Caribbean Beach Resort: The Caribbean at Disney

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Written By Nathalia Vergueiro

If you like the Caribbean and the whole tropical theme, with the beach, sand and a lot of heat, you will love to visit Caribbean Beach Resort from Disney.

The resort is one of the largest in the Disney complex and extremely popular for its decor, theme and facilities.


But what is it like to stay there? Is it worth taking an intermediate resort or is it better for an economic or luxury one? That's what we're going to answer in this article! So keep reading!

Everything about the Caribbean Beach Resort

The Caribbean Beach Resort is a Disney hotel with caribbean themed. It is a very spacious and open space, which simulates the feeling of being in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

To create that feel, Disney invested heavily in structure for the open environment. There are some pools, artificial beaches and a huge lake in the region.

Everything is decorated to look like the Caribbean, both the current version of the region and its main historical moment, when it was a gigantic port for trade and piracy.

On the artificial beaches, guests can rest in hammocks attached to palm trees, play volleyball or practice other activities. You can even rent some pedal boats to ride around the lake.


One of the coolest spots on the resort's exterior is the Caribbean Cay, a “pirate island” with a playground. It's a very pleasant trip, especially for those who go to Disney with children.

Another point abroad that is worth mentioning is the Old Port Royale, an open area that looks a lot like the center of a Caribbean village in the golden age of piracy.

There, you will find the hotel's food court (which is a spectacle in itself), the resort's shop and the games room.

The Carribbean Beach Resort is divided into wings, which represent different countries or regions of the Caribbean. There is, for example, the Jamaica, the wing of Trinidad, the wing of Martinique, wing of Barbados it's from Aruba.

All of them have two types of rooms: the traditional ones or the pirate ones (which have themed decor, with a bed shaped like a boat, a fridge like a barrel and other really cool details).

The only difference between the rooms in each region is some subtle details in the decor.

What is it like to stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

Okay, we've already covered the main structures and features of the Caribbean Beach Resort. But that doesn't answer an essential question: what is it like to stay there?

To help answer that question, we stayed for a few days at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Our opinion? Well, let's go!

For starters, the resort has all the good points of staying at Disney: the decor is sensational and the experience is like a dream during the entire trip.


You are close to the parks, have free transportation to them and enjoy much more of the Disney complex in general.

The big difference, however, is that the Caribbean Beach Resort does not have one of Disney's negative points: the feeling of being always crowded, with a lot of people.

Let's be honest: sometimes it's annoying to have to wait in line. The feeling of having a bunch of people around is a little claustrophobic.

But at this resort, that doesn't happen (even when it's working at full capacity!). That's because the hotel area is huge and very open.

The feeling we have is that we are really in a isolated place in the middle of the Caribbean.

The rooms are comfortable and well equipped, as is the norm at Disney.

Although they are not brand new (like the ones from the Pop century or the other hotels under renovation, such as the Art of Animation), you don't miss anything or that they are “dated”.

The food court has many interesting options for visitors.

Those who are there can "play it safe" with the typical menu with hamburgers, pizza, pasta and the like. Or, if you're more into the Caribbean rhythm, you can opt for regionally-influenced dishes spread across the different restaurants in the area.

One last essential detail about the Caribbean Beach Resort is the shuttle that runs past the hotel to take guests to the Disney parks.

As the resort is huge, the shuttle makes a considerable turn to take all guests to their respective areas.

This means that those staying in the Jamaica or Martinique areas get off first on their way back to the parks. However, he takes the bus first when he goes to the parks and has to walk all over the resort stopping from one point to another until he can go have fun (which can take a while).

On the other hand, those who take a room in Trinidad don't have to stop anywhere before heading to the parks. However, it takes longer to return home.

You need to consider these points when choosing which area of the resort you want to stay in.



One update worth mentioning is that Caribbean Beach is one of the stops on the disney's newest form of transportation, the Skyliner.

This becomes another benefit for guests as it becomes a fast and peaceful means of transport that can take you to the Epcot or Hollywood Studios.

Is it worth staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

The Caribbean Beach Resort is indeed a unique and magical place within Disney. Artificial beaches, treasure hunts, lakes, swimming pools, pirates and much more.

But is it worth staying there?

Let's raise a problem: the resort is of the intermediate level. It's not even as cheap as the economy ones (Pop century, Art of Animation or All star) and not as luxurious as the deluxe ones (like the Wilderness Lodge, for example).


Is staying in the middle of the road an advantage or a disadvantage?

We consider it an advantage, depending on the type of tourist you are.

Caribbean Beach Resort has more services and structure than budget hotels. One of its advantages is that it is very close to Epcot and you can see the fireworks show at night from your room (without all the quality of being in the park itself, of course).

For a couple who want a little more privacy and a romantic moment, the Caribbean Beach Resort is an excellent option.

It can also be recommended for a family with children at a slightly older age, from 8 to 12, 13 years old, for example. That's because the theme of pirates and adventure appeals to this audience.

If you fit one of these profiles, you'll love the Caribbean resort of Disney.

So, what did you think of the Caribbean Beach Resort? Were you interested in meeting and staying there? Tell us in the comments below!

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