9 Disney Secrets: Things You Didn't Know Existed at Disney

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Written By Carlos Braga

You already know that you can go on extreme roller coasters, meet the princesses movies and more at Orlando's parks. But did you know that there are many Disney secrets?

So it is!

Some activities are very secret and most tourists don't know they exist until they get there (or even after they come back!).

We've been back and forth, and yet we're surprised when we discover a new secret or a different detail that we've never noticed.

If you want to know the main Disney secrets, just keep reading this article.

Oh, and don't forget to keep it a secret and not tell anyone?

Is it possible to get a haircut at Disney | Disney's Secrets

Magic Kingdom Haircut
Magic Kingdom Haircut

Did you know you can get a haircut at Disney? So it is. I already knew there was everything there, but I was surprised when I discovered this detail.

Technically, it's not one of Disney's secrets as people make money for it, but no one knows it's possible until they get there.

At Magic Kingdom, there is a barber shop called the Harmony Barber Shop, located in Main Street.

It is decorated like those old movie barbershops and is fully operational.

Of course, cutting your hair isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Magic Kingdom, but it is possible.

Prices are a bit expensive: $18 dollars for children and $19 for adults.

You can ride in an amphibious car like 007

One of my favorite old movies is 007: The Spy Who Loved Me.

One of the reasons is the famous amphibious spy car, capable of riding on the road and on water.

I thought it was very technological and futuristic!


Imagine my surprise when I found out that you can ride one of these at Disney! I almost fell backwards, huh?

The tour is available at Disney springs, in a restaurant called The Boathouse.

You get in an amphibious car and take a 20-minute ride across the lake in the region.

Ah, a detail: the price is $125 dollars and allows up to 4 people in the car.

We recommend going with a group and having lunch at the Boathouse, because the food is very good.

Safari outside the Parks is one of Disney's Secrets

Have you ever thought about enjoying a safari at Disney? Of course not? But that's because you don't know the Wanyama safari.


I won't go into too much detail because we have a post just about it (click on the previous link to read it), but the tour includes visiting one of the biggest collections of animals at Disney. It is exclusive to guests of the Animal Kingdom Lodge (One of our disney favorite hotels).

Another Disney Secret Involves Roller Coasters

This is one of those Disney secrets so well kept that it sounds like urban legend, but it's real. We've already seen the photos that prove it!

Here's the thing: if you stay at BoardWalk Inn, a deluxe hotel located on the Boardwalk, has a golden opportunity: earning a Mountain Climber certificate.

Boardwalk Inn
Boardwalk Inn

For that, you need to ride the three ?mountain? from Magic Kingdom on the same day: the Splash mountain, Space mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Ah, you have to use the Fast Pass for that, okay?

The next day, you will receive a Mountain Climber certificate in your hotel room, proving that you have overcome the mountain challenge.

You can eat from a secret menu that only you see

Okay, here's another one of Disney's secrets: there is a restaurant with a secret menu made only for those who know this fact.

But I won't tell you which one!

Just kidding, I'll tell you: it's the Roxy Counter, which is in the food court of the All-Star Movies.


Just get there and ask for the secret items. Soon you will receive a suitcase with the special glasses that are used to see the items on the menu.

But which items I won't really tell you (but if you like bacon and cheeseburger, you'll love it!).

Becoming a pirate is one of the secret activities

You probably already know that there is a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which allows children to transform into real Disney princesses.

What you may not know is that there is a pirated version of this attraction: it's the Pirates League, which is located in the Adventureland area of the Magic Kingdom.

He turns kids into real pirates, with eye patches, hair and other accessories.

Pirates League Magic Kingdom
Pirates League Magic Kingdom

Afterwards, it is still possible to participate in the Pirate & Pals, a dinner on a boat commanded by a pirate at the Contemporary Resort. Also, dinner is a chance to meet Captain Hook.

Watch a movie outdoors | Disney's Secrets

A secret that you only discover when you stay in one of the Disney hotels: there are open-air cinema sessions for guests.

Disney puts a big screen there and shows some of its classics to guests.

In addition to the movies, the famous s?mores, a typical sweet of bonfire nights in the USA, are served.

You can learn to use a bow and arrow

Fort Wilderness Resort guests can participate in a special experience called the Fort Wilderness Archery Experience.

In it, groups go through a 90-minute session to learn how to use a bow and arrow. The adventure costs $45 per person and you must be over 7 years old to do it.

Ballad at Disney is another one of Disney's secrets

Last but not least, one of Disney's secrets is that you don't have to go to the hotel and go to bed early after a day at the parks.

Of course, most people can't take much more than that, but if you've got energy to spare, how about enjoying Disney's ballads?

There are some adult entertainment options on the BoardWalk.

The Edison Disney Springs
The Edison Disney Springs

One of them is The Edison, a restaurant for people over 21 with a bar and live musical performances.

Another good example is Paradiso-37, which is a ballad in the most traditional sense of the word.

Now you know 9 amazing Disney secrets and you can have a much richer experience when visiting Orlando parks.

But that's just a small part of what the parks have to offer.

There are many more amazing secrets waiting to be discovered on your visit.

Bonus Disney Secrets

Rapunzel Tower in the Magic Kingdom

For connoisseurs of Disney parks and resorts this may not be a secret as many people have seen it.

rapunzel-tangled-magic-kingdom tower
rapunzel-tangled-magic-kingdom tower

The reason we thought it was worth putting this information here was because the last time we posted about Rapunzel's Tower in our instagram, we received dozens and dozens of messages from people saying that they had been to the Magic Kingdom and did not see this tower.

It is actually quite easy to see for those looking! It's between Fantasyland and the Haunted Mansion!

It is possible to see it from several angles, including right when passing the attraction "It's a Small World” heading towards the Haunted Mansion, you will pass through a “village” from the movie "tangled", which even has the lanterns hanging.

From there you can already see the tower.


This is without a doubt one of the things we love the most.

You can go to the Disney parks several times, but I I GUARANTEE that you will always see a detail that you did not see on your last visit.

It's just amazing.

If you doubt that, I would like to know if you have already seen, for example, the Donald Duck or the bride's ring on Haunted Mansion ?

If you've seen it or want to know where it is, let us know in the comments!

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