Where is the best place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Show outside the park?

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Closing shows are one of the traditions at Disney Parks. But did you know that it is possible to watch the fireworks show from outside the Magic Kingdom?

Beautiful, emotional and nostalgic, the Magic Kingdom fireworks are a must for most people visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

The “new” show at the present time is the Happily Ever After which replaced the classic wishes. In case you're one of those people who loved wishes (as we do) but haven't seen Happily Ever After. You can rest assured because the new show leaves NOTHING to be desired.

In fact, quite the contrary, he is simply amazing and today we will give you tips on views for the show that are just as amazing!

Even though they are best seen from inside the park, there may be times when you want to catch them from somewhere outside.

But after all, what is the best place to watch the fireworks show of Magic Kingdom out of the park?

Check out our suggestions below!

Is it worth watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks show outside the park?

Fireworks Show Outside the Park

When Wishes was the main nightly fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, it was much easier to watch the fireworks without being inside the park.

That's because the fireworks were the main feature of the show and most of the action was taking place in the sky above the Cinderella's castle, facilitating vision from afar.

Happily Ever After, however, is a different story.

While this is also a fireworks show, there is also a very large component that is done with projections on the castle itself.

Even at Happily Ever After, the projections are much more “important” for the show than the fireworks themselves.

So even though there's about the same amount of fireworks with this show as you saw with Wishes, there are a lot of stories that happen through the projections (and not just through the music and fireworks).

Therefore, we recommend that you try to watch it at least once inside the park.

That way you can see the show and the projections together.

However, if you have multiple chances to see it, or if you're traveling with someone who doesn't like the sounds or crowds associated with fireworks, watching the show from the side of out of the park it's a good option.

The tips given here are also valid for Disney's Halloween party called Happy Halloween. Mickey Not so Scary Halloween Party.

Here are our suggestions for the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park.

There are other options besides the ones we will list here, but they all have good views and the live music from the show makes them great options!

Watch the Fireworks from the Monorail Hotels

Contemporary Resort

California Grill Fireworks Show

This is one of Disney's best-known luxury hotels, it's the one where the Monorail passes inside.

We even talked a little bit about the Contemporary Resort here on the blog.

Inside this hotel, there are 2 places that we recommend to watch the fireworks show.

California Grill (Reservation Required) - 1

Location: Contemporary Resort
Accept Disney Dining Plan? Yes, table service (requires 2 credits)
Average cost for an adult: US $ 55.00
California Grill Menu

As with any good review, there are positives and negatives to each location, such as:

Strengths: There is an observation deck here that allows guests to watch the show outside.

If you can't get a reservation here during the fireworks, you can keep your dinner receipt there and come back before the show to watch it from the Deck.

Negative points: Because of the angle, the fireworks will appear next to Cinderella's Castle instead of directly behind and above it (they kind of appear to be above the Space mountain).

In the image below you can have a reference of the places inside the Contemporary Resort to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks show.

Observation Deck – 4th Floor – 2

How to get? Take the elevator or escalators to the 4th floor (same floor as Chef Mickey).

The observation deck is just past the shops.

Strengths : This Deck is open to anyone, not just guests or people with restaurant reservations at the Contemporary.

Negative points : This location is often used for private parties, which means that part of the Deck may not be available.

Special Note: Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owners have access to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower to view the fireworks.

You must present your DVC membership card to gain access. Guests exclusively renting points (and not owners) are not allowed to view fireworks from this location.

It is important to note that there are blackout periods where only DVC owners staying at the Bay Lake Tower will have access to the lounge to view the fireworks. These dates often include the 3rd and 4th of July and the 30th and 31st of December.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The Grand Floridian is one of the most beautiful resorts at Disney, it's that huge white that you can see from the Magic Kingdom and the dream of every bride.

As with the Contemporary listed above, there are a few different spots within this hotel to watch the show.

Below we will list our 3 recommended points in this hotel to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show:


Location: Grand Floridian Resort
Disney meal plan? Yes, table service (requires 2 credits)
Average cost for an adult: US $ 46.00
Narcoossee menu

Strengths: The tiered seating area inside the restaurant means that a large number of tables will have a good view of the fireworks show from their table. There is also a balcony available outside where you can watch.

Negative points: If many people choose to watch from the outside on the porch, it tends to block the view to the guests inside.


Free Location

How to get there: After entering the Grand Floridian, go around the back of the building and follow signs for Narcoossee. The dock is located next to the restaurant.

Strengths : An easy place to watch the show if you are dining at the Grand Floridian

Negative points : The dock area is not as large as other locations around the Walt Disney World Resort

In the image below from google maps you can see the 3 locations marked in the Grand Floridian


Free Location
How to get? You can reach the courtyard from a sidewalk. After entering the Grand Floridian, head to the back and out.

The patio is directly off the Gasparilla Grill.

Strengths : A large space and an easy place to watch the show if you are dining at the Grand Floridian

Negative points : Sometimes the lights in the building can make your eyes a little difficult

Polynesian Village Resort

This hotel is perhaps the Disney hotel that I most want to stay but I still haven't had that immense pleasure.

I really like its theme, and it has a bungalow that has an incredible view of the Magic Kingdom. I'm just waiting to win the Mega Sena or be invited by Disney to spend a night there! =)

Praia do Polynesian Resort - 1

Free Location
How to get? Once you've arrived, head to the lobby and head back into the water (behind the pool). There will be spots to watch from the beach as well as just off the causeway.

Strengths : In addition to watching the fireworks show, you can buy the popular Dole Whip inside the hotel.

Negative points: The audio here is very smooth. Stand close to one of the speakers for the loudest sound.

In the image below we can see the 2 points we recommend, both the beach (1) and Ohana (2).

Remembering what Ohana is the restaurant with meal with characters, the darlings Lili and Sticht!

Polynesian Resort Places to see the fireworks show

'OHANA (Reservation Required Restaurant) – 2

Location: Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
Disney meal plan? Yes, table service
Average cost for an adult: US $ 41.00
'Ohana's Menu

Strengths : The view of the fireworks from here is from the front and not to the side. If you are unable to book an advanced dinner reservation that will allow you to have a meal during the fireworks, you can try to grab one in the early evening and then head to the beach to see it from there.

Negative points: Tables further back in the restaurant will require you to move/stand to see the fireworks.


Now we will list some other offers that Disney has. These are paid and closed events that bring a very different experience to the fireworks show.


Pirate And Pals Fireworks Dessert Voyage (reservation required)

Location: He leaves the Contemporary Resort
Cost: about US $ 72 for adults and US $ 43 for children
Book the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Dessert Party

Strengths: This is more than just a fireworks cruise. Prior to boarding, guests who book the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise receive a variety of snacks and beverages.

Also during this time, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee make an appearance to meet and greet their pirate friends.

After boarding the ship, guests are treated to trivia and songs as they await the fireworks from a prime location on the water outside the Magic Kingdom gates.

At the conclusion of the night (weather permitting) you will be able to see the Electric Water Pageant upon disembarking and meeting with a final special guest – Peter Pan.

Negative points: Aside from the cost, we've already heard that people next to the boat farthest from the Magic Kingdom can sometimes have their vision obscured a little.

Fireworks Ferrytale: A Sparkling Dessert Cruise (reservation required)

Location: part of the Ticket and Transport Center
Cost: about US $ 99 for adults and US $ 69 for children
Book Ferrytale Fireworks: a sparkling dessert cruise

Fireworks Ferrytale A sparkling dessert cruise

Strengths: Another fireworks cruise option, this one has a more “grown up” feel than the Pirates and Pals cruise, and as with a ferry, you are freer to roam.

Alcoholic beverages are served on this cruise.

Negative points: Expensive and very limited seats

Highway In The Sky Dine Around

Location: Check-in at The Wave at Contemporary Resort.
Cost: about US $ 170 per person (plus tax, tips included)
Reserve the Highway in the Sky Dine Around

Strengths: Unlike the other premium options for viewing fireworks outside the Magic Kingdom, this is not a cruise.

Instead, it's a progressive dinner that starts and ends at the Contemporary with stops for courses at The Polynesian and Grand Floridian.

The grand finale is dessert as you watch the fireworks from the 4th floor deck of The Contemporary.

Negative points: We do not recommend taking this option as one of the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks outside of the park, as you can see the fireworks for free on the same observation deck offered in this package.

Private Fireworks Cruise

Fireworks Cruise
Fireworks Cruise

This is one of the tours I had the pleasure of doing very recently at the invitation of Disney, during the Magic Influencers program in April 2019.

The tour is very cool, it offers snacks and before the show the sailor will take you on a tour of the lagoon and show you many cool Disney facts!

Location: Boats depart from Marinas at Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge resorts.
Cost: Starts at US $ 299 for a 21-foot pontoon (up to 8 seats) and US $ 349 for a 25-foot boat (up to 10 seats). Extra tips.

Strengths: The price for these cruises it's full cost (not per person) so they can be a great choice for a special/premium night out without breaking the bank.

If you're celebrating something special, you can even buy a special package that will add banners to your boat.

Negative points : The boats for this cruise are positioned further away than those for the Ferrytale Fireworks and Pirates and Pals cruises.

Summary of Best Places to Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Show Outside the Park

Well, here we list several places to watch the fireworks show while escaping the crowds.

As you can see, some options have very high prices and may not be as good for viewing the show as some free ones.

At the end of the day, it's all about what your group or family is willing to do or pay for.

If I were to recommend a free venue, I would recommend the Polynesian Resort because the view from the show and the Hotel are wonderful. Of the paid tours I would recommend the fireworks cruise as it is an excellent cost if you have more than 5 people in your group.

If you've already watched it from somewhere we've listed, or have any others that you think deserve to be on this list. Send us in the comments!

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