Drinking Around the World at Epcot 2023 – The Guide

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Drinking Around The World at Epcot is an unofficial Disney event that anyone of legal age can host. In it, you will taste different typical drinks from each of the countries inside their respective pavilions of the World showcase.

We can say that this is a unique experience and that it goes directly against the park's proposal.

Epcot is an acronym that stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow!

It was created to celebrate different cultures and experiences from the past, present and future. And Drinking Around the World is one of the current ways to experience different cultures!


As for Drinking Around The World, we can be sure of at least three things:

– It is not an activity for children, as it involves alcoholic beverages;

– It is also not an activity for those who want to get drunk or drink too much, because the proposal is to promote a cultural experience;

– You leave the activity with much more knowledge than when you entered, as you go through attractions and tastings from 11 different countries.

Despite being a very fun activity, Drinking Around the World was not something officially created by Disney.

The park's visitors themselves proposed this challenge and you can do it any day you want.

So you won't find anything about Drinking Around the World on Disney's official website.

But don't worry, we'll give you all the information and tips so you can enjoy this unofficial event with peace of mind!

Frozen Beer at the Japan Pavilion
Frozen Beer at the Japan Pavilion


See what Epcot's Drinking Around the World is, learn how it works, and stay tuned for tips to get the most out of this challenge.

What is Drinking Around The World

First, let's quickly talk about Epcot.

It is a park that has 11 pavilions in the World showcase and each of them corresponds to a country, bringing a little of the culture of each location with shows and attractions, customs and cuisine of each location.

These countries are: Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Morocco, Japan and China.

The Drinking Around the World it is a challenge that walks through these pavilions and proposes the tasting of a drink in each of these places.

That is, during your tour in each of the pavilions of the epcot countries you will drink/taste a typical drink from that country.

Seems interesting? Really is!

In this guide we will talk about what you will find in each of these 11 countries for your experience.

Drinking around the World 2023 Roadmap at Epcot

Once you enter Epcot you can start in Mexico and end in Canada, or go the other way around.

Here, we'll consider going counterclockwise, starting the epcot tour of Canada, but feel free to proceed in any format you like.

The reason for this is very simple.

We consider tequila to be one of the strongest alcoholic drinks and the one that mixes the least with others.

As in Mexico the drink of choice is tequila, we recommend that you save it for the end, as this way you are more likely to be able to try more drinks in different countries.

To facilitate your understanding, here is a map of the World Showcase at Epcot.

This map was created with Wanderlog, the trip planner on iOS and android

Canada pavilion

Let's assume you start your script around lunchtime (remembering that it's very important to eat before you drink).

If your intention in Canada is to have a meal, Le Cellier restaurant it will be an option to get into the Canadian mood (we recommend leaving room for dessert in France).

The restaurant has Canadian cuisine with a special emphasis on meats, broths and potatoes with traditional Canadian sauces.

Beer at the Canada Pavilion - Drinking Around the World at Epcot
Beer at the Canada Pavilion – Drinking Around the World at Epcot

As for drinks, if you want to really get into the Canadian atmosphere, one of the most typical is Caesar, which you can consider as their caipirinha.

At Le Cellier restaurant you can find it on the menu with the name Le Cellier Lot 40 Bloody Caesar. But watch out for the ingredients, you might not like it.

In Le Cellier's version, the drink is made with whiskey, a blend of spices and clam juice, which is made with tomato juice, clam broth (a type of clam) and spices.

You can order a Canadian beer too to enjoy with your meal, or if you're heading to the next country soon, there's a popcorn cart in the Canadian pavilion that serves Canadian beers!

UK pavilion

The next stop is in the country of Pubs, there is a very pleasant place called Rose & Crown Pub.

The establishment has a variety of special cocktails on its menu, in addition to the typical beers of the country.

Drinking Around the World - UK Pavilion
Drinking Around the World – UK Pavilion

But to drink beers, the UK Beer Cart that is next to the Pub can be more interesting, as it has a huge variety of options and will be much faster.

For a bite to eat or a quick bite to eat, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is great for enjoying typical UK fish fries.

Super Extra Tip

If you want to enjoy Drinking Around the World 2023 and not waste time sitting in a kiosk or restaurant, we recommend that you transport your drink in a Stanley Mug or Pint around the park

That's because in Orlando it can be very hot, so your drinks that should be consumed cold like beers, Margaritas, etc. can heat up very quickly.

The Stanley Mugs or Pints they are very famous for preserving the temperature for a long time, not to mention that between one drink or another, they can serve you to drink water at the water fountain, without having to spend money buying water at the park!

So get yours on amazon at a discount before your trip to the park.

France pavilion

The good part of enjoying a drink in France is the fact that you can opt for something with a lot of sugar, which already helps to give you extra energy.

This is the case with the Ice Cream Martini by L?Artisan des Glaces.

Ice Cream Martini by L?Artisan des Glaces
Ice Cream Martini by L?Artisan des Glaces

The drink consists of two scoops of ice cream, rum, Grand Marnier and whipped cream.

So you combine dessert and drink in one.

Another strong point of France is its wines and sparkling wines, and if that's your option, stop at Le Vins de France.

Drinking Around the World at Epcot - Sparkling Wine at the France Pavilion
Drinking Around the World at Epcot – Sparkling Wine at the France Pavilion

To eat, nothing better than some typical bakery delight you'll find at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie or a crepe at the kiosk Crepes des Chefs de France.

Morocco pavilion

Mediterranean cuisine is always well represented in Orlando in general.

At Epcot, the Morocco pavilion also reinforces this.

Cocktails and Moroccan beers can be enjoyed at Spice Road Table.

Morocco Pavilion - Drinking Around The World
Morocco Pavilion – Drinking Around The World

At Tangierine Cafe there are several options on the menu for meals. Wraps, shawarmas and falafel, as well as vegetarian options are some of the food options.

japan pavilion

In the land of sake you will find the Sake Bar with several options of Japanese drinks and dishes and naturally this is the drink that visitors usually drink here.

Violet Sake - Japan Pavilion - Drinking Around the World Epcot
Violet Sake – Japan Pavilion – Drinking Around the World Epcot

Another option is the Kabuki Cafe with its Kirin Frozen. It's a drink that looks like those slushies.

It's made with a kirin Draft with ice foam keeping it really cold.

For meals, a good option is at Katsura Grill which also serves cocktails.

United States pavilion

In the American pavilion, craft beers are present at Block & Hans in addition to the traditional local cheese pretzel with jalapeno.

For dining by the drink, Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue is the restaurant that replaced the Liberty Inn.

There you can even find a super famous drink sought after by Drinking Around the World participants, the Moonshine Sour.

The restaurant has a good range of craft beers.

The restaurant offers other typical American drink options such as ciders, wines and cocktails.

A great piece of information to reinforce here are the vegetarian and vegan options, and they also have plant-based burgers.

Italy pavilion

We arrived at my favorite pavilion!

If you haven't had wine yet during this tour, the time is now and the place is at La Bottega Italiana or Adega Tutto Gusto.

Sangrias and cocktails are other drink options in addition to typical dishes from the traditional pasta country.

At the tutto italy, in addition to a vast menu with Italian options ranging from carpaccio to traditional pasta, the drinks really do justice to the Italy.

Some drinks are made with Vermouth, others with Prosseco and others with the traditional limoncello.

Tutto Italia Epcot

It is an example of the Martini Italiano drink composed of citrus Vodka, limoncello, triple sec and lemon juice, or the Italian Margarita with limoncello, tequila and lemon juice.

The reinterpretation of these drinks with Italian ingredients gives a super special touch and an extra taste of Italy.

Germany pavilion

We have arrived in the land of beer and a good option is to select what you want to drink from the beer cart that you will easily find in the Germany pavilion.

But if your intention is to stop for a meal, it's good to know that in Biergarten Restaurant you pay per person and eat all you want.

Beer at the Germany Pavilion - Epcot's Drinking Around the World
Beer at the Germany Pavilion – Epcot's Drinking Around the World

Beers are also served without hesitation in ½ liter or 1 liter portions. You don't have the 350 ml can, no.

It is worth asking for the tasting of German beers that come in 5 different types.

Wines and shots of Jägermeister or Bärenjäger can also be enjoyed during a meal at the Biergarten Restaurant.

In those countries where we drink beer, the Stanley cups or any other thermos cups that you take can help you immensely so that you can continue walking and enjoying the shows that take place in the streets of the pavilions.

China pavilion

Drinks and meals are enjoyed at Joy of Tea at Nine Dragons Restaurant, or for quick bites, the Lotus Blossom Cafe.

As for drinks, there are Chinese beers like Tsing Tao sold at both restaurants and Lucky Buddah.

Joy of Tea - China Epcot
Joy of Tea – China Epcot

However, the drinks are different readings with ingredients that we find in other places.

But if you'd rather drink than beer, try one anyway.

Just don't expect to find a typical Chinese drink.

A tip is to try the BaiJoe Punch that at least uses a Chinese distillate in its composition in addition to lychee, coconut and pineapple.

norway pavilion

In the Norway beer cart you will find several options.

In addition to beer there is a drink with coffee there that is delicious, its name is Frozen Viking Coffee, a sweet alcoholic drink of coffee with liqueur.

Frozen Viking Coffee - Drinking Around the World - Norway Pavilion
Frozen Viking Coffee – Drinking Around the World – Norway Pavilion

If you are going to stop by to eat at Akershus Royal Banquet HallIn addition to tasty meals, you will find many interesting drinks such as the Magical Star, with organic x-fusion mango and passion fruit liqueur, pineapple juice, coconut flavored rum and a bright multicolored ice cube that you can take home as a souvenir.

Another interesting drink from Akershus is the Café Viking which combines coffee liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream.

Mexico pavilion

Finishing the tour, we arrive at the country of tequila that we mentioned at the beginning of the post.

If you follow the script in that order, you'll notice that it will be night by now, so it's a good time to have dinner.

Among the restaurant options in the Mexico pavilion, one of them is the San Angel Inn, a restaurant that has many food options on the menu, as well as many drinks, cocktails and margaritas.

It Takes Two to Mango Margarita and Blood Orange Charm Margarita - Drinking Around the WOrld at the Mexico Pavilion
It Takes Two to Mango Margarita and Blood Orange Charm Margarita – Drinking Around the World at the Mexico Pavilion

At San Angel you can order a tasting of tequila that the house has on the menu and if you have a group of friends, the tasting will be very quiet to end the night well.

At Choza de Margarita, there are plenty of options for this drink, as well as quick snacks.

The well-known Mexican beers Dos Equis are found there as well, but the most interesting options of varied cocktails are at La Cava del Tequila, which has more than 200 tequila options on its menu.

Tips For Drinking Around The World 2023

We'll briefly talk here about some recommendations to make your Drinking Around the World 2023 experience more enjoyable

Taste the drinks

The real tasters are not those who drink heavily, but those who enjoy the drink.

Take that mindset with you as you venture into this challenge.

So, instead of thinking this is a challenge to drink 11 alcoholic drinks in less time, spread each one of them over a longer period of stay in the park.

Drinking Around the World at Epcot - Norway Pavilion
Drinking Around the World at Epcot – Norway Pavilion

Trying the drink is only part of this journey, even the drink is just a door to a world experience!

Exploring each space of each pavilion while you enjoy a drink, or enjoying a good meal with spices that you are not used to tasting while combining it with your drink, is what makes the challenge worth it.

A good alternative is to start there at lunchtime and extend into the evening.
This is also a challenge to do among friends, or at least with a company. So you can split the doses.


Pay attention to age

Normally I wouldn't need to cite this here. But different countries in the world have different restrictions on alcohol consumption.

As you are in the United States, in all World Showcase countries the restriction is the same, so to do this challenge you must be over 21 years old and always carry your passport with you, as it can be requested.


Another important thing is to start the day with a good breakfast and not consume alcohol without being well fed. Also take the opportunity to eat along the way.

You don't need to stuff yourself, but it's important to get some glucose into your body during the tour.

If you don't want to spend on food, take some snacks (Buy in advance) in your backpack for snacking and take a break to eat at mealtimes.

We recommend that you take your snacks from home and don't leave to buy them there!

Do not drink and drive

Another obvious thing that a lot of people forget, or don't give due importance, is to go by Uber or take one of those transports from the Disney complex, in case you are in one of your hotels.

France Pavilion at Epcot
France Pavilion at Epcot

Even if possible, this is one of our recommendations. Look into staying at a Disney hotel even just for a few days to do Drinking Around The World 2023.

The ease of transportation from Disney to the parks will make your life a lot easier.

Or even one of the parks you can walk from the hotel to the park like Boardwalk Inn and Disney's Beach Club.

It seems obvious, but many people think that it is enough to go a few hours without drinking before getting in the car again, that everything is fine, and that's not it.

The important thing is that you do not drive if you are going to drink and that you are not with a driver (friend, relative) who has been drinking.

Can you imagine getting in trouble in the US for drunk driving?

Plan, Plan and Plan

As we always say, planning for a trip to Disney is critical.

If necessary, look for our professional travel consultancy to help them put together an itinerary for their trip!

Pick up a map at the park entrance and try to distribute the time spent on site among all the attractions and enjoy each one as you fulfill the challenge.

Drinking around the World at Epcot is just one of many exciting activities for you to enjoy Epcot.

Figment 50th Anniversary Statue at Epcot with Monorail
Figment 50th Anniversary Statue at Epcot with Monorail

By following these tips, you will be able to make the most of this experience while having your Drinking around the World at Epcot.

Drink water

For several reasons. First of all, plenty of water will help you go further in drinking around the world without starting to get high on alcohol.

And that's not what we're looking for here, right?

And second, it's important for your health. Alcohol dehydrates and depending on what time of year you are doing this experiment, it is possible that it will be very hot.

This combination can make you feel sick or even pass out. Simple things like a glass of water after every drink can prevent any more serious problems.

Of course, to save money and not have to buy water all day at the park, you have 2 options, the first is to take water bottles with you or take a stanley thermos bottle and fill it with water from the drinking fountains around the park.

If need be, you can order glasses of ice at any kiosk or restaurant which they will give you for free too!

Stay hydrated!

Share your Drinks

This is a practical tip both for getting further in Drinking around the World and for your pocket.

Some drinks are quite large, avoid waste and share them.

And let's face it, drinking in a group is much more fun anyway!

Extra tip (Learn from our mistakes)

On our last trip of 2019 which was our engagement trip, we decided to do Drinking Around the World.

Drinking Around the World at Epcot
Drinking Around the World at Epcot

On that day, we had a reservation at the San Angel Inn and there we decided to order the same Tequilas tasting that we recommend in this post (but note that we mentioned, group of friends).

In this case, it was just the 2 of us and what happened was, the tequila flight (as the tasting is called) was huge and when we left the restaurant we had to abort the idea of doing Drinking Around the World, as it would be too much to drink.

The tip is, don't exaggerate people, especially in the first drinks, there's a lot of good stuff there, order the smallest versions whenever possible!

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