Florida Mall – The Best Mall in Orlando

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One of the best places to shop, eat and spend all your money in stores is the Florida Mall in Orlando.

I know that on your trip to Disney, the priority is to visit the parks, ride on attractions and meet your favorite characters.

But there's always a little time left for shopping in Orlando, by the way, there are rare cases of people who don't take at least 1 day to shop.

Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando - Apple Store
Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando – Apple Store

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This is one of the most traditional malls in the city and has recently undergone a renovation, gaining new stores and a whole new look.

Because of this, it is one of the tourists' favorite places to shop.

Not to mention that he is on the side of a Best buy.

Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

In other words, you can dedicate a whole day to shopping only in these two places.

Want to know more about it and what kind of offers you'll find there? So keep reading!

Discount Coupons for the Florida Mall

Let's start this post by giving you all a gift.

Unlike many places in the world, discount coupons in orlando are really discount, and the best, most of the time they are cumulative with discounts found in stores.

To get these coupons is extremely easy, just download the your discount coupons on this link!

Take this discount passport and exchange at Guest Services inside the mall.

The Guest Service there is a kiosk inside the mall.

Simon Mall Guest Service - Florida Mall
Simon Mall Guest Service – Florida Mall

Also, there are 2 Guest Services there and both are very easy to find.

One of them is in front of the giant store of Macy's and the other right across from the Florida Hotel and Conference Center.

Which stores are present in the Florida Mall

The Florida Mall is one of the main malls in Orlando and, consequently, has stores of the main American and international brands.

To better organize the listing, we separate stores by types of products sold. Check it out below!

Clothing Stores

Clothing stores are the majority in the Florida Mall.

The place has a huge variety of stores, ranging from fast fashion to luxury brands, including sports.

Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando (10)
Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando (10)

The most famous retail stores are as follows

Abercrombie & Fitch;
American Eagle;
Banana Republic;
Charlotte Russe;
Cotton On;
Forever 21;
New York & Company;
Victoria's Secret;
Hot Topic;

Hollister at the Florida Mall in Orlando
Hollister at the Florida Mall in Orlando

Old navy;
US Polo;

Oakley Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Oakley Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

Again: these are the most famous brands this type of store in the Florida Mall. There are many others out there!

In the sportswear sector at Florida Mall, the main brands are as follows

Champs Sports
Dick's Sporting Goods
Finish Line
Foot locker
United World of Soccer

Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando (1)
Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando (1)

Florida Mall Luxury Stores

Brighton Collectibles
Camille La Vie
Francesca's Collections
Michael Kors
Polka Dotz
Vera Bradley
White House Black Market

Can you see that the Florida Mall is practically a clothing shopper's paradise?

Armani Exchange at Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Armani Exchange at Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

Of course, the prices are not the same as the famous ones. Orlando outlets and not with the same brand offers.

However, there are very good products that are not yet out of stock and deserve your attention.

Electronics at the Florida Mall

The Florida Mall doesn't have a wide range of electronics stores, largely because of the presence of Best Buy next door.

However, the stores that exist are very interesting.

For those who like various electronic products, there is an Apple Store and a Microsoft store in place.

Apple Store - Florida Mall Store
Apple Store – Florida Mall Store

Video game fans will rejoice in both GameStop present at the Florida Mall.

It is possible to buy games and sell your used ones there (the prices are very good).

Make up

Every time we're near the Florida Mall, my wife asks us to stop by the local makeup stores.

MAC at the Florida Mall
MAC at the Florida Mall

I could also: even I, who don't understand anything about the subject, can recognize how many different options there are.

The main makeup stores found in the mall are MAC, Sephora and Nyx, all with high quality products and a lot of variety.

Sephora at the Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Sephora at the Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

In addition to it, Claire's also has some cool makeup options.

Food at the Florida Mall

As it should be, the Florida Mall has a very complete food court, with several different types of food.

Food Court at the Florida Mall
Food Court at the Florida Mall

Some famous fast food brands are there, such as Subway, Taco Bell and Spoletto, but also other lesser-known restaurants.

Two interesting details are that the mall has a unit of Carlo's Bakery, by the famous Buddy Valastro. You know, from the Cake Boss program.

The other detail is the presence of the yummy bread, with sweets, breads and all kinds of Brazilian delicacies. It's really worth knowing and tasting their menu!

Other store types

There are also other types of brands and shopping experiences at the Florida Mall.

For example, Disney Store is present there, with lots of clothes and costumes, but also items for the house and toys.

Florida Mall - Shopping in
Florida Mall – Shopping in

Another store you can't miss is M&M's World, with a very cool experience. You can meet the characters, do tests, buy merchandising and, of course, lots of chocolate.

We also recommend other toy stores such as Kidz city, a World of toys and the Build-a-Bear Workshop (where children can assemble a teddy bear).

Another really cool activity that exists at the Florida Mall is the Crayola Experience, a complete experience for young children.

Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall
Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall

It's practically a mini Crayola theme park inside the mall! This space is made up of small stations ideal for letting children's imaginations run wild.

Tesla Showroom

It's not a store, but I can't help but mention this showroom here because it's the only one in Orlando.

At Florida Mall you have the opportunity to see a Tesla car up close.

Tesla Showroom - The Florida Mall
Tesla Showroom – The Florida Mall

That's right, if you, your husband, son, friend, boyfriend like Elon Musk's car (lol) and want to see a Tesla car up close, this is your opportunity.

It is right behind Aeropostale, right next to Brighton Collectibles and Charlotte Russe!

Florida Mall Video Tour

If you like watching videos instead of reading too, we've already taken a tour of the Florida Mall and showed you a little bit of what you can find there.

How to get to the Florida Mall

Okay, we went through all the stores and experiences available at the mall in detail. Now the question is: how did we get there?

The Florida Mall is located on 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, in Orlando. But that doesn't mean much to you, who don't live in the city.

It's difficult to give exact directions because we don't know where you will be, which hotel you will be staying at.

Crayola at the Florida Mall
Crayola at the Florida Mall

Therefore, the best way to find out how to get to the mall is through Google Maps.

Mark the place and your hotel and click on get directions.

The app itself will show you how to get there by car or public transport (listing the number of buses you will need to take).

Another detail is to take a taxi.

Any driver knows how to get there and the vast majority of hotels have partnerships with taxi drivers.

There at the Florida Mall, there is a taxi rank so you can easily return to rest.

Aldo Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Aldo Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

How much time of my day should I set aside for the Florida Mall

Well, it depends. Are you the type that loves to see every detail of each store? If so, you can take more than half a day, without a doubt.

If you don't have that much patience, you'll probably spend a few hours at the mall. Maybe 3 or 4 depending on the pace.

Macys - Department Store at The Florida Mall
Macys – Department Store at The Florida Mall

This means that you can go at noon, have lunch there and then walk around a bit until 4 pm, for example. It's a good program.

The Florida Mall is worth visiting

We usually get questions like this relatively often. We know that whether it's worth it varies for each group.

However, I will try to be as objective as possible.

The Florida Mall is a mall with several stores that are only found here, such as Hollister, Abercrombie among others.

If you like these stores and want to shop there, without a doubt, it is a trip that will be worth your while.

The Florida Mall
The Florida Mall

If you want to go to the Florida Mall to shop in stores that exist in some outlets in Orlando, it's not worth it because the prices of the Outlets are usually slightly better!

That said, in addition to the shopping factor, the Florida Mall is also a good place to hang out for those who like shopping.

And unlike the all-open outlets, the Florida Mall is closed and air-conditioned!

General information

Standard Florida Mall opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: from 10 am to 9 pm;
Saturday: from 10 am to 10 pm;
Sunday: from noon to 8 pm.

Florida Mall - Shopping in Orlando
Florida Mall – Shopping in Orlando

However, the hours are relatively flexible and may change depending on the time of year or if there are any special events scheduled.

Therefore, we recommend that you go to official site the mall to know the exact time on the day you intend to visit it.

Another tip is to go to the "Deals" section on the mall's website to get some discount coupons to use in stores. There are a lot of cool offers out there!

So, did you like to know more about the Florida Mall? Tell us below which store you are most interested in visiting!

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