Disney Cruise Line: All About Disney Cruises

Disney Cruise Line is the name for Disney brand cruises, which, just like parks, can bring magic to the sea!

Unfortunately Nath and I have not yet had the opportunity to do a disney cruise, but we hope to do it in 2021.


However, we researched intensively and did several trainings on cruises, not to mention conversations with friends who have already realized this dream.

So we can bring a lot of content to you stories and in youtube too. In the meantime, let's share a little of what we hope to find there!

Which Disney Cruise Line ships?

There are 4 ships: Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream and Disney Wonder.

The ships offer several itineraries to different places in the world, with trips of 3 to 15 days. As the variety is large, it is certainly possible to add one of the Disney cruises to your itinerary.

From the excellence in service of the cast members, the different characters in a holiday mood, decorations and the many entertainments on the cruise.

What are the Disney Cruise Line 2020 destinations?

There are destinations for all tastes: Bahamas or Greek Islands, for example. You will embark on a unique experience surrounded by all the magic Disney, a real immersion.

It is even difficult to choose, because the possibilities are many and just like the parks of Disney, cruises are addictive.

The option available throughout the year is the classic tour of the Bahamas, this is because it seems to be summer all year round.

Cruises that pass through Bahamas stop at Disney Island, Castway Cay!

There are other cruises through Mexico, Alaska, California, Mediterranean islands and it is worth remembering that there are some that are seasonal and others, such as the Bahamas, that occur throughout the year.

What to do on the Disney Cruise?

The routine of a cruise it is very quiet compared to the parks, you will enjoy the moment without being accelerated.

But calm, that does not mean that there are no things to do on the cruise, on the contrary, there are many activities, so much so that it is almost impossible to do them all.

As we said, there are many activities, from cinema, bingo to ballads and night parties, in addition to the pool for relaxing.

For families and groups with children, as there are monitored activities, tranquility reigns.

Of course, you won't leave your children alone with people who don't even speak their language, but knowing that there are more people “taking care”, creates tranquility.

It is normal when you go on one of the cruises with young children to believe that they end up having more fun on them than even in the parks, where they end up not understanding the attractions well.

Because there are characters, children can interact, play in the activities all the time and when they hit that sleep, just go to the room to rest.

How much does a Disney 2020 Cruise cost?

The value depends on the number of days, people, the itinerary and the type of room you choose on the ship.

To have a price base, for two people on a 3-day cruise, it costs around a thousand dollars and it is worth remembering that this value includes practically everything!

What about food? Even it is within that value of Disney Cruise and you can enjoy it all day. Remembering that it is standard Disney!!!

Please note that almost everything will be paid for, but there are some extra expenses that are not included in the price of the cruise. Among them we have:

  • Travel insurance: that must be hired on any trip, regardless of whether or not to take a cruise.
  • transfer to the port: Disney Cruise offers transportation from Orlando to Porto and vice versa, but a fee is charged for this. Then you should plan how your trip to and from Porto will be, so we recommend Porto Canaveral which is one of the closest to Orlando. Remember that airfare as well as a transfer to Porto is not included in the price of the cruise.
  • Tips on cruise: as much as they are not included, without a doubt it is money that we know will be spent and how the service is really very good. Remember that the salary of cast members consists of a fixed part and another part of the tips.
  • internet: to have internet on the ship is expensive and it ends up being very slow, so the best way to save is to disconnect and enjoy everything that Disney Cruise has to offer you. But in case of extreme need, save a few dollars for that extra.
  • Products Disney: know that wonderful plush Mickey in sailor clothes? On the ship there is! By having exclusive products, it is very difficult to control the impulse and not buy the treats, so, hold on until the last day to let the emotion go and buy what you really want.
  • Extra activities at the destinations: there are a multitude of activities apart from the places you will visit, the most famous being swimming with dolphins in Bahamas, but there are other schedules that get paid and end up being very worthwhile.

As much as it may seem that there are many extra expenses, it is not quite so, since you will have a super all-inclusive accommodation and the schedule from inside the ship all included, which ends up leaving the trip more peaceful without surprises.

Extra expenses that are already expected are: airfare, round trip transportation to Porto, travel insurance and tips. If you know you can't control shopping, keep a reservation to buy some souvenirs from the ship.

Disney Cruise Line Rooms

Cruise ships have a reputation for having small, claustrophobic staterooms that guests should really only use for sleeping and bathing.


We are not here to suggest that Disney Cruise Line ships are large and luxurious, but it can exceed your expectations.

On the one hand, they are absolutely smaller, smaller than even a quarter of a Walt Disney World Value Resort, the cheapest Disney hotels.

On the other hand, they use space efficiently, are arranged so that you can use them for more than just sleeping and bathing and are well designed.

They are still small and I wouldn't want to spend more than two hours of free time in the cabin every day, but the rooms are nice.

Not all rooms in the same class are the same! It may seem easy to choose a room, as there are only indoor categories, with a sea view and balcony.

However, in fact, there are several “secret” cabins for porches and portholes, as well as mini suites and large rooms, all priced at a lower level than you might expect.

As to which cabin class you should purchase, it depends entirely on you.

Usually the cost of upgrading to a balcony is negligible, so it may be worth doing.

But think about it, on a very short cruise, you won't spend much time in your room.

However, the longer the cruise or the more time you plan to spend in your room, the more worth it is a room with a balcony or sea view.

When to take a Disney cruise?

As there cruises leaving throughout the year, the choice has more to do with your availability and the desired destination. As there are some that come out in just a few seasons, so if you want to do one of these, you'll need to plan your vacation to coincide with it.

If the desire is to take the cruise and still go to the parks of the Walt Disney World, we recommend that you choose cruises departing from the Ports of Miami or Canaveral.

Always check your cruise dates before purchasing your airline tickets, to avoid any setbacks and rush at the beginning or end of your trip.


Tianas Place Disney Cruise
Tianas Place Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line ships offer rotating meals, as well as fine dining for adults, such as Palo and Remy, and a variety of quick service options, so you can grab food on the go or eat while resting on the main deck.

Here are our summaries of the main Disney Magic dining rooms

Animator´s Patale - Animator´s Patale is a restaurant that looks more like a dinner show.

In addition to the shows on stage, this is probably the biggest dose of “Disney magic” you’ll have on board the Disney Cruise Line, as it features a transformation centered on restaurant animation through intelligent Imagineering.

I don't want to spoil anything, but it's definitely not to be missed. The restaurant is supposedly “Pacific Rim”, but it more or less looked like standard American cuisine.


Lumiere´s - Lumiere´s is a fusion restaurant of American and French cuisine. Combines the Art Deco and Beauty and the Beast themes in a stylized restaurant that is elegant yet full of Disney charm and charm.

The dining room is a little chaotic and noisy, but the food and design are great.

Palo - This is the adults-only dining experience aboard the Disney Magic, with a surcharge of US $ 25 per guest. This surcharge is worth so much that you shouldn't even hesitate to make reservations here.

Seriously, many people don't eat at Palo because they already paid too much for the cruise and want to take advantage of the “free” dinner (actually included in the cost of the cruise), but Palo is worth more than a price of US $ 25 compared to others restaurants. You will not regret.

From Rio - The theme is an outdoor market located in Rio de Janeiro and changes from day to night as it changes from day to night on the ship. The name comes from Zé Carioca, who is the parrot of the Três Cabelleros.

In addition to the revolving dinner, here are the other Disney Magic restaurants:

  • Cabanas (Tableware)
  • Daisy's De-Lites (quick service)
  • Pete's boiler stings (quick service)
  • Pinocchio Pizzeria (quick service)

Night on Cruises

The nightlife aboard Disney Cruise Line ships is ... how do we put it ... not so full of life.

Each ship has a few options, but in our experience, none are as popular. Here's what you can find on board the Magic.

After Hours is the adult-only entertainment district, and it's pretty cool in theory.

There are three locations here: O'Gill's Pub, Keys and Fathoms.

The main area here is Fathoms, which is used in the early evening for interactive shows hosted as "Pops" before becoming a dance club later.

O'Gill's and Keys are variations of the same concept, with one Irish pub and the other a modern piano bar.

Night on Disney Cruises
Night on Disney Cruises

In terms of concept and design, all three of these locations are cool.

And as long as you are okay with the entertainment that ends around 9pm or 10pm, they are also fun in practice.

The problem is that, as soon as you are past 10 pm, the number of adults on any Disney Cruise Line ship looking for nightlife is minimal, and that already low number is spread across multiple locations.

If you like the silence of having a place (more or less) for yourself, so that you and your friends can talk, this is great. If you are looking for an energetic scene, this is a horrible thing.

I am somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

I don't like crowded clubs anymore because they are noisy and unpleasant. On the other hand, I don't like bars and other places where no one else is around.

At that point, why not just “party” at home?

This varies somewhat with each navigation, but one thing that seems consistent is that Disney Cruise Line attracts a disproportionate number of families compared to other cruise lines.

Parents are often too tired or overcame nightlife and are not as likely to participate as singles.

We risk guessing that these nightlife spots are busiest on adult-oriented cruises (like an Alaska cruise or repositioning).

You can still have fun with the nightlife, especially if you are the one bringing the party (or, more importantly, the people).

Kids & Family Activities on Disney Cruises

Whether you're looking for entertainment for the whole family or just a place to deposit your kids during the day, Disney Cruise Line offers everything you need!

D Lounge is the main meeting point for activities for the whole family.

Many different things happen here throughout the day, from curiosities to dancing and even Disney Vacation Club performances.

Children, which is more familiar than convincing your parents to buy at Disney Vacation Club? We are talking about your future!

Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior
Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior

The Oceaneer Club is for children aged 3 to 12 and has numerous themed experiences that will appeal to a variety of interests and different age levels.

The spaces themselves look cool, but if someone has feedback from their kids about how much fun these things are, share them in the comments.


First, and probably the most interesting is the Marvel Avengers Academy.

There is also Disney's Pixie Hollow, Toy Story's Andy room and Mickey Mouse Club. Each of these areas is very thematic.

So Andy's Room really looks like your Toy Story room, Pixie Hollow looks like it can be inhabited by fairies, and the Mickey Mouse Club has a strong Mickey Mouse motif.


The Oceaneer Lab, also for children aged 3 to 12, is basically the center of activities.

The coolest thing about it, I think, as a Disney fan, is that it incorporates SEA (Society of Explorers and Adventurers) found at Tokyo DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland and brings it to Disney Magic!

It has a pirate-themed area, where children can steer a pirate ship across the Caribbean, as well as Captain's Workshop, Animator's Studio and Craft Studio, all with interactive activities.

Both places are open from 9:00 am to 0:00 am and are connected by an exclusive corridor for children, so that children can easily use both spaces.

In fact, I'm not sure what the distinction is between the Club and the Laboratory, as the two locations offer interactive activities.

There are also Edge and Quarter Masters, which are basically places to play video games. Vibe is the "club" meeting point for teenagers only.

Arcade on Disney Cruises
Arcade on Disney Cruises

The nursery on board the Disney Magic is called “it's a small world”, and its theme is the attraction of the park. It is for children under 3 years old and has an additional cost.

So remember, parents, taking care of children is FREE for your children over 3 years old, but it costs extra for children under 3 years old.

Plan accordingly when determining when to book your cruise!

Live Shows

Like all things at Disney, Disney Cruise Line offers themed entertainment. Currently, Disney Magic has three Broadway-style shows “Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic,” “Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story,” and “Villains Tonight!”

“Tangled: The Musical” Aboard the Disney Magic
“Tangled: The Musical” Aboard the Disney Magic

These shows are shown on deck 4, Forward at the Walt Disney Theater (a beautiful theater that is worth checking out for itself).

One thing that several people asked us is whether it is worth watching the shows. Our answer is always a qualified “absolutely”.

We absolutely recommend the shows, as these are a big part of what puts “Disney” on the Disney Cruise Line and, more than anything else on board the ship, they are something that you will only find on the Disney Cruise Line. Why would you skip the entertainment that is a defining feature of Disney Cruise Line ?!

We rated the answer “absolutely” because we want to make it clear that we don't think these programs are incredible.

If you look at some comments from the Internet, you will see that they are quite mixed. I would say that you will probably like 2 out of 3 shows if you are a serious Disney fan.

You may even like them all - I suppose it depends on how critical you are.

On the positive side, they all have really strong production values and very talented casts.

The biggest impediment you can have when watching all these shows is dinner. Each of the shows has two performances on selected nights of your cruise, and takes place at 6:15 pm and 8:30 pm (see Personal Navigator to confirm this).

The idea is that if you have an early dinner, go to the show late or vice versa.

For adults traveling without children, this is fine (perhaps unless you have a long meal at the Palo), but for parents with children, dinner and a show can be a bit much.

Beauty and the Beast Disney Cruise Show
Beauty and the Beast Disney Cruise Show

We have two possible recommendations for this: change meal times (you can adjust it when boarding the ship), depending on whether you think dinner first or the show first is best for your children, or make dinner first and watch the bed programs on your TV in the cabin.

The latter suggestion is less ideal, but possibly more realistic. Obviously, you miss a lot of what makes the shows special by watching them on TV and not in the theater, but if you realistically wouldn't be able to make dinner and the theater (and enjoy both), then that's not really a good option

Disney Cruise Line Entertainment

It is impossible to cover all types of entertainment available on the Disney Cruise Line. First of all, because there are more than 20 different things to do every day.

Second, because it changes from cruise to cruise, it is impossible to list everything.

In this area, Personal Navigator is your friend.

Consult the Personal Navigator document or the iPhone application regularly and determine what looks interesting to you on a daily basis.

The shows presented above are the main entertainment on board the Disney Magic, and these are not to be missed.

Additional entertainment consists of activities in the D Lounge (mentioned above), nightlife (also mentioned above), curiosities and other exclusive seminars and presentations.

Mickey's Sail-a-Wave Party
Mickey's Sail-a-Wave Party

There are really so many entertainment options that you can spend the entire cruise “having fun”.

There is also recreation, such as basketball, shuffleboard, ping pong, football and more.

The fitness center offers weight machines and elliptical trainers. Aerobics and yoga classes are also offered.

Obviously, swimming pools are the most popular places for 'fitness' on the Disney Cruise Line, and there are three of them.

One for families, one for adults and one for children - you can read more about these pools here. Add to that the leisure areas and AquaDunk, and there is a lot to do.

AquaDunk has always had a long wait in the middle of the day. It seems that Disney needed something that looked like the AquaDuck water roller coaster on the other ships, and that was all the Disney Magic could handle.

Another great thing for many guests is the Teatro Buena Vista.

This shows Disney films for the first time and is very popular with guests.

Each in his own, but we are not fans of going on a cruise to see a movie.

Although it may seem like a good deal to watch movies for free on the Disney Cruise Line, but if you think about it, you're “paying” for every hour of your time on the ship, so I think it's not worth it.

Why not do things that are really unique for the cruise? That's just our opinion, however, and we understand that some people may need downtime or just want to relax as a family and enjoy the latest Disney movie.

Pirate Night is the 'biggest' entertainment on board the Disney Magic.

Disney Pirate Night Disney Cruise
Disney Pirate Night Disney Cruise

It starts with the encounter of characters in the lobby, followed by a regular revolving dinner (cast members and guests seem to get into the pirate mood), followed by the pirates on the Caribbean dance deck / party and concluding with fireworks fired at the ship's edge. .

If you have kids, this will probably be one of the best activities for you (and for adults who love disney too eheheh).

For character shots, we found the shortest lines at Castaway Cay, where the characters (plus Jack Sparrow) generally didn't have much in terms of queues.

Maybe it's because people don't want pictures of characters when they're in swimsuits?

Maybe the guests will forget their cameras? Whatever the case, we think this is the best time for character photos.

We're not sure if it's “entertainment” itself, but we have nowhere else to put it, so… there's a spa on the ship. It's called Senses Spa & Salon.

We thought about doing something here for the sake of "research" ... until we see the prices. Sorry, you will have to do your own research.

How to book the Disney Cruise Line?

It works more or less the same way when we book a hotel from Disney Complex. The options are:

  • Official website Disney (United States);
  • Central reservation Disney;
  • Operators or travel agencies that are partners of Disney.

So, will you stay out of this? Be sure to enjoy the magic at sea!

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