Hogwarts Express: Train between Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley

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Written By Carlos Braga

The Hogwarts Express, according to the history of the books and movies, takes Harry Potter and the other wizards from Kigs's Cross station (which is in London) to Hogwarts.

And if you've read the books and always waited for your letter from the wizarding school to board that train, now you have that chance.

At Universal Studios, you can reproduce this exact path (which includes several adventures along the way). Board Platform 9 ¾ to reach your sorcerer's destination!

The Hogwarts express is next to Diagon Alley (Diagon Alley).


It is a train that connects the parks located at Universal Orlando Resorts: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The first is the boarding point, and the arrival point is in the second, where the reproduction of the wizarding village in Orlando is.

The reverse path can also be done, as if you were returning from Hogwarts to London.

I even have a funny story about the Hogwarts express: an acquaintance was for the first time in Orlando, without knowing some of the attractions.

She entered King's Cross thinking it was a simulator. When he arrived in Hogsmeade, he was no longer locating himself, until he realized that he changed parks without even having known the first one!!!

And believe me, it happens often!

How is King's Cross station?

Like all Orlando attractions, the station is identical to the one in the movies and books. Suitcases, transport trolleys, markings similar to stations, elevators, platforms…

Everything makes you believe that you are a witch and that you are about to arrive in Hogwarts!

In order to board the Hogwarts Express, you must have a ?park to park? ticket.

It is the one that will allow the internal movement between Universal Studios and Islands os Adventure. Ticket clerks check each person's tickets to release entry.

The queue to catch the train can be long in high season.

The good news is that the attraction has the Universal Express Pass.

It's really worth using it for the train! Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Express does not have a single rider.

One of the most interesting parts of the attraction is the famous Platform 9 ¾, represented by a column of bricks between platforms 9 and 10.

To represent it, there is a special effect that really represents the passage of wizards there.

You can only observe when you are a little behind this entrance, at a specific point. You can see people literally disappearing! It is very cool!!!

From another point of view, when you are entering Platform 9 ¾, you cannot see this disappearance effect.

But there's a sound like a wind, like you're being pulled through there.

The train can be seen a few steps later, and then you board for Hogsmead.

Who can go to Hogwarts Express?

I believe this is one of the coolest points of this attraction.

Everyone who has a ?park to park? can go on the Hogwarts Express.

The train it was made to accommodate babies and the elderly.

The only restriction is for those who do not have a park-to-park ticket between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

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How is the inside of the Hogwarts Express?

The Hogwarts Express cabin accommodates about 6 people.

There are 3 people on each bench, facing each other.

There are two projections, one on each side: the one representing the train window and the other the cabin door, which is closed and has a dim view of the corridor.

Through the window, you can watch the train depart, the streets of London, an owl and Hagrid following the path…

inside the hogwarts express
inside the hogwarts express

Until, finally, the view changes, the castle can be seen, and that's the sign that you've arrived at Hogwarts!

Through the cabin door, Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron Weasley talk, and other scenes can also be seen, as if everything is happening in the corridor of the Hogwarts Express.

Team Members, as the people who work in the Universal, recommend that you do not take photos of the route.

This of course, so as not to interfere with the other guests' experience.

Or, at least, that the camera flashes are not turned on on this trip.

Although the place is dark, the brightness can interfere with the projections.

The attraction takes about 4 minutes, until you arrive at Hogsmead, at the Island of Adventures. Thus, the doors open and the landing begins.

Ah, that's when you can take that classic photo with the real Hogwarts Express!

I say real because in Hogsmeade there is a photo booth that has a very friendly machinist.

It is in front of a train that represents the transport of wizards, but it is not the same train we ride. When in doubt, take both photos!

How is the opposite trip (Hogsmead x King's Cross)?

You can also travel from Hogsmead at Island of Adventures to King's Cross at Universal Studios via the Hogwarts Express.

To get to the station, you walk along a well-wooded path, which looks like a forest.


Hogsmead Station is smaller than King's Cross, but it still has its charm.

Inside the Hogwarts Express, the window and door projections change, and it's really like we're leaving Hogwarts.

Through the window, you can see the Hagrid, who appears to say goodbye and an owl follows the path.

Ron still casts a spell with his name, the castle is far away, and London is already recognizable.

Through the frosted door, Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron Weasley are still talking and you can see their shadows.

The return journey also takes approximately 4 minutes, until you arrive at King's Cross and are no longer at Islands of Adventures.

I don't like the Harry Potter saga. Is the Hogwarts Express an attraction for me?

Yes, no doubt! In addition to taking you from one park to another, the attraction is still very interesting, interactive and real!

Even though you know little about the history, you really believe that you have become a wizard and are going to Hogwarts. Don't miss the train, it's worth it!

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