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Have you ever wondered if there is an attraction present in all Disney parks🇧🇷 the answer is It's a Small World!

This is one of Disney's oldest attractions and you can find it in the cities of:

Like its name, It's a Small World represents children from some of the world's cultures. In addition, the attraction features a soundtrack of the same name that celebrates world peace.

Come on, if you've been to Disney, you've probably walked in this attraction, or at least seen it when passing in front of it.

It is considered a classic of classics and one of the oldest attractions in all of Walt Disney World (and Disneyland California).

It was created and idealized with Walt Disney still alive, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean and a few others.

I love these classic attractions made many years ago, even though they are not super technological, innovative and even “rough” in some ways, they give me a sense of nostalgia and magic that the new ones do not.

It is certainly not an attraction for everyone, for example, groups of young adults only may find this attraction rather boring (and long), but children tend to love it!

Attraction features

The attraction is located in Magic Kigdom, in the Fantasyland area. More precisely, in front of Peter Pan's Flight, very close to the exit to Liberty Square.

First of all, know that this attraction has peace and global unity as its main theme.

For this, you'll get into a little boat (this time it's not a cart, as the ride is on the water) and admire this harmony.

In all, there are about 300 dolls representing children from different cultures. Also, everyone sings the song "It's a Small World", as if they were a choir.

Despite involving water, you don't run the risk of getting wet from the attraction, as the ride is slow. In this way, the objective is really to observe every detail of the different cultures of the world.

A very positive point about It's a Small World is that there are no age or height limits. This is a recommended attraction for the whole family!

Including, it's common for children to be enchanted with colors.

Oh! And there is still a superstition involving this attraction.

According to some people, if you drop a coin in water and make a wish, it will come true.

A big OBS here, this is something that if you notice you will see practically anywhere that has water inside the parks. Tourists love to play coins in these places as a way of good luck and to be able to return one day (I always wish I could go back to Disney).

I think it doesn't hurt to use one of those little change coins, right?!

How is the queue at It's a Small World?

The attraction queues are quiet, as the carts hold about 18 people at a time and leave in sequence.


So you can enjoy a classic attraction without waiting in line for a long time. For this reason, It's a Small World does not have a single rider.

In addition, the scenario represents something very similar to a time machine. There are some clocks, gears and other objects that refer to a trip.

FastPass +

It's a Small World has the FasPass +, the Disney line breaks.

However, I believe it can be preserved for use in more popular attractions.

How is the attraction route?

According to what Disney itself claims, It's a Small World is the "happiest cruise in the world". Once you get on your boat, you'll travel across the 7 continents of the world in just a few minutes.

During the entire moment, the children will sing the attraction's song of the same name. In the end, you're likely to end up with ?It's a Small World, after all? in my head for a long time!

The route is calm and consists only of observing the children and their differences in relation to their continents. The activities carried out by them, in addition to their clothes, characterize each place in the world.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the representation of Brazil clearly in the South American part. However, It's a Small World is a very traditional attraction, and I think it's nice that you go at least once.

At the end of the course, the goal is for you to realize how small the world is. In this way, we must remain united and at peace!

History of Attraction

As I said earlier in this post, this is a very old and classic attraction with a very incredible life story!

The "legend" says that if you walk into "It's a Small World" at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, the song will stay in your head forever, "it's a small world after all" (part of the song's lyrics) .

Many people claim that this tour is just a cliché or is “just for kids” (I don't think so).

Some other people will say they avoid riding it like the plague (I don't think so either).

These are the same people who will turn around and complain that the Carousel of Progress should be saved, or that they never should have taken Mr. Toad Wild Ride (which was demolished to make room for Winnie the Pooh attraction).

Their reasoning is that this is Walt Disney's legacy and we agree! As well as the recent case of the announcement of the change in Splash mountain.

Many of the older, or original if you will, attractions at Disneyland and Disney World have a Walt Disney feel.

Walt and his team of Imagineers

Walt and his team of Imagineers, led by artist and designer Mary Blair, created “It's a Small World” as a tribute to the world's children for the UNICEF pavilion at the 1964/65 World's Fair.

The Sherman Brothers, responsible for much of Disney's music (eg Mary Poppins), originally wrote the theme song as a ballad.


Legend has it that Walt told them he needed something ?energetic? that lasted for the entire trip.

It was decided that the song you love to hate would be sped up and sung in one round.

What you see today is very close to Walt's original World's Fair attraction.

After the end of the World's Fair, "It's a Small World" was moved to Disneyland, where it remains one of the park's main attractions.

It has also been part of Walt Disney World since 1971.

There have been a few minor tweaks and tweaks over the years, but for the most part it has remained that colorful eye-catcher that people love and love to hate.

Mary Blair's original concept for the ride was an all-white and gold vision. The huge smiling clock face that adorns the Disneyland version is known by millions of people as the face of “It's a Small World”.

This is the classic look of this attraction.

Some technical information about It's a Small World

  • Attraction opening: October 1971;
  • Capacity of people: 18 people per cart, generally;
  • Duration of attraction: 10 minutes;
  • Minimum height to enjoy the attraction: none.

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Want to see the attraction up close? Here's a video of how it looks. In this case it's Disneyland California, but it's very similar to Orlando!

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