Best time to go to disney in 2019/2020
Best time to go to disney in 2019/2020

Knowing the weather, crowding, events, and so on of the time you plan to go to Disney is crucial.

So stay tuned because in this post we will list one by one the months explaining each for you to decide for yourself when the best time to go to disney in 2020/2021.

This may be one of the questions we receive most along with & #8220;how much does a trip to orlando cost“.

Therefore, to solve this problem we decided to bring a very, very complete post.

To avoid any doubt about which month to travel to Disney!

A lot of research was needed, as well as our years of travel experience with disney to write this post for you.

All this to ensure as much information as possible and bring the best answer about when is the best time to go to disney you've ever seen!

Ready? So come on:

I understand the list definition criteria

There are many resources to choose from. best time to go to disney.

From statistical crowd calendars to special event schedules, parking hours, and more.

It's always good to be prepared, because these stocking directly affects the your days in parks like the magic kingdom.

There is no dearth of information to help those planning to make this decision.

However there is so much information dissipated over the internet that often a place with a simpler and more straightforward explanation with all the answers is missing.

This place is here !!!

The first half of the year is very quiet due to the early promotion of the promotion. Free Disney Dining Plan.

People are postponing travel and, to compensate for this, the Walt Disney World It is trying to seduce them with better deals to try to balance the first and second semester sales.

The second half of the year is likely to be WELL different due to The Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the End of August

But enough talk of speculation, let's talk about Walt Disney World stocking calendars.

Trying to beat the crowds is very common among the people who are planning their trips. But we believe in a more holistic approach.

Disney Park Stocking Calendar 2019

Before we give our verdict on what the disney month to monthsfirst let's go to disney stocking calendar 2019.

In this calendar you can get a good idea of the expected stocking level for each date in the Disney parks.

The first thing to know about the 2019 Walt Disney World stocking calendars is that they will be distorted year round because of the opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the end of August.

Calendar Stocking Disney 2019

Walt Disney World audience levels can vary and change (and a lot), and can never be predicted with 100% accuracy.

Therefore, you must choose when to visit disney also based on other factors of comfort and fun besides statistics Walt Disney World Calendar.

This is certainly a more pragmatic and balanced approach to choosing the right dates.

Disney 2020 Stocking Calendar

Remembering that this stocking calendar can change midway and if so, this post will be updated to have the latest data and so you can make decisions based on data closer to reality.

Calendar Stocking Disney 2020 Departed Disney Parks 2020
Calendar Stocking Disney 2020 Departed Disney Parks 2020

Other Factors for Defining the Best Time to Go to Disney

Empty parks during a period when temperatures are stifling, humidity is beyond limits and there are no special events.

In fact, this shouldn't be considered better than mild park days but with a milder climate or a very fun disney special event.

But few people evaluate the success of their vacation through a fun quotient, which is really weighing what is worth to you.

For example, which is less worthwhile for you, full parks or disney with rain?

So why not do the same when planning and conducting a qualitative analysis when choosing travel dates and not relying solely on park capacity?

This is all to say, which is exactly what our approach will be here in this post.

Anyway, to get to the point, the purpose of this post is to rank every month of the year to visit Walt Disney World in light of all the variables we deem relevant or important.

We think this offers a much more useful resource for everyone planning a vacation at Walt Disney World.

So you can adapt it to your circumstances as you see fit. After all best time to go to disney It's extremely relative to what your group is willing to tolerate.

If you are unsure of the date and would like more professional advice, ask us for a custom script quote for Orlando.

Obviously we took the previous year's statistics into account when writing this report.

When is the best time to go to disney in 2020/2021?

In 2018, we had a peak in the crowd during winter and spring, including an unexpected bump in January and February.

In fact, we believe there is no longer a low season at Disney World.

After that, things returned to normal from early March until mid-May. Even with below average summer crowds.

This was not entirely unexpected, as each year goes by, many people are fleeing the summer at Disney.

These are even the worst months to visit Disney.

August and September were particularly empty.

The crowds became increasingly crowded in late September, with October reaching its new normal & #8221; of heavy crowds.

November and December were also exactly normal in terms of ups and downs.

This is pretty much what we expected.

The seasons of Halloween and Christmas have become busier in recent years, while summer has fallen in popularity.

We are not sure why January and February were so much busier than usual, but we believe this was an isolated case.

This according to calendars and statistics.

Nath and I were there in February and took practically ALL the empty parks. Even to get an idea, in some parks and attractions we didn't even get out of the cart to ride again because there was no one in line.

But I've said a lot. Finally, let's go to the month by month breakdown to know better:

Disney in August

Disney in August

Do you think the attraction Mission space not enough to simulate a visit to Mars?

Then you will LOVE August at Walt Disney World, when every day seems like a real trip to the red planet!

The hot, humid and stormy weather typifies August in Central Florida, and that alone makes August the worst month to visit.

The last week of August is potentially the worst week of the year to visit Walt Disney World.

In addition to the weather, it marks the end of "Peak Season" ticket prices.

Which means that people who have postponed their visits to save money will start going to the parks.

In addition we will still have Star Wars Galaxy´s Edge well back then!

In addition, the "seasons" of Halloween and Epcot Food & Wine Festival start in late August, causing mass spikes (and unevenness) in Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

It should still be moderate in terms of crowds, but even worse than the previous two months.

Disney in July

Disney in July

If you have no other options, you might feel better about a July trip to Walt Disney World.

Just like August, it is also a VERY hot month.

One advantage is that for two consecutive summers, we have below-average audience levels, so we're now ready for everyone to call this the new normal #8221.

The crowds are expected to increase around American Independence Day.

The bright side is that on this day there is entertainment and special fireworks for the holiday.

Still, July is not a good month to visit if only because of the heat and humidity.

Remember that even a potentially crowded rainy day at Walt Disney World is better than a perfect day at home.

So you do not get discouraged on your trip if it is already checked.

Disney in June

Disney in June

Another summer month, curious isn't it? The advantage for June is that, as in July, the summer crowds now seem a thing of the past.

At least until Walt Disney World corrects itself with changes in the pricing model.

But in June the problem is not only the heat, but also the rain.

Average monthly rainfall in June at Walt Disney World is over 20cm and the probability of rain on any day is over 50%.

Thus, it will rain in half the days of your trip.

June is the first month of the year when we see that the choice of hotel makes a huge difference.

Particularly in terms of pool quality and proximity to the parks.

summing up, in the analysis to know when is the best time to go Disney, American summer vacation comes last.

Disney in april

Disney in April

Spring Break at Walt Disney World is a moment to avoid if you see

Easter will be in April on 2019 and 2020  (and every year until 2024), it's a month we recommend avoiding if you don't like long lines.

The whole month will be above average, but the weeks before Easter will be IMPOSSIBLE.

You'd better be ready for intense close combat when you race for Frozen Ever After, Flight os Passage or Toy story land at the Rope Drop (park opening that day) of the respective parks.

Disney in October,

Disney in October

If we were making this list 5 or more years ago, October would probably be in first place.

With much better weather than September, and with Halloween and Food & Wine Festival rolling at the same time.

The truth is, October is now the busiest month of the year at Walt Disney World in terms of average waiting times.

It is so busy that the whole month is locked to the free dining plan and other discounts are difficult.

Audience levels, coupled with a lack of discounts, push October to the middle of this list.

Although it does not have the same obscene wait times as New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve, October is a month that is consistently crowded, and with no real relief.
With a choice, I'd rather go to Disney in September than October.

Disney in May

After our descriptions of June, July, and August, that wasn't exactly positive indications.

It is possible that you may have very similar concerns regarding May.

Fortunately, it is not as bad as the other months mentioned at the beginning of this list, as the entire month falls before the summer tourist season.

In fact, there are a decent amount of advantages, as May marks the transition to summer.

With park hours getting longer and any new summer entertainment typically debuting on or before Memorial Day.

Even with Memorial Day weekend included in the mix, crowds are below average in May.

You have some people trying to beat peak season prices while others can't visit before school is over.

The downside is that heat and humidity may actually begin to intensify in May. This is the first month of the year during which it is not uncommon to see temperatures reach 32+ degrees and humidity to reach high levels.

But overall, May is not a bad month at all and deserves a reasonable place on our list of best time to go to disney in 2020/2021.

Disney in March

Disney in May

Easter does not fall again in March until 2024. As a result, most American schools use Easter as a substitute for spring break.

Which means March is usually the least common spring break month in school.

Still, March is above average in terms of crowds due to University Spring Breaks.

It becomes the busiest month of the year in the rare years when Easter falls in the month.

In addition to the crowds, the climate is typically temperate in March, as evidenced by the onset of Epcot Festival.

Regardless of the year, we are big fans of late February.

The beginning of March is a great time. With its cold climate, low to moderate crowds and the Flower & Garden at Epcot.

Guaranteed a mild climate and low capacity

Disney in January

Disney in January

We often describe January as the “holiday hangover” in the Walt Disney World.

It's as if Walt Disney World had eaten a lot of Christmas cookies. Now she's too lazy to get off the couch and remove the decorations from the previous year.

After the New Year and the huge crowds of the WDW Marathon go home, the place seems to be hung over.

The downside is that Christmas decorations are way beyond the conclusion of Christmas. In fact, it's even weird that they're still around.

However for those who have never seen it, it may be is an excellent opportunity to see them.

The weather may be cold, but it is better than hot and humid! The upside is that the crowds are very slow.

Despite the increase in crowds during January and February this year, we expect that January and February 2019 back to normal.

And as we said earlier, February was the year we went, it was VERY quiet.

Late January, in particular, is one of our favorite times of the year at Walt Disney World.

The low crowds, Christmas decorations are removed and the best chance of improving the weather is less cold.

All in all, January is still one of the best months to go, especially if you can avoid the Marthin Luther King holiday.

Disney in february

Disney in february

If the end of January is the best time of the month, we can conclude that February is better than January.

This statement is true for the most part, with only 2 exceptions.

The first being the Super Bowl weekend. Unlike the urban legend, the parks are not dead during the Super Bowl.

Second is the Presidents Day week.

Overall, the crowds are a little taller than January.

But from our point of view, this is more than offset by the improved weather and all the parks have hit the Christmas decorations.

This is not a good time if the focus is on attending a seasonal event.

However, it is a good time to see Walt Disney World in its 'normal' #8221 state.

Disney in September

Best month to visit disney

Best month to visit disney when judged solely on crowds.

September is one of the best months of the year.

In addition to Labor Day, which is actually less crowded than expected. September is relatively empty, especially at the beginning of the month.

It can be said that September is like calm before the storm that is October.

September is also the first full month of the Halloween and Food & Wine Festival seasons. These being some decisive and favorable points.

By 2019, September will be the lull before the storm in some ways.

We will officially have the inauguration Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the end of August. It will bring with it a huge flow of visitors.

The downside to September is the weather! But even that is tending in the right direction.

Still, the heat and humidity make the outside air unpleasant, and it's also the storm season.

It may be worth risking the low crowds, especially at the end of the month.

And with that, September ranked third on our list, being one of the 3 best months to visit disney.

Disney in December

Best month to visit disney

If Disney Vacation Club is the "best kept secret," visiting Disney in early December is "Disney's second best secret."

Unfortunately, there is only a hint of irony here! Unfortunately, the first week of December is not the void as it once was.

It seems the secret has been released, and this combined with Disney's more strategic use of blocking dates and dynamic ticket prices has shifted the crowd for the first week of December.

The crowds are not yet as bad as October or other peak seasons. But it is no longer the ghost town it used to be.

We still see the first two weeks of the month as very desirable times to visit.

Low crowds and Christmas decorations and entertainment are the highlights here.

The only thing that keeps December off the top is the hellish crowd that comes to Walt Disney World the week before Christmas and only increases until New Year's Day.

But despite all the controversies, December took number 2 on our list of best time to go to disney.

Disney in November

Best month to visit disney

Except Thanksgiving Week and Jersey Week, none of which are as bad as Christmas and New Year weeks.

Especially in terms of absurd crowds, November is very similar to the beginning of December.

Mid-November is a great time to visit Walt Disney World.

While the week after Thanksgiving was a bit high last year.

The other advantages for November are: the climate is generally more temperate. While December can be too cold at times. O Food & Wine Festival is in progress.

The biggest disadvantage is that not all Christmas entertainment starts until after Thanksgiving. Even some hotel decorations are not working until then.

If low crowds and more temperate climates speak louder to you.

Surely it should be easy to see how November comes in. first on our list of the best time to go to Disney in 2020/2021.

What did you think of our list of the best time to go to disney in 2020/2021?

Do you agree or disagree with our shortlist month by month?

Is there a month that you think is better or worse than another month than how we rate it?

If so, send it to us!

Also be sure to leave in the comments to know we are on the right track!

We wish you all excellent planning. And don't forget, if you need more specific advice, it will be a pleasure to do your Custom Script for Orlando!

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Kisses and until next time