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The Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater is a restaurant located at Hollywood Studios! It is one of the most fantastic restaurants in Walt Disney World.

We had the pleasure of stopping by and showing ourselves our stories and soon we will also show everything in our Youtube channel. Video is at the end of this post!

It is a very different restaurant and has been very popular in recent years.

That's because it mimics the 50's drive-ins, those spaces in parks or large parking lots where families and dating couples parked their cars and enjoyed a movie on the big screen.

The name of the restaurant derives from “Science Fiction”, which translates to science fiction. But here comes that question, what does the name have to do with the environment?

The name comes from the fact that most of the movies you will watch on the big screen of the Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater will be of this genre.

Sci Fi
Sci Fi

The Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater is on the Disney`s Hollywood Studios, very close to the Star Wars simulator, Star Tours and has a different atmosphere and delicious food, with several options of dishes, side dishes and drinks to make your meal even more magical!

How is Sci-Fi Drive-in? 

You won't be sitting at a common table, it will be inside an old car, where the visitor sits on the benches and can enjoy the atmosphere. The lighting is lower, as if you were really in an environment at night watching a movie, which ends up making the place more pleasant. 

In addition to the super screen that is playing in sequences of old movies and cartoons. Remembering that in each car there are 3 rows of tables, where each one fits 2 to 3 people. 

Sci-Fi from the outside can even go slightly unnoticed by distracted people, as it has a small entrance and is a large “shed”, but when you notice it, you start to notice small details, such as the sign with the name of the restaurant, a cart similar to the indoor table and the menu on the wall.

The entire success of the Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater is the combination of its theme, inspired by the Sci-Fi Drive-In, old and animated films, in addition to its very tasty food, pleasing both children and adults.

The tables are inside old cars, that's right, you will sit at a table in the shape of a car.

Sci Fi Hollywood Studios

There are very few tables in the back of Sci-Fi that are traditional but are disguised so they also look like a car.

Have you ever been in a convertible car? If so, you will eat in one and if not, you will have the experience of enjoying a milk shake, onion rings or hamburger in one!

For those who can't stand the anticipation, there's a smaller version of the table car outside the Sci-Fi to show visitors what awaits them!

Children and adults are very excited about this kind of experience! 

The model car already leaves visitors full of expectations regarding the restaurant's internal environment, but upon entering, the surprise is even greater.

In addition to the decoration, the uniforms and treatment of the waiters, it brings a whole more magical and real feeling that you really are in an American drive-in from the 50's.

The details are very well thought out, as are the many Disney themed attractions and restaurants.

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How is Sci-Fi food?

the menu of Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater has been changing a lot in recent years, becoming very varied and with simpler options, which pleases the whole family.

It's exactly what Sci-Fi proposes to have more basic and well-made dishes, with a nice atmosphere.

Sci Fi Hollywood Studios

There are people who complain about this simple menu, but it matches the prices charged and the unique experience it offers.

This restaurant comes to prove that you can eat at Disney a real food or a good snack, without spending a fortune. 

There's everything on the Sci-Fi menu. If you like pasta, snacks, salads, hamburgers or milk shakes, there you have it!

The price is also very attractive, as it is an air-conditioned and themed restaurant, with an average price of dishes between $15 and $20, making it very cost-effective. 

It is a little more expensive than basic park restaurants like Casey's Corner.

However, just for the ambiance, the restaurant should already cost more!

On the outside it is a normal restaurant, looking like a shed, but inside it is a true starry sky!

For those who like to eat inside the park or who are looking to have a meal in a different place without having to leave the park, Sci-Fi at Hollywood Studios brings all the theme and experience of an American drive-in from the 50s.

If your group has more than two adults, you will be accommodated in more than one row of the car, as each one can fit up to 3 people, one of which is a child. 

The food of Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater it's all a la carte, so it's not necessary for everyone at the table to order a plate and a drink.


You can only order portions of onion rings, for example, share a milk shake with your partner, it's an unrestricted restaurant, that's why it's so beloved by visitors.

We recommend ordering something simpler at first, like a hamburger, with a milk shake and some fries, so you know the restaurant's flavor and can go ahead with the order. 

This “dish” is something that people who used to go to the drive-in used to ask to enjoy during the movie.

A good dessert is sundaes with chocolate syrup.

If you like chocolate, you can't miss this one from Disney, it's out of this world!

For those who like hair rings, the Sci-Fi ones are one of the best in Orlando!

The size and quantity that comes are a little scary, but you will see that you will eat without realizing it. 

Visitors who have already been to the restaurant keep coming back, which is why it is one of Disney's most wanted!

So, if you want to visit it, it is highly recommended to book it 180 days in advance that Disney allows.

The Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Restaurant is recommended for all audiences for its simple food and attractive theme. Without a doubt he is in the Top 5 of Disney's restaurants!

Sci-Fi Information at Hollywood Studios

  • Opening hours: from 11 am to 3:55 pm for lunch and from 4 pm to 9:30 pm for dinner. 
  • Sci-Fi Location: Commissary Lane area of Hollywood Studios.
  • Official menu link

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