it to be right there. O … Read more