Disney Bound – What is this Disney experience

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The Disney Bound It's perfect for anyone who's ever wanted to dress up as their favorite character.

After all, strolling through the parks dressed like the incredible creatures of this universe it is a dream. However, due to company rules, he had to adapt.

The practice is based on putting together an outfit inspired by these figures, but without being exactly identical.

It is a fashion trend for all fans and can be used throughout your daily life. To learn more about it, continue reading our article.

What is Disney Bound?

The Disney Bound it is a style of dressing similar to the attractions of the wizarding world.

In addition to the characters, it can encompass anything from him such as props and even places. So, wear everyday pieces, combined in a way that reminds you of what you want.

It is important to point out that adults cannot dress up because of the rules of the company.

So this is the best way to wear garments that are part of the context.

Since, the look has the magical atmosphere of the event with clear references to her beloved figures. 

The practice is interesting because it is very close to a casual outfit. Therefore, it is ideal for the walk, being simple and practical for the park. It still allows fans to explore the creativity and stand out on such a wonderful day. 


The Disney Bound is intended not to appear as a simple fantasy. But, being able to use punctual elements that can be associated with the beloved characters. Some of the items that need to be taken into consideration are the following:

  • Colors; 
  • Formats;
  • Prints;
  • Textures;
  • Accessories.

The more obvious it can seem, the better, as everyone will notice who the honoree is. The options for those who want to join this game are the most varied. So, check out some that you can get inspired by.

What characters can you dress up

the universe of Disney Bound it's as broad as the animations. This is because the company produces films and countless characters outstanding for over 90 years. Thus, within this giant world, the most sought after options are:

  • Snow White;
  • Buzz Lightyear;
  • Cinderella;
  • Lovely;
  • Elsa;
  • Moana;
  • Minnie;
  • Mickey;
  • Uncle patinhas;
  • Woody;
  • Goofy;
  • Jack Skellington;
  • Olaf;
  • Little Mermaid;
  • Lillo.

Apart from these there are several possibilities, which just need creativity and dedication. 

How did Disney Bound come about?

The term emerged in 2011 by Canadian Leslie Kay. She is a nomadic blogger who loves Disney and decided to create a blog to honor that love.

In it, the writer talks about her fashion inventions from the animated world.

When naming the page, he chose the name Disney Bounding and so, associated him with that tendency.

The idea arose because, as we have already said, it is forbidden visit the parks wearing costumes. Therefore, for some, the experience becomes less complete.

To make the tour more interesting, it was necessary to use creativity.

So Leslie figured out a way to have a lot of fun without breaking the rules. Thus, it developed the practice adopted by many fans around the world.

Today it applies even outside the park.

People use inspirations in their daily lives to go to parties or in casual environments.

In this way, the Disney Bound became dear at all times.


The style of dress is replicated around the world in parks that exist in different countries.

That's why, since it appeared, it has become a fever since its origin in 2011. And it seems to perpetuate itself, since it doesn't break the rules and promotes a lot of fun.

When does Disney Bounding take place?

Adults may not wear a costume on any day, with the exception of Christmas, Halloween and themed nights.

The characterization, on the other hand, can be done much more times throughout the year. Which guarantees the happiness of many people and makes the experience more complete.

Every day there is the possibility to enter the park using the Disney Bound. However, once a month there are fan events that gather in these places.

Thus, on these days there is a greater concentration of people with inspired clothes.

To learn more about the dates, just follow the parks on their social networks. It also has fan pages and Leslie's own pages.

It is possible to check the calendar of the main events within the entertainment spaces. 

Can everyone get dressed?

Yes, all ages can wear tailored garments to honor their favorite characters.

So anyone, whether teenager, adult or elderly can do the Disney Bounding. But, it is important that all dress rules are respected.

It is important to remember that the children have the right to wear costumes in the parks.

If you have any doubts about how old this can happen, just check the official website. He is very explanatory and can answer several questions for those who are looking.


Disney Bound: Park Dress Rules

Prohibitions against costumes happen for many reasons. One is that children can get frustrated with untrained adults wearing the costumes.

Furthermore, this practice is dangerous for their safety. Since it can be used by malicious people.

Since the company takes its reputation and care very seriously, it needs to consider all these possibilities.

Therefore, the rules are very strict and clear for those who want to practice the Disney Bounding.

The rules are available on the Disney website, so that visitors can easily find them.

So a simple search helps you find the answers you're looking for. Among these standards, some that stand out are listed below:

  • Offensive prints;
  • Very short garments;
  • Obscene prints;
  • Clothes with many tears.

Who wants to have fun with the Disney Bound You also need to be more careful. All garments that compromise safety such as pants, dresses or long, loose skirts are prohibited.

Because the park has many rides like a roller coaster. 

It is important to remember that to produce it is not necessary to have an expensive outfit. Since the fun is in being creative and finding interesting outlets to represent the universe.

Because of this, the practice becomes even more magical and special.

Disney Bounding's Instagram

The Instagram of Disney Bounding is maintained by Leslie to this day. There are several tips on how to dress inspired by many characters.

In addition, she shares photos of those who have worn this style of clothing in the parks.

Nowadays he has more than 300 thousand followers and posts several photos daily.

It also updates the statuses several times throughout the day to expose important news. Therefore, it is worth being followed by those looking for incredible references.

If you dress in style and post a good photo, remember to use the hashtag.

Because, in this way, your image can be published on this page and give ideas to other people. In this way, it forms a large network of fans who help each other.

The productions of Disney Bound They are very beautiful and interesting for those who want to be inspired.

So, try to use the information to assemble the best looks, with a lot of creativity and beauty. With this, your style will look amazing and make the experience better.

Apart from this official Instagram, there are several others that follow this same logic.

These other profiles follow the same proposal as the previous one, disclosing the tips. However, as they are not official, they have less reach than publications.  

Disney Bounding: how to create your looks?

To create your look, you must first choose which character want to honor.


From there, look for the references that already exist in the Disney Bound.

Remember that the chosen pieces, besides being beautiful, need to be practical and comfortable.

Finding the exact color combination is the best way to ensure similarity. Other than that, remember to choose the right accessories.

This makes a difference in the case of many figures that have a striking item in their composition.

A clear example of this is the creation of the charismatic Jessie from Toy Story, who needs the hat.

Well, with it the look is complete and you can recognize it very easily. But, care must be taken not to look like a fantasy, as this violates the rules.

focus on references

To build a good Disney Bounding you have to pay attention to references and be creative.

See what has been created so far by following the creator of the term’s Instagram. Also, read the comments and check out ideas on how to boost your tribute.

Remember never to choose things that might be considered wrong by the standards set by the company.

After all, no one wants to be kicked out of Disney for wearing forbidden clothes. So stay consistent and build on ideas that have already been used.

Anyone who wants to easily gain recognition and stand out in the Disney Bound need to understand how to do it.

As there are several characters from many distant universes, choose easy options. This makes the job easier and has a better chance of working.

Disney Bound: 5 characters for you

Now that we understand this new fashion trend, let's talk about some examples to inspire you.

These are some cases of well-known and renowned characters that can be replicated. 

1- Snow White

this is the first Disney princess and one of the best known in the universe. Known for her blue and yellow dress, well divided in the middle.

Because of this division, in Disney Bounding, can be replaced by a blouse and a skirt, shorts or pants.

An important point to remember is the slightly puffed sleeve. Also, pairing the item with a red headband is interesting.

Another accessory that can be used are those that refer to apples and flowers. Yeah, they are important items to the story.

2 – Princess Leia

The Star Wars attraction is one of the newest and most renowned attractions. Being that Princess Leia is very replicated.

That's because her hairstyle is very striking and easy to reproduce. Plus, your tunic can be replaced with a comfortable white ensemble.

3 – Jack Skellington

One of the biggest hits of Halloween also stands out in the Disney Bound. To represent the skeleton, a simple striped jumpsuit can make a difference. More than that, adding pumpkin and spider items will also make your look stand out.

4 - Moana

To look like Moana, you need a red blouse and a beige skirt. Opt for crochet items with a handcrafted look.

Finishing with a golden key, choose a necklace with a greenish stone.

5 – Woody

The most loved cowboy of the animations needs to be remembered.

To play him, all you need is a pair of jeans, a yellow shirt and a vest.

In addition, the hat can also make all the difference.


Other characters to get inspired

Who wants to practice the Disney Bounding You don't have to stick to the characters already mentioned. On Leslie's Instagram you can see wonderful inspirations from many well-known figures.

currently the company became the owner of the Star Wars and Marvel universe. So, in addition to princes and princesses, you can be a Jedi or a superhero. Some of the universes that often appear on the blogger’s profile are:

  • Aladdin;
  • Alice in Wonderland;
  • 101 Dalmatians;
  • Frozen;
  • Up High Adventures;
  • Wrapped;
  • Mickey Mouse;
  • Wall-E;
  • Toy Story;
  • Monsters Inc;
  • Muppets;
  • High School Music;
  • Pirates of the Caribbean;
  • Hannah Montana;
  • Wizards of Waverly Place;
  • Princesses;
  • Star Wars;
  • Wreck it Ralph.

With so many options for Disney Bound It's unlikely you won't find one you like. So, before choosing, remember to research well to see the references that you have already used.

In addition to the official profile, there are several other pages with tips.

This will help you save money and create a look really similar to the character.

So success is guaranteed for your special day at the amusement park.

The most wanted characters

The characters that will be found more easily in the park with the Disney Bound are:

  • Minnie Mouse – with many looks, inspiration is easy and wide, just don't forget the ears;
  • Donald Duck – the blue sailor look is also very easy to find;
  • Beauty – whether in the yellow dress or the peasant dress, the princess is very successful;
  • Mike Wazowski – an all green look with a prominent eye;
  • Sully – ideal for those who like a blue and purple tie-die.

In this way, it is common that during the event you will find many people dressed like this. So, it might be a good idea to dress up, or, if you want to dare, know which characters to avoid.

Important tips for your look

To create the best possible look of Disney Bounding focus on the basics and add specific elements. What is possible with simple pieces of the same color as the character. Often a dress can become a short and a blouse, for example.

At the beginning, disregard details that are not crucial and focus on the palette. From there it is possible to think about how to get even closer to the character's identity. So, after defining it, pay attention to small details of the print.

They can be puff sleeves, a specific print or a punctual bow. Being able to replicate these details brings to your Disney Bound a unique and special touch. This makes it easier to get recognition for your homage effort.

The finishing touches to your look

The shoe is important in some cases, but for those who don't focus on it, choose simple models. So that in this way they do not steal the attention of the rest of your look. Its main function should be to complement the look.


Finally, you should think about important items for the character's story. Adding these elements to your final visual helps identify your idea. At the Disney Bound these elements are important and differentiate your look from something ordinary.

A good example of this is the use of hats, apples, necklaces and other items that are characteristic. So be sure to consider them when finalizing your idea of the perfect look. This is the best way to honor your favorite character.

Disney Bounding: Try being your favorite character

The trip to a park in the Disney it can be an even more complete moment with the right clothes.

So, take this opportunity to dress up like your favorite characters. 

Care must be taken not to dress up and break company rules.

After all the Disney Bound it's different from simply dressing up and copying copyright. Since this can even prevent you from entering the environments.

In fact, it's a creative and fun way to look like your chosen figure.

Therefore, you can make your tour even more beautiful and with interesting and unforgettable photos. In addition to adding fun to your preparation for the trip.

A great alternative is to combine with your friends or family so that everyone is part of the same plot.

As the universe is very vast, it shouldn't be a problem to find one that everyone likes. Making selfies so much fun.

Be part of the community of Disney Bound and discover a new way to stimulate your creativity.

Follow Leslie's Instagram and discover amazing new ideas to stand out on this tour.

With all that, this will be one of the funniest and most exciting moments of your trip.

So plan a lot and dress inspired by your character favorite to stand out from other visitors.

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