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If you're in Orlando and looking for the best party supplies and costumes store, then Party City is the perfect place for you!

Without the slightest doubt, the party city It is one of the most complete stores in the city when it comes to parties and costumes.

Therefore, this is a mandatory stop if you are going to celebrate your birthday in the parks.

During the Halloween, I also recommend that you stop by there!

Party City is an American franchise of party and costume stores.

In addition to the United States, you can also find the network in cities in Mexico and Canada.

What is Orlando's Party City like?

In Orlando, Party City is very popular with those going to have a party. For example, there are many Brazilians who celebrate their birthdays in parks.

party city
party city

On commemorative dates, such as Halloween, the store it is also crowded with people. The costumes there are very different and good prices!

Party City also has several product niches. Therefore, you can assemble your entire party with products sold there!

In addition, the store is also great for souvenirs, especially children's ones! For example, there are Disney character items for just US$ 1!

Party City Party Products

First of all, you should think about an invitation for your party.

Don't worry, in Party City you can find them!

As well as pens and other stationery products that can come in handy for a nice invitation.

Soon after, the decoration of the party should be chosen.

Party City Party Products
Party City Party Products

For this, the store has hundreds of options!

You can choose between characters (Mickey, SpongeBob, Barbie, Lion King…) or other themes (Hawaii, Mexico, a single color…).

Regarding specific celebrations, such as a wedding or a baby shower, Party City can also cater for you.

Still on the decorations, you can choose between panels, balloons and various objects. It doesn't sound like an exaggeration, but it's all there!!!

You will also find all items related to the buffet.

Therefore, glasses, cutlery, plates and napkins can be purchased at the store.

Lastly, some candy can also be found in Party City!

There is even a section of 15 candies for just US$ 1!

Party City Orlando Candy Station
Party City Orlando Candy Station

Costumes at Party City Orlando

The only date that Disney allows adults to enter in costume parks it's on Halloween night.

Therefore, I advise you to get in the mood and choose a costume!

Party City has a variety of costumes, for adults or children.

In the store, you can notice a wall full of cards.

They're not the costume, but they give you access to it at the checkout. There are several options!

Of course, you can try on your costume, so don't buy a smaller or larger size.

That is, the store also has tasters!!

In addition to this option, you can also build your own costume.

Costumes at Party City Orlando
Costumes at Party City Orlando

Party City lets you choose a variety of items from masks, wigs, capes, and even artistic paints.

Orlando Party City average price

Party City is a store for any budget!

For example, you can buy a full costume for US$ 100.

On the other hand, you can also choose a simpler outfit, and the value will drop by more than half!

Party City Orlando
Party City Orlando

As well as party products, which can vary greatly in price.

While you can have a simple and cheap get-together, you can also invest more and have something very detailed.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you visit Party City.

I assure you that even if you are not looking for a costume or products for the party, you will be enchanted by the place.

Organization of Stores

This is one of the details that I think is the best thought out of Party City.

When you're putting together a party, you naturally look for products and artifacts of your theme, right?

If you are having a Monsters Inc party you will look for products with Mike or Suley.

If you are having a Disney Cars themed party, you will be looking for items from Lightning McQueen and etc.

But chances are you won't find absolutely everything on that theme, right?

Party City Orlando - Party Products by Color
Party City Orlando – Party Products by Color

And what do you do with those other items?

Simple, you will look for items and products of that color!

And at this point, Party City Orlando is a great store because the party sessions are divided by color, making your searches much easier!

Where is Party City in Orlando?

In addition to physical stores, you can also shop on the Party City website.

The store will be responsible for shipping to the place where you will be staying!

However, there are also 3 physical Party City stores in Orlando.

Party City Orlando - Store
Party City Orlando – Store

If you like a good store, I recommend that you visit one of them at the following addresses:

Millenia Crossing

4024 Eastgate Drive, at Store #424.

Herndon Village Shoppes

3220 East Colonial Drive, at Store #500.

view palms

7135 Narcoosse Road, at Store #655.

Party City opening hours

At all addresses, Park City is open during the following hours:

Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm;
Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm;
Friday: 9am to 9pm;
Saturday: 8am to 10am.

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