Beauty and the Beast themed room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

If you are looking for an adventure around the world, we suggest a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort How about staying in Beauty and the Beast's themed room there?

When visiting the resort, guests can enjoy an even more magical stay by booking a character room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

These rooms are inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Tinker Bell, Cinderella or Beautiful and the Beast and are fully themed from floor to ceiling.

Every detail is absolute perfection and you may never want to leave the room.

In this post we will show the room of the characters of the Beauty and the Beast of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and we bet you will be amazed with the details.

Take a look at this breathtaking room.

This post will be a little different and we will focus on sharing more photos because we believe they illustrate in a way that we could never put into words.

The room is beautiful, with 3 beds, a table and chairs, armchairs and even a sofa.

Upon entering the room, you'll find a perfect little vanity for Belle to prepare for a day at the parks.

Sultan, the 'bench' dog, is the dressing table seat.

Even the legs are sculpted to look like feet, and facing the same side. Too cute right?

Around the vanity mirror, you will find more characters, the enchanted rose and many books.

You'll find Disney stories in various places on wallpaper printing, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin and Pocahontas.

The bathroom has a sliding door that can separate the entire area of the room, plus two individual doors with a toilet behind one and a shower and bath behind the other.

The wallpaper is brighter here and has more characters, including Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Bathroom doors are another wonderful feature in this room.

They were designed to look like stained glass and show scenes from the film, including Belle and the prince.

When the light is turned on inside the room, the colors really appear. On the other side of this door, you will find the shower and the bathtub, as well as a window with the enchanted rose.

The other door presents the castle scene. You'll find the bathroom behind this one.

The bathroom has a large bath and shower. There is a small window in the bathroom with an image of the enchanted rose, if you look closely.

You will find the bathroom on the other side.

The bedroom has three small beds, each with an image of the rose above and more wallpaper from books in the middle.

Above the beds, the covered curtains give some of the real treatment to the room.

Bela, reading a book, of course, is featured in every corridor of the bed, and the ruffles underneath resemble her golden dress.

Each bed has its own pair of lights directly above, perfect for reading.

The colors and design of the headboard resemble the furniture of the Castelo da Besta, with a stained glass image of the enchanted rose in the center.

The living room has a sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table and end tables.

This makes it a great place to sit and enjoy breakfast before heading to the parks.

All the furniture is beautiful and surprisingly comfortable.

Even the final tables are themed around the room.

Every detail in this room is inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

There is also a dresser and TV, as well as a table and chairs. There are many places to sit and go out in this room.

The carpet is bright and bold, with subtle roses in the design.

Disney really work hard to maintain the beauty of this resort.

There is even a small chandelier on the beds. We said that this was a floor to ceiling theme!

There is also a TV on the dressing table.

Lumiere and Cogsworth make more subtle appearances on the purple wallpaper throughout the room, in case you miss them hiding there.

There are artworks of characters hanging in the coffee and tea area with Bela in a green dress. It really complements the colors on the walls in that area as well.

You'll also find some bottles and small glasses of liquor in the drawer, in case you need something after a day at the parks.

There is a window hidden behind the curtains beside the bed, in case you are wondering.

This Beauty and the Beast character room really adds a lot of Disney magic to your stay at Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Source: WDW News Today

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