Harry Potter – The Orlando Attractions and Tips Guide 2022

For those like me who grew up with characters in books and movies, visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios parks is a dream come true.

But, even if you don't consider yourself a fan of books or movies, the area created for today's most famous little witches is well worth it for the ambience and attention to detail.

Although there is a Harry Potter park also at Universal Studios in Hollywood, in this post we’ll cover only the parks found in Orlando!

The 2 Harry Potter areas found in Universal Studios Orlando Resort parks are the most amazing areas of both parks, and will leave every visitor's jaw dropped!

Undoubtedly this post will be quite extensive as we will talk about all areas, attractions, restaurants, shops and tips from all areas of the Harry Potter Park in Orlando.

Come on?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando 2022

Before we start our post, let's answer 2 questions that we receive with great frequency on our instagram and other social networks:

Where is the Harry Potter Park in Orlando?

Is Harry Potter Park at Disney?

We grouped the 2 questions together because the answer is the same for both.

There is no 1 specific Harry Potter Park!

There are areas of Harry Potter that are inside Universal Studios parks (not Disney).

Hogsmeade - Harry Potter Area in Orlando
Hogsmeade – Harry Potter Area in Orlando

Each of the Universal Studios parks in Orlando has a Harry Potter area, they are:

Universal Studios - There we find the Diagon Alley of Harry Potter

Island of Adventure - There you will find Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle.

Is it possible to do the 2 Harry Potter areas on the same day?


Even though they are located in different parks, they are connected by the famous Hogwarts Train.

Hogwarts Express - Connects Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure
Hogwarts Express – Connects Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure

If you ever imagined going to Hogwarts Castle on the famous train that appears in all the books, this is your chance to make that dream come true!

Which ticket to buy to enjoy Harry Potter?

This question is very important and relevant.

There are basically 2 types of ticket, the “hopper” and the “non-hopper”.

The difference between them is that the “hopper” allows you to enter 2 parks on the same day, while the other one allows you to enter only 1 park per day.

Why is this relevant?

As the Hogwarts Train attraction connects the 2 parks.

Harry Potter - Return Time Ticket (Used during area opening)
Harry Potter – Return Time Ticket (Used during area opening)

In addition to being an attraction, it is in fact a means of transport between parks.

What does it mean that if you enter it through Island of adventure, you will be leaving at Universal Studios.

That is, to ride this attraction you must have a Hopper ticket.

If you need more help with your tickets, be sure to contact us to help with your choices!

We will talk in detail about each of the things found there in both areas of Harry Potter.

Before we start, let's give you quick tips for you who are planning your visit.

Quick Tips for Enjoying the Parks in Harry Potter 2022

– Arrive at Universal Studios Harry Potter World before the park opens
– Start in Hogsmeade, go to Diagon Alley at noon and return to Hogsmeade at night.
– Buy one interactive wand. There will be fun little stops at both parks where you can do some of your own magic.
– Free lockers are available for attractions found in both areas of Harry Potter.
– Take one goodlittle lsa if you can to avoid having to use lockers, as the space gets extremely crowded! (This is a general tip for visiting Universal Studios parks)

Hogsmeade - Harry Potter area on the Island of Adventure

Both in the books and in the Harry Potter films, Hogsmeade it is the only British wizarding village that Hogwarts students can visit on weekends, beginning in their third year.

The snow-covered village features fake storefronts and physical places you can enter, like Honeydukes, the famous restaurants Three Broomsticks and Pig's Head.

In addition to the Ollivander wand shop and even Dervishes and Banges.

Throughout this area there are places where you can perform real spells.

This is a very nice interactivity found in both parks.

If you see the symbol below, you can perform some magic according to the instructions.

Spell Points in Hogsmeade - Hary Potter's Area at Islands of Adventure
Spell Points in Hogsmeade – Hary Potter's Area at Islands of Adventure

For that you need to buy an interactive wand. It is sold in several stores in the park, it is very easy to find and buy one.

Many of the interactive spell locations can be found in the fake showcases of the Zonko Joke Shop, Madame Puddifoot Tea Shop, Spintwitches Sporting Needs and more. Rest under the owls, where you can send emails with a special Hogsmeade stamp!

In front of Dedosdemel, they pose next to the Hogwarts Express with the train conductor.

He is happy to share his favorite tips and suggestions on what to do in Hogsmeade.

Between the Hogwarts Express and the Owl is the entrance to the newest ride, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

In line, you will pass Hagrid's hut before reaching the abandoned ruins, where Hagrid cares for his creatures in the middle of the Forbidden Forest.

During this exciting high-speed roller coaster, it feels like you're flying deeper into the forest as you fly by rocket and escape the devil's trap.

I have to say, it is one of the best attractions in the park without a doubt. The first time we walked we stayed in the queue for 4 hours (as it was very recent) and it was worth every minute of waiting.

Hogsmeade - Harry Potter Area at ISlands of Adventure
Hogsmeade – Harry Potter Area at ISlands of Adventure

Outside of Hogsmeade and on the way to Hogwarts, there is a small stage area where you can watch some performances by Hogwarts students singing and dancing. It's really cool to watch.

These short programs take place throughout the day and alternate. Stay here later to take a picture with the artists!

Hogsmeade attractions 2022

There are some attractions here, and they are even 2 of the best attractions in the parks, and we will start talking about them exactly.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

It's the famous Hogwarts Castle attraction!

The castle itself is already full of interactions and is undoubtedly one of the best attractions for fans of the series.

I remember the first time I went, and as a huge Harry Potter fan, I just went crazy with everything I saw there. It's really magical!

The attraction itself is an amazing 4D simulator that makes you feel like you're in the movie and you don't want it to end.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Islands of Adventure
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – Islands of Adventure

A very important detail is that as well as the theme of films and books, there are several “dark” things along this attraction.

It can be quite scary for some children since in this simulator you will find dementors, giant spiders and will be chased by a dragon!

If you don't want to go to the attraction but want to see the castle, you can! 

Just ask to do the “castle tour” for the employee at the attraction's door.

You can take your tour with your camera and everything, skipping the line and taking your time to see each room at Hogwarts.

The castle tour does not pass in some parts at the beginning, but it passes through the vast majority of points worth visiting and is the best way to get to know Hogwarts without facing the queues (which can be quite long).

Hogwarts Castle at Islands of Adventure
Hogwarts Castle at Islands of Adventure

When the tour ends, you can still ask to see the selector hat that is very close to the attraction's boarding area!

An important tip is if the park is full, we recommend that you walk in the attraction by the line of Single Riders (which separates you from your group but is much faster) and then visit the castle more calmly with this tour.

Nath and I have been using the Single Rider several times and we got lucky and stayed together in the cart (but it's luck)!

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

The latest themed roller coaster is one where you ride Hagrid's motorcycle through the Forbidden Forest.

Precisely because it is the newest attraction, it is also the one with the longest queues in this park so far.

To make matters worse, Universal often opens the attraction later (because of maintenance) or closes earlier (because of the length of the queue), so it is the attraction that most complicates planning your day at the park.

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure - Harry Potter Attraction at Islands of Adventure
Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – Harry Potter Attraction at Islands of Adventure

When we went the first time, we stayed in the queue for a little over 4 hours and during that time the attraction stopped working at least 5 times.

However, even with all the complications, it is still very worthwhile as it is the best in the park!

It is an attraction full of details for fans and a sensational roller coaster even for those who don't love Harry Potter.

The tip here is to arrive at the time the park opens and go early if it is open.

If it is not open, then follow along with the Universal application to run there as soon as the queue opens and the waiting time is acceptable.

Hogwarts express

This attraction is between the two parks and actually goes from one to the other as we talked about briefly above.

It brings two different experiences, one for each direction of travel.

Departed Disney Parks at Hogwarts Express
Departed Disney Parks at Hogwarts Express

On the way from Hogsmeade/Hogwarts (Islands of Adventure) to London (Universal Studios) you see as if it were the students returning to their homes with some different details from London and other characters.

An important detail is, it is worth doing the 2 senses because they are very different.

Remembering that to be able to ride in this attraction you need to have a park-to-park ticket (or “hopper”) that entitles you to enter both parks on the same day.

Flight of the Hippogriff

It is a children's roller coaster with the theme of hippogriffs, which played an important role in the story, especially in the third book / film.

Flight of the Hippogriff - Islands of Adventure
Flight of the Hippogriff – Islands of Adventure

This was a flying unicorn attraction and was adapted to the Harry Potter theme.

It's pretty silly for adults, but really fun for kids. It's in the same style as The Barnstormer, Goofy roller coaster at Disney.

Olivanders Wand Shop

I was in doubt whether to put this option as an attraction since it is more of a mix between store and attraction.

Olivanders is present in both parks, although I consider Olivanders do Beco Diagonal to be the official one (since in the book she stays there).

Ollivander's Wand Shop at Universal Studios Florida.
Ollivander's Wand Shop at Universal Studios Florida.

Here is a show showing how a wand chooses a wizard exactly as in the scene where Harry is going to buy his wand.

It's pretty cool for both fans and kids, and it's pretty fast.

Ah, the show of the 2 Olivanders units is practically the same, changing only the store itself.

Concerts on stage

As we mentioned a little above, when you are walking through Hogsmeade on the way to Hogwarts you will see a stage where some different presentations by the Hogwarts Students take place.

One of the shows features a kind of choir from Hogwarts, with singers, one from each house, singing the chapel with a frog.

Triwizard Spirit Rally Performers - Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure
Triwizard Spirit Rally Performers – Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure

The other show has a hyper-fast presentation by students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

It's kind of random, but it's still cool to watch when you're there.

The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle

An evening show of projections at Hogwarts Castle that celebrates the 4 houses in the history of books.


It happens several times a night, on selected dates, since it starts to get dark until the park closes. 

Be sure to check the schedules as soon as you guarantee your park map, which has all the hours of the shows.

Hogsmeade Restaurants in 2022

The Three Broomsticks

This is the Hogsmeade's main restaurant and offers a fantastic range of British food.

Three Broomsticks – Hogsmeade Restaurant

It is decorated to look like an old tavern and is really well done.

The portions are large and it is a healthier food. We usually share the dishes around here (especially if you go for breakfast).

It is also home to the famous pumpkin juice, which is simply wonderful!

Hog's Head

In this bar, you can buy classic buttery beer, pumpkin juice and other drinks for adults like beers and etc.


These stalls in Hogsmeade offer bottled drinks and snacks. There was a wide variety of fresh fruits, for which I was very grateful after all that buttery beer!


There are several Butterbeer stalls in Hogsmeade where you can buy a frozen Butterbeer or a Frozen Butterbeer, which is like a Butterbeer Slushie.

Butterbeer in Hogsmeade
Butterbeer in Hogsmeade

Despite the name "beer", it is not an alcoholic beverage.

It's almost an absurdly sweet milkshake. I don't particularly like it much!

Hogsmeade Stores – Harry Potter 2022

It is no surprise to anyone who regularly reads the blog that I love a store, but the stores in the Harry Potter areas are going to drive you crazy.

Despite liking stores, I am zero consumer and I don't usually buy on impulse or anything, but I admit that in these stores it is quite easy to lose your head if you are a fan of the series.

Let's see what stores are found there.


It is the Hogsmeade confectionery that in Portuguese books is called Dedosdemel.

If you have seen the film or read the books, you already know the amount of goodies that are mentioned there.

And in this store you will find many things like chocolate frogs, beans of all flavors (even those disgusting fart and vomit), pumpkin juice, among others.

Honeyducks at ISlands of Adventure
Honeyducks at ISlands of Adventure

The prices are not the cheapest, especially the most classic items like chocolate frogs.

It's pretty easy to get carried away and buy a bunch of stuff, but always check prices before you buy something.

For example, the box of beans of all flavors is much more expensive than the same candy sold in bulk at the store itself.

Dervishes & Bangs and Owl Post

These two stores connect from the inside and have some pretty cool stuff.

On the outside of the Owl Post is a howler that you can actually record your message to play every time it is opened.

Dervishes & Bangs and Owl Post
Dervishes & Bangs and Owl Post

These stores have very interesting things, like a monster book that snarls and shakes and brooms that move.

There you can also buy stationery, stamps, and even send a postcard with the Hogwarts stamp.

Shop at the exit of the castle attraction

This store was made to make you buy a lot after you leave excited about the attraction of Hogwarts and for that reason they overdid the quantity of items found there!

Hogwarts Castle Exit Store at Islands of Adventure
Hogwarts Castle Exit Store at Islands of Adventure

The variety of products is simply gigantic and all are very cool for those who really like the Harry Potter saga, there is even a session of collector's items (I freak out).

There you will find Marauder's map, Mugs, Household clothes, bathrobes and much more.

Olivanders Wand Shop 

We have already talked about it in the attractions section.

Right after the show, you can choose your wand! In the store you find super different models, including that of several cool characters!

Here you will see that some wands have a golden label while others have a white, grayish label.

Their difference is exactly the interactivity that we talked about at the beginning of this post!

Ollivanders Wand Shop – Hogsmeade Islands of Adventure

Wands with golden labels are a little more expensive precisely because they are the ones with which you can cast spells at certain points in the parks!

It's incredible! These interactive wands come with a map of the points where you can cast a spell, but it's easy to find them walking around the park as well. You just follow the indication of the spell with your wand and something will happen there. 

The difference in price of them is not absurd, especially for those with children can be a fun apart!

We have reached the end of what we found in the Harry Potter area on the Island of Adventure, if you found a lot of things get ready as we still have an entire park to cover.

Let's get the Hogwarts Train now and go straight to Universal Studios where the wonderful Diagonal Alley is!

Diagon Alley – Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios 2022

Harry Potter was one of the first books that I read with pleasure in my life, I remember that I was around 14-15 years old when I read the first book.

One of the scenes that stayed in my memory was the arrival of Harry in Diagon Alley because it is a remarkable fact for the character to enter the world of wizards.

The scene in the film was equally striking for me and in my opinion, the Diagon Alley at Universal Studios was one of the best things Universal has done so far.

They managed to portray exactly the “scare” that takes place when entering this magical area and so different from our world of the “Muggles”.

So let's check out what we find there!

Diagon Alley attractions in 2022

This area doesn't just have 1 attraction of those that you take a line and walk in it, which is the Gringotts simulator, and the first on this list.

However, there are several other fun things to see there that can also be considered attractions.

Let's list them all here!

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts 

Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite attractions in all of Orlando!

There are usually very long lines as it is one of the newest attractions in the park. I even believe that this attraction has the worst Locker of all Universal.

It's always very confusing and very crowded.

The attraction is a mix of roller coaster, with a 4D simulator and is unlike anything you see in the parks today. It even has details like changing the rail in the middle of the attraction! That's awesome.

Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts
Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts

The line is already beautiful and an attraction apart if you are a fan like me.

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, then you can opt for the Single Rider if the queue is long, and just take a peek in the lounge with the main queue to quell curiosity.

If you're a fan, you can do the same thing if the line is huge but then try to go back to watch the whole attraction.

I say this because in addition to enjoying the beautiful line, whoever goes on the Single Rider misses the pre-show and in my opinion, it's really worth it!

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gryngotts
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gryngotts

In reality, attraction attraction even we only have only the Escape from Gringotts in this area of the park, but let's list 2 that can be considered in some way an attraction due to their interactivity.

Gringotts Money Exchange

Like a good bank, here you can buy witch coins in exchange for yours. american coins directly with one of the Gringotts goblins.

He is a very realistic animatronic that interacts with you and is worth seeing even if it is through the window!

Gringotts Money Exchange in Diagon Alley - Harry Potter
Gringotts Money Exchange in Diagon Alley – Harry Potter

Cool only for the fans, since nobody else will be interested in paying to have wizard money, right? 

One detail, this money is valid within the entire property of Universal studios, but don't try to use it at Disney, because naturally it is not accepted there!

Beco Diagonal Restaurants

Leaky Cauldron

The hotel bar that gives access to Diagon Alley in the history of JK Rowling is an important part of the London scene in the Harry Potter saga and could not be left out.


You can't build Diagon Alley and forget about the Leaky Cauldron, right? Universal did not forget and made it a good restaurant option as well.

We really like the environment and we believe that it is worth taking a stop over there during your stay in Universal studios.

Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlor

Mr Floreans ice cream parlor! As delicious as it seemed when we read the books! If you like ice cream, it's worth the visit!

The Hopping Pot

A corner that sells some snacks and drinks, including buttered beer and some meat empanadas. A good place for a quick break.

Fountain of Fair Fortune

A place for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), most of them based on the Harry Potter story.

Diagon Alley Shops

Like Hogsmeade we have a great selection of stores here, in fact even more.

If you remember from the movie/book, Diagon Alley is the place where all Hogwarts students go to do their shopping, as well as adult wizards.

In short, Beco Diagonal is almost a witches' mall heheheh and with that there could be many shops there.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Without the slightest doubt, this is the coolest store in the books and there was no way to be left out.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

It's the shop for the mischievous Weasley twins! It is full of prank products and fun toys that they used throughout the books.

It's really cool for those who like Harry Potter because you will find several products that were mentioned in the books!

It is an identical replica of the movie store.

Borgin and Burkes

A store where people go unnoticed by the entrance of Travessa do Tranco that was discreet and amazing in the park, exactly as it should be!

I didn't even see it the first time I went there.

Borgin and Burkes
Borgin and Burkes

Don't miss this part of the park.

Take a look at the details of Travessa do Tranco, cast some spells if you have your wand and then enter the shop most loved by Death Eaters, Bogins and Burkes!

This is an unmissable store, both in the details and in the products sold.

Impossible for a Harry Potter fan not to love this part of the park, he even has Horcruxes for sale!

Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley
Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley

There you can find all kinds of dark things mentioned in the books, such as Tom Riddle's diary, the cupboard Draco used to bring the diners to Hogwarts and even the hand of glory is also there.

Hidden and obscure, but a must for fans.

Olivanders Wand Shop 

I already talked about it in the Islands of Adventure stores and I recommend you read it if you are considering buying a wand.

Sugarplum's Sweet Shop

It is a candy store that sells practically the same things as Honeydukes (Dedosdemel), but it is in Beco Diagonal.


In this store it is possible to create your own moving portrait, like the ones in the movies. They have some studios where you dress like in the movies and make short videos in the different settings of the story.

You can buy the digital copy (as if it were a GIF) or the package with the DVD. It's very different and interesting

Wands by Gregorovitch

Another wand store in the Harry Potter universe.


It's a stationery store in Beco Diagonal.

There you will find all kinds of pens, pens, ink, parchment and notebooks for those who want to take an authentic souvenir back to school.

Magical Menagerie

Here is the place where you can find all kinds of stuffed animals from the world of Harry Potter such as Critter, Fluffy, Hippogriff and other strange animals =).

This concludes our guide to the Harry Potter Park in Orlando.

Magical Menagerie at Universal Studios
Magical Menagerie at Universal Studios

As you have noticed, there is no shortage of things to do, eat and buy there.

If you are going with someone who is a fan of the series, take most of your days at Universal's parks to enjoy these areas. They are very rich in details and are well worth it.

We hope again that this post has helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

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