Universal Studios Hollywood – Studio Park Attractions in California

If you intend to visit Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood park cannot be left out of your itinerary. Find out what you'll find there, getting to know the park better and evaluating the best attractions, how to get there and general tips about Universal Studios Hollywood. Without a doubt Los Angeles is a very famous place… Read more

Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater - Hollywood Studios

Sci Fi Hollywood Studios

The Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater is Restaurant located at Hollywood Studios! It is one of the most amazing restaurants at Walt Disney World. We had the pleasure of stopping by and showing them in our stories and soon we'll also show everything on our youtube channel. The Video is at the end of this post! IT'S … Read more

Meet Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

The Tour called Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood California, there are several types of tickets, today we are going to talk about the “Studio Tour” experience. Many people get confused and think that this tour is part of Disneyland California. But in today's post we clarify all your doubts! Surely to be greeted by statues of the … Read more