The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - Attraction

The Spider man has always been one of my favorite superheroes of all. And there is a great chance it will be yours too. Therefore, the The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man It is one of my favorite Orlando attractions.

It is also known among Brazilians as a spiderman simulator. It is not for nothing, it is exactly that.

But those who think it is a common simulator are wrong! I'm pretty sure you've never seen a simulator like this before.

I was very excited to talk about this attraction here on the blog. Honestly she is one of my favorite attractions of ALL orlando!

Despite being a relatively old attraction and considered to be outdated, its immersion and interaction is truly amazing!

But to be honest 100%, the appeal of attraction is not just Spider-Man. After all, there is a reason why the toy has won the Golden Ticket Awards for 12 consecutive years.

But so what is this attraction? Is it really worthwhile to set aside a time for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man when in Islands of Adventures? Let's see in this article!

What is The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man like?

If you have ever had a chance to visit the universal parks and from Disney You know there's a big difference between them.

Disney ones have "analog" attractions with little digital stuff. Everything there is “real”, the result of the company's incredible engineering work.

But Universal's use and abuse digital and practical effects, mixing styles to create new things.

This difference is very clear in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. This attraction is a dark ride blend with 3D projection, practical effects, physical locations and moving vehicles.

That is, it is quite different from the theme park pattern. Maybe that's why it's so successful.

In short, the attraction puts visitors in the role of breaking reporters for The Daily Bugle, JJ Jameson's newspaper, and where Peter Parker often works in comics. 

As newly hired journalists, the role of visitors is to cover the attack of a group known as Sinister Syndicate, which captured the Statue of Liberty with an anti-gravity weapon.

This group has villains such as Doctor Octopus, Electro and Elf Macabro. Of course, Spider-Man appears to face the villains and visitors are caught in the middle of the fight.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Queue

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal & #8217; s Islands of Adventure.

The attraction, like virtually all of Orlando, has an interactive queue to lessen the impact of waiting so long for fun.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man line simulates the basis of the Daily Bugle. We start with videos featuring the newspaper and its new vehicle, the Scoop. This is where users will be during the attraction.

As we walk in line, we cross the Daily Clarion's empty newsroom and watch the live news of the villain attack on TV. It is clear that all local journalists have fled, and when we meet JJ Jameson, he has no choice but to hire all participants to ride the Scoop and cover the case.

In attraction

As always, we won't spoil the attraction, but the Spider-Man adventure is amazing. 

We meet the hero right away, but it doesn't take long for the villain group to appear. We passed the New York Underground, the Hudson River, and other famous places. All this while the main enemies of the Arachnid try to attack us.

The cool thing about the attraction is that, in addition to the 3D projection, the cart moves and adapts to the movements of the story, to give the feeling that it is really happening.

When is the best time to go to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man?

Being such a well-known and coveted tourist attraction, it is normal for there to be plenty of queues at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

The toy opened in 1999 and has become one of the best in Orlando since then, undergoing a makeover in 2011 (which made the toy more suppressed and very high definition image).

Because of this, it is one of the most visited attractions of the Islands of Adventures and the queue is usually quite long.

No wonder we put The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man right at the beginning of our script for 1 day at Islands of Adventures.

The ideal is to go there as soon as the park opens. It should be your first or second attraction, to take small lines. If you can't, then let go at the end of the day, near the park's closing time, so as not to spend too much time standing still.

Is it worth buying the Universal Express Pass?

Look, if it's ONLY for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, no. But overall, it is worth it. Because the Universal Express Pass it really saves a lot of time.

But pay close attention to stocking calendars! This is because there are times when parks are naturally empty.

So, before buying your express pass, we recommend a walk through the park, see some key attractions like Harry Potter and Hulk.

If the queue of 2 is over 100 minutes, then we recommend purchasing the Express Pass from Universal.

At Islands of Adventures, there are several attractions that are very popular. Because of this, it is worth using the fast ticket to cut the lines and have privileged access to the toys.

For example, without the Express Pass I think you can go once, at most twice in Spider-Man attraction if you get it right. With Express, you don't have to get organized so much and you can go more often, and see the whole park.

Is it worth going on Spider-Man's attraction?

After all this, is there any doubt left? Yes, of course it's worth going to the Spider-Man attraction at Islands of Adventures. And how worth it!

For anyone who is a fan of the character and grew up watching his cartoon on TV (or reading the comic books), The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is the closest to realizing a dream with the hero.

The feeling is really cool and it really looks like you got in the middle of a Spider-Man movie. You'll be thrilled with the fun and sure enough you want to go again. At least a couple of times.

What if I'm not a Spiderman fan?

This is a valid question. After all, most of the franchise-themed attractions (especially superheroes) appeal to fans. 

But you can safely say that it's worth going to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man even if you never liked the character.

The attraction is fantastic even without all the hero theme. The movements, the 3D projection… all combine well to create the feeling that that adventure is real. The experience is amazing.

After all, it was no wonder that the toy won for 12 consecutive years the Golden Ticket Awards of one of the best attractions in Orlando, right?

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