SeaWorld Itinerary: The Perfect 1-Day Park Itinerary

There was a time when you didn't need to spend 1 day at Sea World during your trip to Orlando.

In the past, it only took a few hours (maybe half a day at most) to enjoy everything the park had.

Today is not like that anymore. Currently, SeaWorld requires at least a full day, although sometimes a little more is needed.

There are many factors to explain this change.

SeaWorld grew and added several attractions, for example.

In addition, the park became more popular and we spent more time in the queues.

SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary
SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

Therefore, if you plan to enjoy at least 1 day at SeaWorld during your trip, you need a quality itinerary to ensure that you will have a positive experience at the park.

In this article, you will see a perfect itinerary to spend 1 day at SeaWorld and enjoy the best that the park has.

Follow the reading to learn more!

Before the itinerary, some considerations

SeaWorld is a park where, ideally, you would spend 1 day and a half or two days to be able to see everything there.

There are many shows, many attractions and, of course, many people.

That means long lines and less time available.

What we recommend, to speed up the process and leave more space for attractions in your itinerary is to buy the ticket with the option quick queue if it's a very crowded day.

Also, we do not recommend staying at a hotel that is too far from SeaWorld (see some recommendations at the end of this article).

It is important to try to get there as early as possible to enjoy the first hour of the park's opening (9 am), with less visitors.

Important Tips

Definitely, buy your tickets before leaving.

take one raincoat.

It's best to buy online at amazon discount or in supermarkets, such as walmart. Anyway, before you arrive, definitely be prepared and bring one.

Rains in Florida can happen every day depending on the season.

The Rains usually only last for a short period of time, but it's much better to have a raincoat than to be caught off guard and have to walk around in soaked clothes all day.

In addition to the rains, another climatic factor that will disturb you a lot is the heat. If you go outside of winter, you can be sure that you will feel hot in the park.

Turtle Trek - SeaWorld Attraction
Turtle Trek – SeaWorld Attraction

To soften up, we recommend that you bring a Cooling Towel.

Just wet it, it will be chilled and will help immensely to be less uncomfortable in the heat.

We recommend this Cooling Towel here.

If you want to save money, avoid eating in the park, we recommend that you bring snacks in your backpack.

Even why, SeaWorld is not a park with excellent food options.

Another element that can make you spend a lot of money is buying water or soda around the park.

Therefore, we recommend taking a thermal cup and fill in the water fountains around the park.

Regarding the best time to go to SeaWorld, will depend on the type of experience you want to have.

From June to September, Orlando is usually very crowded, with the risk of rains and hurricanes.

We recommend going in May, which is perhaps the best month to visit the city.

It is neither cold nor too hot, there are few people and the rainy season has not yet officially started.

How to understand SeaWorld

Like other Orlando parks, Sea World is divided into thematic areas that bring together certain attractions.

The difference, however, is that this park has the most specific areas: there are 8.

This makes it difficult to put together a 1-day itinerary that covers the 8 different areas of Sea World so you can see all the park has to offer.

Think of it this way: to see the 8 areas in one day, you would have to see 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

Dolphin Cove - SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary
Dolphin Cove – SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

Why yes, Sea World closes early. It is, by the way, the Orlando park that closes earlier. Therefore, its performance window is smaller.

Doing 4 areas in the morning (from 9 noon) and then 4 more in the afternoon (from 1 pm to 6 pm) would be too tight.

So we set up our 1 day itinerary at Sea World in another way. Our plan is to take you through all the must-see attractions of the park, wherever you are.

We'll ride it in a way that is geographically logical and you don't have to go around and around.

Plus, our 1-day Sea World tour will leave some room for customization and so you can repeat some of your favorite attractions (trust us, you'll want to repeat some!).

Stingray Lagoon - Animal Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando
Stingray Lagoon – Animal Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

You won't see EVERYTHING Sea World has, but you won't leave without tasting the best the park has to offer.

Do we have a deal? So grab some coffee, sit back and let's start with our 1 day at Sea World!

1-Day SeaWorld Itinerary: Morning

SeaWorld is a park that mixes attractions and shows, just like others in Orlando. For example, at Disney there is the Jedi Training, which happens at specific times.

The difference is that shows in other parks are complementary. They contribute to a cool experience, but are not essential. 

At SeaWorld, the shows are the main part of the park. Therefore, you need to organize your day in the park around the times of the presentations.

That's why we recommend the quick queue ticket, as it allows you to get in the quick queue on various toys.

That way, you save time in the queues and manage to fit more attractions between show times.

Therefore, our 1-day itinerary at SeaWorld will follow this logic: we will select the best times for the main shows and fill the rest of the agenda with activities nearby. Starting with…

Attraction 1 - Manta

As soon as you enter SeaWorld, proceed to one of the first attractions available: the Manta roller coaster.

She is one of the coolest Orlando roller coasters, from its underground path, which simulates an aquarium with a ray-filled tank, to its own path.

Manta has more than 1 kilometer of high-speed trails with several inversions and loops along the way.

Manta Roller Coaster at SeaWorld
Manta Roller Coaster at SeaWorld

The cool thing is that the roller coaster was designed to simulate a swimming ray.

For this reason, visitors lie under the trail, which makes the ride even more exciting, even when the first cart sweeps near a lake and raises a lot of water.

Starting your day with the Blanket is a great idea because you can catch the roller coaster at a time with little movement and if you like it, you have a chance to repeat it later in the day.

Attraction 2 (Optional) – Sky Tower

After Manta, we head straight to one of SeaWorld's most important tourist attractions: the famous Sky Tower.

This attraction consists of a 122 meter observation tower (the tallest in Florida).

The Sky Tower at SeaWorld
The Sky Tower at SeaWorld

The observation chamber rises to the top of the tower and rotates, allowing a 360 degree view of the region. 

It is a great idea to start Sky Tower early on as we catch the day with plenty of sunshine, little queue and have already taken one of the park's must-see attractions off the list.

Attraction 3 – Mako

Leaving the Sky Tower, we head to our second roller coaster.

Going up through the park, you will basically have two options: Kraken and Mako. For the moment, let's ignore the Kraken and focus on the other.

Mako it is simply the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando's theme parks.

It is without a doubt my favorite SeaWorld attraction!

Mako - Shark Roller Coaster at SeaWorld
Mako – Shark Roller Coaster at SeaWorld

Since it opened in 2016, Mako has become popular with tourists and has since been awarded as one of the main roller coasters in the world.

You can safely say that Mako is an attraction for the brave and strong at heart.

However, it is an attraction that you MUST visit. Seriously, you can't leave Orlando without enjoying Mako.

So we recommend you go there soon after the blanket. It will look like Manta is “boring” after going to Mako, but with this combo you will have an amazing start to your day.

Attraction 4 (optional) & #8211; Infinity falls

Here, our script opens a fork. If time permits, go to Infinity Falls. If not, skip straight to the next one, which is Ocean One (the famous Shamu whale show & #8211; not the original Shamu, but one of your family).

How will you know if there is time? It's simple: at the park entrance, pick up a flyer with show times.

Typically, Ocean One's first performance takes place at 11:30 am and lasts about half an hour.

It is important to catch the first performance because it is usually a more lively show, with more participatory whales.


Ideally, you should be in line at Ocean One around 11am to get a good seat.

Therefore, you must control the time to decide whether to go to Infinity Falls or not.

If you have a quick queue ticket and you think it's time, enjoy it. If not, let go after Ocean One.

Infinity Falls is SeaWorld's newest attraction. Opened in 2018, Infinity Falls is a very, very cool attraction.

It holds the record for the highest fall in a river of rapids among theme parks worldwide.

Visitors enter a kind of circular float (they fit 8 at a time) and are taken by the route, which takes 5 minutes to cover.

From its highest point, Infinity Falls delivers a 13 meter direct drop, giving a lot of excitement to participants.

Remember that this is a very wet toy. After all, there are 3.4 million liters of water in the attraction. We recommend going to Infinity Falls on hot days and bringing extra clothing after the ride.

Attraction 5 – Orca Encounter

The Orca Encounter is perhaps SeaWorld's most famous attraction. It's actually a show!

It's the famous acrobatics and dancing show with the whales, and it's amazing.

This show replaced the famous One Ocean! But don't miss out, it's worth it.

Ideally, as we have said before, it is best to catch the first show of the day, which currently takes place at approximately 11:30 am.

Depending on the season, you'll need to arrive half an hour early to get a seat in line.

Orca Encounter - SeaWorld Itinerary Attraction
Orca Encounter – SeaWorld Itinerary Attraction

On empty days, you won't have to wait that long (15 minutes is enough).

The important thing is to keep an eye on the flyer with the times of the day to make sure you catch the first show. Also, look at the pace of the audience to see if you need to arrive half an hour earlier or not.

The Orca Encounter show lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Which means you'll be out of it around noon. If you have time to go to Infinity Falls rather, you can leave for lunch as soon as you leave here.

If not, it's worth going to Infinity Falls afterwards and having lunch around 12:30.

Attraction 6 – Ice Breaker

This is the park's newest attraction to date. It opened in 2021.

It's Seaworld Orlando's first throw coaster, and in total there are 4 throws back and forth.

Ice Breaker - SeaWorld Attraction
Ice Breaker – SeaWorld Attraction

The inspiration for this attraction was the Arctic and it is recommended for those who like strong emotions!

Where to eat at SeaWorld

After the adventures and hustle of the morning, we'll head to lunch on our 1-day SeaWorld itinerary.

As the park closes at approximately 6 pm in the less busy times and at 9 pm in high season, you may not have the chance to dine there.

Overall, there are two types of meals at SeaWorld: the experiences and the quick lunches. Either is appropriate, but there are specific characteristics you should keep in mind.

Typically, gastronomic experiences take time. Something like 1 hour to 1:30, depending on the place and its pace.

What's more, dining experiences are much more expensive, which can weigh on your pocketbook; But if your budget supports them, they are worth it.

Fast lunches, on the other hand, offer tasty but simpler food. At the same time, they are faster and soon you will return to enjoy the park's attractions.

If you only have one day at Sea World, you have to choose between a special meal or more time to enjoy the park. Check out the following options!

Shark Underwater Grill

One of Sea World's great dining experiences is the Shark Underwater Grill.

The restaurant has a large aquatic with sharks, which gives the impression of being located underwater.

Shark Underwater Grill - Restaurant for your SeaWorld Itinerary
Shark Underwater Grill – Restaurant for your SeaWorld Itinerary

The food of the place is very good and award winning. Because of this, the price is slightly above average.

Dine with Shamu

Another dining experience option is Dine with Shamu.

The meal needs to be pre-booked and takes place at a buffet next to the tank where the whales from the Ocean One show are.

As you eat, you can watch the whales swim and talk to the trainers, who will share information and curious facts.

Voyager's Smokehouse

One of the park's most visited restaurants is Voyager & #8217; s Smokehouse, which serves various meat dishes such as barbecue chicken, pork ribs and more.

Voyager's Smokehouse
Voyager's Smokehouse

For children, there is a children's menu with healthy and nutritious options.

Mama's Pretzel Kitchen

The quickest option for your lunch at SeaWorld is Mama's Pretzel Kitchen, which serves a variety of mini sandwiches on pretzel rolls, as well as beers, soft drinks and frozen cocktails.

1 day at Seaworld: What to do in the afternoon?

Just as we did in the morning, we will set up our afternoon schedule around an animal show. In that case, it will be the Dolphin Days, which brings together acrobatics and synchronized activities performed by dolphins.

Based on this, we choose the remaining activities based on the level of attraction quality, proximity and popularity. Check it out below!

Attraction 6 - Wild Artic

Let us start the afternoon with a more relaxed activity: the Wild Artic.

This simulator takes visitors on a trip to the Arctic, full of excitement and adventure (or rather, as much adventure as a simulator can offer).

Wild Arctic at Seaworld Orlando
Wild Arctic at Seaworld Orlando

At the end of the simulated tour, visitors head down a path that leads to a space that houses a number of typical Arctic animals, including penguins.

Attraction 7 - Journey To Atlantis

Going around the park from the bottom, we will see on the left side of SeaWorld, near the dolphin attraction.

Before going there, we will go through Journey to Atlantis, a relatively peaceful boat ride, reminiscent of the Splash mountain of Magic kingdom, but shorter.

Journey to Atlantis - Attraction That Waters at SeaWorld Orlando
Journey to Atlantis – Water Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

Basically, Journey to Atlantis is divided into two stages: one internal and one external.

Inside, we are led through some dark and beautiful rooms, which simulate the city of Atlantis, even with some interesting automata.

On the outside, we have a considerable rise followed by a big fall, which wets a little.

Attraction 8 - Kraken

Finally! After touring all day, we go to another of the classic attractions of SeaWorld: the Kraken.

For longtime fans, it's like a throwback to an old friend, as the Kraken was the park's first roller coaster many years ago.

Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary Attraction
Kraken – SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary Attraction

Recently, Kraken was revamped and gained a little more personality and modernity.

It is still a very strong and hectic roller coaster, not recommended for those who don't like adrenaline, as it goes very fast, has some inversions and loops.

Attraction 9 (optional) - Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

In our 1-day tour at SeaWorld, we want to catch the 4pm presentation from Dolphin Days. 

If you have the quick queue, you will probably have time for one more attraction before the dolphin show. 

In this case, we recommend Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin
Antarctica Empire of the Penguin

The attraction consists of a light walk in a kind of ice palace, with some video presentations about the life of penguins. In the end, the participant is taken to an area where we can see dozens of penguins.

If you don't have time, skip to Dolphin Days, then come back to join Antarctica.

Attraction 10 - Dolphin Days

Dolphin Days is one of SeaWorld's top animal shows, impressing even the most surly of tourists.

It's fun to see the trainers playing with the dolphins, especially as they surf with the animals.

Dolphin Days - SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary
Dolphin Days – SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

The stunt show is impressive, especially that involves the combined use between coaches and dolphins.

The event lasts around 20 minutes, with a chance to wet the front row people.

Attraction 11 – Stingray Lagoon

A tank with more than 100 different species of stingrays so that visitors can get to know these fantastic animals up close.

Stingray Lagoon - SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary Attraction
Stingray Lagoon – SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary Attraction

You can even pull over and feed them there.

It's really cool, especially for kids who have never seen these animals up close.

What to do with the rest of the afternoon at SeaWorld

Our 1-day SeaWorld tour ends with the Dolphin Days show at approximately 4:30 pm.

Depending on the season you are in the park, you’ll still have 1:30 or 3:30 am of fun at SeaWorld.

This means you can deepen your on-site experience by learning about new attractions or repeating your favorite ones.

Among the new attractions, we recommend the following tours:

Shark encounter: a quick walk in an underwater shark aquarium & #8217;

Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High: A show featuring animals like sea lions, walruses and otters. It's pretty funny, but not as impressive as Dolphin Days;

Dolphin cove: a tank full of dolphins and their trainers. For those who are interested, it is possible to pay separately and have a closer encounter with the animals;

Dolphin Cove - SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary
Dolphin Cove – SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

Sesame Street at Sea World: Those traveling with children will need to spend some time on Sesame Street at Sea World, Sesame Street in the park.

There are several attractions for the kids there, including a small roller coaster, train rides and toys.

Sesame Street - SeaWorld Orlando
Sesame Street – SeaWorld Orlando

In addition to these attractions, it may be interesting to return for one or two rides on your favorite toys. For example, I love going to Mako and Manta one last time, since they are my favorite roller coasters. 

Conclusion: is it worth spending more than 1 day at SeaWorld?

Yes, it is, but it is not strictly necessary.

If you have availability to spend 2 days there, you can split it as follows:

The first would be just to enjoy the attractions of the “theme park” part of the place, such as roller coasters and simulators.

On the second day, the focus would be on all animal shows, to make the most of the exhibits and get the best seats in each one, in addition to enjoying the attractions related to SeaWorld animals, such as the aquarium and the area with the animals. seals.

SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary
SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

But if that's not possible, the SeaWorld itinerary made here does a good job of covering the Park's main attractions and still giving you some leeway to insert more attractions or repeat your favorites.

After all, flexibility is something very important in a travel itinerary.

Where to Stay to Enjoy SeaWorld

For those traveling to Orlando, we've taken this opportunity to provide you with some good choices of places to stay if you want to spend a day or two enjoying SeaWorld.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club SeaWorld Orlando

Address: 6924 Grand Vacations Way, Orlando
DailyClick here to Check the Price.
Note: 9

The Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld family hotel is located across the street from SeaWorld Orlando.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club SeaWorld Orlando
Hilton Grand Vacations Club SeaWorld Orlando

The hotel offers three pools, with spas with a whirlpool, a waterfall, and supervised children's programs.

In addition to a complimentary fitness facility, a restaurant called Coral Reef Bar and Grill, and a Provisions deli located adjacent to the pool area.

Click here to secure your reservation.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld

Address: 10731 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, United States
DailyClick here to Check the Price.
Note: 8.9

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld

TownePlace has air-conditioned rooms, a flat-screen cable TV, an equipped kitchen, including a coffee maker and a dining area with a table and chairs.

Private bathroom with shower and bathtub, hairdryer and toiletries complement the accommodation.

The hotel offers continental style breakfast and buffet.

All rooms in the hotel have wi-fi, including rooms. In the outdoor area there is also a terrace, swimming pool, gym and lounge.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld

To use the private parking, an additional fee must be paid.

TownePlace also has a business center and an ATM.

Don't waste time and make your reservation!

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As you can see, it is possible to spend 1 day at SeaWorld and enjoy everything the park has to offer.

However, if you have special needs and need a personalized itinerary, get in touch with us and learn about our options to transform your trip into a unique experience!

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