Ross Orlando – Orlando's Biggest Discount Store

Ross Orlando: place with very cheap prices!

Ross Orlando is one of the best places for those looking to shop cheap on their trip to Disney. Seriously: prices are lower than those of famous outlets in the city. In fact, the store is called Ross: Dress for Less and has a series of products and units spread across the US. At the … Read more

Bed Bath & Beyond Orlando – Amazing Home Goods Store

One of the most interesting stores in Orlando is Bed Bath & Beyond. The store is an American chain that has branches throughout the United States that offers a huge amount of products for the home, bathroom In addition, you can also find Bed Bath & Beyond in Puerto Rico, New Zealand … Read more

Party City Orlando – Shop with everything from Party and Costumes

If you are in Orlando and looking for the best party and costume store, then Party City is the perfect place for you! Without a doubt, Party City is one of the most complete stores in town when it comes to parties and costumes. So this is a must stop… Read more

Target Orlando – Orlando's Best Supermarket

When arriving in Orlando you will probably need to stop by a supermarket and Target might be one of the best options for you! You will probably have to buy some personal hygiene items, as it is not worth bringing from Brazil. Also, stock your room with snacks and treats to take in your backpack during … Read more