Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an attraction for the whole family.

It was the last roller coaster opened at Disney Orlando. Until the opening of Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios!

She stays in the park Magic kingdom and is to this day the most popular attraction in the park.

Undoubtedly, the roller coaster of the seven dwarfs is an obligatory stop for your script in the Magic Kingdom.

It is not for less. In addition to the incredible theme it is a smooth ride and full of emotion at the same time. This combination makes Seven Dwarfs Mine Train be one of the best attractions in the Magic Kingdom!

The seven dwarfs roller coaster is based on the movie a Snow White.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom Attraction
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Magic Kingdom Attraction

In it you walk through the diamond mines where the seven dwarves work!

In addition, you will find state-of-the-art animatronics (as Disney's animated "robots" are called) very well made from the dwarves.

Of course, we couldn't help but show what she looks like on our youtube channel.

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Even at the end of the attraction, you will see Snow White dancing in the house of the seven dwarfs with them.

In fact, stay tuned, as the bad witch waits at the door to give you the poisoned apple! PS: The Witch is beeem at the very end of the roller coaster, keep looking to your right!

Tips to catch fewer queues

This is the attraction that concentrates the longest lines at the Magic Kingdom park so far.

However, the seven dwarfs roller coaster usually has slightly shorter lines both at the beginning and at the end of the day, so prefer those times.

The park's first opening minutes are the busiest times at the attractions.

Another alternative to take less queue is to try to go to the attraction, just before the start of the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade or even during the closing fireworks show of the park.

Because when both the parade and the fireworks show take place, the queues for the attractions are also shorter.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom Attraction
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Magic Kingdom Attraction

This is because most park visitors will be positioned to watch these shows.

But choosing this option, you will end up missing the parade or the fireworks show.

But think about it because this parade only takes place once a day at the Magic Kingdom.

A last alternative is to buy the Lightning Lane, Disney's new queue skipper, which replaced FastPass+.

Lightning Lane is paid per visitor, but with it, you can walk around the attraction without having to wait in the regular line.

And since we're talking about queues, let's talk about what the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue looks like!

What is the queue on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train like?

Because it is a ride which usually has very long lines, Disney made it very interactive.

This has been a pretty cool custom for disney to leave the waiting lines at magic kingdom attractions or other less massive parks!

There are several games to distract visitors and especially children waiting to play.

It has interactive water games, and digital games where you can play with the diamonds of the seven dwarf mines!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Attraction Queue
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Attraction Queue

We list some of the games you find there:

Separate the diamonds
While the jewels float across a wooden touchscreen, touch and drag the diamonds to a tray, separating by size and shape.

Gemstone washing
After arranging the diamonds, use a musical tap and start cleaning. Each tap plays its music - pay attention to the “Mestre” tips and you will be able to hear a series of well-known songs!

The Cave
Passing through the mountain portal, you will find a series of wooden barrels overflowing with shiny stones. Turn each barrel over and watch the ceiling over you transform!

This greatly relieves the wait by helping time to go faster!

It is worth mentioning again that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train It's an attraction for the whole family!

Because it is a very light and quiet roller coaster, you can take the little ones without fear.

Row of the Seven Dwarfs Rollercoaster - Games
Row of the Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster – Games

Certainly they will love having fun in the light falls that she has and seeing the animatronics so perfect of the seven dwarfs!

In fact, as it has height restrictions, it is worth taking a look before getting there with children.

We recommend that you do this for all the attractions in the park.

Check out our list of minimum height for Disney attractions

Has a photo on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

THE Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an attraction that takes two pictures of all visitors during the attraction. In addition, it also makes a very cute video!

If you have a Magic Band it links your photos and video automatically! That way, you won't need to touch it to any totem pole!

Apparently this will be a system now implemented in all the new attractions at the Walt Disney World resort, a maximum no?

It's worth remembering that the photos and video will go to your Magic Band!

However, you will only be able to download and view them without a watermark if you buy the package. Memory maker or the photos you want.

This service is not included in the park tickets. You can purchase it at the Park's Guest Relations if you wish.

However, we recommend that you make the purchase in advance via the Disney app.

Buying in advance, you even pay a little less!

Best time to ride the Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster

Well, obviously the special events like Early Morning Magic, Halloween party and Christmas are events where the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is much more accessible.

This happens because at these events there are fewer people than usual at the park's normal hours.

Second, there are other special things that are unique to the event, so guests naturally prefer these options.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, on normal park days, the ideal is to go or very early as soon as the park opens.

Or go well at the end of the day (which can make you miss the closing show Happily Ever After).

Honestly, if you've never seen the park's closing show, we don't recommend you miss it.

The closing shows of the parks are usually unique and very surprising!

Is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train scary for children?

Speaking directly, it may be!

Obviously it will vary a lot of how much your child is used to attractions of this type.

Firstly, Seven Dwarfs is a roller coaster and a “Dark Ride” in one.

Disney's Dark Rides are those “Walk in the dark” where you see a number of things, it doesn't necessarily have a “scary” theme as is the case with Haunted Mansion.

But it can be cute too Frozen attraction at Epcot, both considered Dark Rides.

Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster Animatronic
Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster Animatronic

That said, a child may be frightened simply by dwarf animatronics or having a dark part.

It is possible as we show in a video at the end of the post

And she may also be scared by the part of the roller coaster, which, although not super radical, each child has its own rhythm.

Overall, the children brave little ones usually love it!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Technical Information

Attraction time: 3 minutes
Minimum height: 97 centimeters
Lightning Lane Required: May be required
Location: Fantasyland - Magic Kingdom

How is the ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

We have shown this attraction several times in our Youtube channel, at the beginning of this post we show one.

And below we share this tour in 4k where you can see in detail what the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster is like!

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