How to Rent a House in Orlando

Rent a house in Orlando it may be the best option for families seeking comfort. Understand how this can be done.

We at Partiu Disney Parks have already talked about the many options for Disney and Orlando accommodationo, like the hotels within the complex.

However, there are still several other alternatives for tourists, such as houses for rent.

The houses are especially advantageous for large groups of travellers, families with children and also for the elderly.

This is because the houses, in addition to being spacious and very comfortable, can be cheaper if the total price is shared by many people.

As American homes are large, they provide much more comfort and space for children to play.

They can take toys with them on their trips and still won't fully leave their daily lives, which commonly happens when children spend a lot of time in hotels.

Another advantage is that, as the houses have fully equipped kitchens, families can cook home-cooked meals, which is a great way to save money and also contributes to maintaining healthy eating, avoiding the fast food.

Another very interesting issue is that renting a house in Orlando, commonly, offers the individual a totally different experience than he has in Brazil.


The houses for rent offer some luxuries, such as swimming pool, whirlpool, several rooms, comfortable and spacious beds, among other features.

Therefore, in order to rent a house in Orlando easily, at a good price and with reliable companies, check out all the tips below.

How to choose a house?

First, to understand how to rent a house in Orlando, you also need to know how to choose one.

The first issue you should be aware of when making your choice is the location of the house.

It is prohibited to offer homes for rent in Orlando. Therefore, the ones that are available are further away from Disney and also from supermarkets, shopping malls, outlets, among other places that tourists love to visit.

Homes for rent are commonly located in the greater Orlando area, such as Kissimmee.

So, when renting a house in Orlando, check the location of the condominium where it is and also how far from it to Disney parks, supermarkets, among other places you will need to go and that are on your itinerary.

Choosing a home away from commercial establishments can add 20 to 30 minutes every time you need to go shopping for food, toiletries, parks, etc.

And, this is a big hindrance.

Also, another very important factor that tourists should give a lot of importance to is safety.


Although most houses are in gated communities, there are exceptions. And, many condominiums, even though they are closed, fail in terms of security, not having a doorman and other adequate structures, such as cameras.

Therefore, it is recommended that tourists, when interested in a house, inquire about condominiums, alarms, security measures, etc.

Another very important issue is related to cleanliness.

Some rented houses have the option for guests to hire an employee to carry out the organization and cleaning, while others do not have this alternative and leave the guests in charge of this issue.

So, if you don't want to spend your vacation worrying about cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room and other common areas, it is important that you choose a house that has this convenience.

Also, always make sure the place has all the amenities you need, enough beds for all tourists, enough kitchen utensils and also bed and bath linen.

So you won't have to worry about all these issues.

Finally, it's important to mention that not all homes in Orlando have free Wi-Fi, which is why it's important to prioritize this convenience if you don't want to spend on internet chips or data plans.

How much does it cost to rent a home in Orlando?

Many people may feel scared when it comes to renting homes in the United States, as they may feel intimidated by the price.

However, there is no need to worry, because if the house is occupied by a large group and the amount divided among all, it will probably be cheaper than if they rented hotel rooms.

In Orlando there are homes for all tastes and needs.

Obviously, the more luxurious houses will have higher prices, as they are more comfortable.

However, even the most modest homes will still provide a lot of comfort and space for tenants at a lower price.

In the website iHome Resort you can find many nice houses, with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and relatively close to Disney for about 70 dollars a night. Already on the website Disney Houses, houses with 2 to 6 bedrooms are offered.

The 4-bedroom homes average $138 per night. And the 3-bedroom ones, which sleep up to 6 people, can be rented for less than $100 a night.

The average price of an Orlando home that sleeps 8 to 10 people is $140.


This results in about $17.5 per person, which is cheaper than a hotel. At the current price, a $140 house costs R$ 575.00 per night.

Still, in addition to the daily price of the house, tourists also sometimes have to pay the administrative fee for the service, which is paid to intermediaries or sites that rent the houses, and also the cleaning fee.

Not all companies charge the cleaning fee, and it is up to the individual who is renting the house to choose whether to pay this amount or not.

Where to rent a home in Orlando?

Regarding how and where to rent a home in Orlando, there are several options.

You can rent directly with the owners of the house, with consultants or through websites such as iHome Resort.

It is recommended to use online platforms to rent, as it is not necessary to communicate in English with the owner of the house, which can compromise the conversation if the interested party is not fluent.

Also, the tenant will have the confidence and security that the transaction is secure. Fortunately, vacation rental in the United States is far less labor intensive and complicated than permanent, long-term rental.

Fewer documents are required, which makes the process much easier.


If you want, you can rent a house in Orlando through Airbnb, one of the easiest platforms to use.

You won't need to talk to intermediaries, company employees or anything like that.

At the Airbnb, the customer searches for the place he wants in the search bar, chooses the days of the trip, number of guests and can still use some filters.

Rent on Airbnb can be done with just a credit card, quickly. And, if the individual wants, he can contact the owner of the house and arrange a flexible check-in or check-out.

In general, Airbnb gives the traveler more personality when it comes to renting the house, as he will have contact with the owner of the property.

For example, on Airbnb you can find houses from R$ 200.00, which accommodate 5 people or more. By doing a good search on the site, it is possible to find great properties.

Disney Houses

Another very reliable site is Disney Houses, in which it has several offers.

As mentioned, this site offers houses with up to 6 bedrooms, which is great for large groups.

Also, house prices are quite affordable if they are split.


For example, a luxury house in the Oak Water condominium, with swimming pools, electronic gate, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 suite, full kitchen, air conditioning, heater, Wi-Fi Internet, washing machine, dryer, linens, table and bath has a daily rate from 100 dollars.

According to the location provided by the website, this home is just 4 minutes from Disney.

To rent a house in Orlando through the Disney Houses website, you must fill out a form, entering your name, telephone, email, arrival and departure date, days of accommodation, among other information.

The company will return to the interested party in a short time, informing him of the budget.

An advantage regarding this company is that it has a partnership with a cleaning company, which can help guests with daily cleaning.

There are three types of service, Daily Housekeeping, Intermediate Cleaning and Full Cleaning. This is an additional service, so you will be charged more for it.

However, it will make tourists more comfortable, as they will not need to worry about organization and cleanliness.

VIP Homes

At VipHomes, another site well known by travelers already used to going to Orlando, offers complete packages for people who, in addition to renting a house, also rent a car with insurance, obtain tickets from Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld or travel insurance.

Thus, the rate of the chosen house is cheaper for travelers.

For example, a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house at Regal Palms Resort, which sleeps 8 people and 2 children, starts at $112 per night.

This is the value related to the Basic plan, which includes service in Portuguese and 24-hour support, quality assurance, free travel itinerary, among other issues.

The Favorito package, in which the house's rent starts at 97 dollars per night, includes the combined purchase of tickets to Disney, Universal, Seaworld and car rental with insurance.

Finally, another option for the customer would be the Complete package, which includes the combined purchase of, in addition to tickets and car rental, also the Travel insurance.

We recommend that tourists only opt for the two packages with extras if they really need these services and think it's worth it.

For example, we know you have to buy park tickets, but do you really want to rent a vehicle?

VipHome offers these bundled purchases as these additional services are some of the common needs of tourists, but it is necessary to analyze to confirm whether the values will really be advantageous.

Blue Travel

At Blue Travel, you can find luxury homes with greater amenities. In general, the prices of homes available on this site are higher.

The minimum value the traveler will find is $155 in low season.

In the current conversion, this is about R$ 630.00, which is a high price for a house with just three bedrooms.

As we can see from all the information given above, it is possible to find bigger houses for a smaller value.


But, it is also important to mention that the houses available on the Azul Travel website are luxury, and therefore have the highest price.

The cheapest on the site, for example, has a full kitchen, new furniture, swimming pool, barbecue area, washer and dryer, double beds in every room, full dining table, among other features.

So, if you want to rent an incredible luxury home that will provide you with a wonderful stay in Orlando, the Azul Travel website can be the perfect intermediary.

Just enter the site, fill out the quote form on the side and wait for the company to contact you.

Orlando Here I Go

THE Orlando Here I Go is a company that manages some properties in Orlando, in addition to providing other services.

Although there are not many houses available on the site, the ones that are are large, accommodate groups comfortably and still have impeccable appliances.

Unfortunately, the values are not present on the website, and for this reason, those interested in renting the house must contact the company to make a quote.

Select the house you want and then click on “Quote” at the bottom of the page.

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