Old Town Kissimmee – The Complete Guide

Taking a tour of Old Town Kissimmee can be great for relaxing.

After all, there are several places to go and have fun outside of Disney.

So, get to know more about the neighborhood and find out which places you can't miss.

What is Old Town Kissimmee

Visiting Orlando doesn't have to be just Disney parks.

Also, there are several places that you can find around. So you can rest or stop before meeting Mickey.

Kissimmee is a city next to Orlando.

They are very close and, therefore, many stay there.

That way, they can end up saving money by not choosing a hotel inside Disney.

Old Town Kissimmee - Fun Spot
Old Town Kissimmee – Fun Spot

Turns out Kissimmee doesn't just have to be a place to sleep and then head out to the parks.

Also, you can take tours there and have fun. For example in Old Town.

The place looks like it was frozen in time. There are several buildings that refer to the 50's and 60's.

In fact, there are many places to rest or spend time, such as:

– Exhibition of cars;
- Amusement park;
- Shops;
– Restaurants.

Discover some tours you can do in Old Town.

This way, you will enjoy your stay in Florida even more.

Fun on the ride in Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town has several classic attractions that everyone passing by should know.

So, the tour gets even richer and you can enjoy it much more.

So, know which places can't be left out of the trip planning.

Classic Car Show

That Old Town Kissimmee tour it's almost a tradition. All visitors pass through the exhibition.

The Classic Car Show is a car show.

However, it is not just any type, but the old and classic models. That is, it is an interesting tour even for those who do not like cars very much.

Classic Car Show - Old Town Kissimme
Classic Car Show – Old Town Kissimme (Credits: @myoldtownusa)

See how they were built and, in addition, the owners of the vehicle are close by to give information about the car.

The exhibition makes you know more about ancient times.

It's not often that the Classic Car Show happens.

But, the most common days for the exhibition are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In fact, the activity is free.

ferris wheel

The Ferris Wheel attraction is a famous Ferris wheel in Old Town.

She appears in several photos of the neighborhood, it's almost a postcard of the place.

This Ferris wheel is so well known that some people decide to spend important dates there.

Old Town Kissimmee – Ferris Wheel

For example, revelation tea or marriage proposals.

Which is easy to understand why, after all, the landscape makes everything more magical.

If you just want to go on the Ferris wheel for fun, without big events, it's not free. However, admission is not usually that expensive.

On the other hand, even without entering, it is worth stopping by to take pictures.

Happy Days Family Fun Center

Arcades can be some of the more retro elements. Places people went to have fun before the internet was so strong.

These places still exist, however, they are very few when compared to past years.

Visiting gaming venues is a good tour in Old Town Kissimmee.

So you can have fun with the whole family in the arcades. Plus, there are games for all ages.

Happy Days Family Fun Center - Old Town Kissimme
Happy Days Family Fun Center – Old Town Kissimme

Happy Days Family Fun Center even has events to entertain more customers. So, be sure to stop by on some special days to enjoy:

– Throwback Thursday: every Thursday;
– Family Fun Friday: every Friday;
– Club Party Saturday: every Saturday.

Sometimes events are held on special dates.

For example, a Halloween party with a costume contest.

Fun Spot America

This attraction is right next to the neighborhood and can be part of the ride on Old Town Kissimmee.

In addition, it is also a very famous place for everyone who goes to visit the place.

Fun Spot America is a typical American movie amusement park. In addition, there are several radical toys to enjoy.

Fun Spot America - Old Town Kissimme
Fun Spot America – Old Town Kissimme

It's not a good place to spend all day because there aren't as many machines and presentations.

But it's worth going there and having fun. Even more, some of the toys present in the park are:

– Mine Blower Coaster: roller coaster;
– Headrush 360: a toy where people turn and turn upside down;
– Screamer: elevator;
– Carousel.

It's free to enter the park, but you have to pay to go to the rides. However, the price is usually not very high.

Mortem Manor Haunted Attraction

The Old Town Kissimmee tour can also include a haunted house. This is Mortem Manor, a place with lots of monsters that scare anyone who appears.

The house does not function as an ordinary horror attraction.

Mortem Manor - Old Town Kissimme
Mortem Manor – Old Town Kissimme

For example, enter and start being chased by strange creatures. In addition, you can choose from several different packages.

One of the most interesting and strange is the simulation of a burial. That is, you go into a coffin and they bury you.

Of course, they do this with the utmost security.

Mortem Manor Store - Old Town Kissimme
Mortem Manor Store – Old Town Kissimme

It is also possible to take a tour of the house.

Thus, you can be followed by hauntings that appear to scare you.

Each package has a different price.

However, none of them goes beyond U$ 20. So it's a good tour to take if you're a horror fan.

The Great Magic Hall

Anyone who enjoys magic shows will love The Great Magic Hall. The place guarantees fun for the whole family.

The shows take place during three times of the day. Thus, there are sessions at 15:00, 19:00 and 21:00. In addition, they last between 30 and 40 minutes.

The Great Magic Hall
The Great Magic Hall

The on-site experience is the best it can be. Staff do everything to make visitors feel good and happy.

What's more, magicians are also very friendly and know how to hold the audience's attention.

You have to pay to enter, but the price is very low. So it's just U$ 10 to enjoy one of the best magic shows in the United States.

Other attractions in Old Town Kissimmee

Some events don't happen all the time, but they can arrive as early as the days of your stay.

Old Town Kissimme Neighborhood
Old Town Kissimme Neighborhood

That's why it's always good to keep an eye on the site from the neighborhood.

It marks special events for you to enjoy at ride on Old Town Kissimmee.

Old Town Kissimmee Restaurants

When taking a tour of the neighborhood attractions, you need to stop for a while to eat.

That way, you'll have more energy to keep having fun for the rest of the day.

So, get to know the best places to eat in Old Town.

Flippers Pizzeria

This pizzeria is great for lunch or dinner. After all, it is more complete meals that sustain better.

Flippers Pizzeria
Flippers Pizzeria

The house specialty is pizza, however, it is possible to order other dishes.

For example, salads, sandwiches or calzones.

In addition, the customer himself can assemble his pizza or calzone as he wants.

Food prices are not that high.

Flippers Pizzeria - Old Town Kissimme
Flippers Pizzeria – Old Town Kissimme

So, it can be a good option for those who want to save money on the trip.

Even more, the place has vegetarian options.

Southern Breeze

Another great restaurant for those who want a full meal in tour in Old Town Kissimmee.

The place also sells different drinks. So, if you are of legal age, order a drink to try.

Southern Breeze
Southern Breeze

For those who have not yet reached the age of majority, Southern Breeze also has several options.

So you can order food like hamburger or onion rings.

The prices of the place are also not very high. Also, some dishes have the option of putting extra food in for a little extra. In the end, the customer leaves more than satisfied.

Froggers Grill & Bar

This bar is ideal for those who want to stop for a short time and have something to eat.

Even more, the specialty of the place are appetizers and drinks.

Froggers Grill & Bar
Froggers Grill & Bar

There are several foods such as hamburger, sandwich and salad.

That is, they are like the bars that appear in American movies or series.

The price is also not that high.

Froggers Grill & Bar - Old Town Kissimme
Froggers Grill & Bar – Old Town Kissimme

So, it's good for those who don't want to spend so much on tour in Old Town Kissimmee.

Auntie Anne's

If in the middle of the tour you feel like eating some sweets, Auntie Anne's may be the best option.

They have a variety of pretzels to choose from.

The place makes pretzels differently, out of the ordinary that everyone knows.

For example, mini pretzel dogs, a small pretzel dough with sausage in the middle.

In addition, it also has a bucket full of candy, ideal for sharing with the family.

Because it's a snack, the price is lower. Even more, you can shop and go out to enjoy the ride while sampling the sweets.

This way, Old Town gets even better.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Cafe

Another place that sells great sweets. This time, the place has foods like cookies, ice cream and waffles. The price is also more affordable, so take advantage if you want to save.

It's great for anyone looking to take a break from the ride in Old Town Kissimmee.

Or, still, you also want to buy, go back to the street and enjoy it even more.

The place has a retro aesthetic, good for those who like to post on social networks. In addition, the employees themselves make the ice creams.

To top it off, there's a delicious banana split cheesecake, you can't miss it.

Sun on the Beach

This bar is perfect for those looking for a place to end the night.

After all, it's not just for eating.

In addition, the place has music and is ideal for those who enjoy ballads.

Some of the days are themed.

Sun on the Beach
Sun on the Beach

For example, there's Friday '80s Night, for those who want to enjoy the 80s. Or Sunday Latin Night, with Latin music and themes.

There are several special drinks for those who can drink alcoholic beverages. So, remember that this place is not ideal for children.

Even more, you can enjoy the Old Town nightlife until 2am, when the bar closes.

The Downtown Delhi

Imagine that you are in Old Town Kissime tour and get hungry. However, you don't want to eat such a complete meal.

Downtown Deli might be ideal.

The menu is large with many different options.

In addition, the place has a snack called gyros. That is, a type of Greek sandwich similar to a wrap, with several possible fillings.

Nachos and pretzels are also sold.

In fact, they are highly praised by customers.

So, be sure to stop by the bar to try the food.

Shops in Old Town Kissimmee

Of course after the tour it's worth taking a souvenir home. So you can go through the most different shops in Old Town. Discover some of the best ones that are ideal for buying souvenirs.

The Old TownPortraitGallery

Carrying just a neighborhood locksmith might not be enough. After all, it's all too common.

However, of course, Old Town would have unique stores for you to take home the most different objects possible.

This is the case of The Old Town Portrait Gallery store.

In it, you take Photos themes to keep in mind. But, it's not just any photograph.

The store has old props and clothing.

Old Town Kissimme stores
Old Town Kissimme stores

So it looks like the customer has just stepped out of the Victorian Era or early 20th century. There are many scenarios to take several different photos.

You can take family or even wedding photos. Or, still, portraits that resemble a movie about old gangs.

In addition, the price of the experience varies according to the number of people that will be photographed.

Skully Rock 'N Roll Experience

This store is ideal for those who are fans of Rock. Even more for those who want to gift someone who likes music.

The place sells various objects of Rock 'N Roll culture. 

You can find clothes, pictures or posters of bands. They also sell jewelry inspired by this musical style.

Skully Rock 'N Roll Experience
Skully Rock 'N Roll Experience

The Skully Rock 'N Roll Experience is one of Old Town's best-known stores. 

Be sure to stop by to take a look.

In the end, you're sure to find the best souvenir to take home.

Wound 'N Around

Pop culture lovers will love Wound 'N Around. The store sells several products with images from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

In addition, it has objects with photos of famous artists to this day such as Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles.

It's not just artists who are present in the store's products. Even more, there are also references to movies, such as Star Wars.

Wound 'N Around - Old Town Kissimme Store
Wound 'N Around – Old Town Kissimme Store

Thus, it is a great place for those who like geek culture.

You can find objects like cups, posters, photos or bags. They also sell t-shirts with pictures of old classic cars.

In this way, the store brings all the old atmosphere present in the tour in Old Town Kissimmee.

British Isle Connection

There was a time when the UK was booming. This was due to the bands and artists who came from these countries, such as the Beatles and Queen.

Moreover, to this day, English productions are famous all over the world.

The British Isle Connection store is for those who are passionate about British culture. There you can find miniatures of the classic telephone booths.

British Isle Connection
British Isle Connection

Or even several products from the Doctor Who series.

They also have European chocolates and Scottish and Irish drinks. Even more, there's Irn-Bru, a caffeinated drink famous in Scotland.

It's worth stopping by to see it.

Filthy Rich

Imagine being able to wear the same jewelry that celebrities wear without paying so much. For this, you can buy from Filthy Rich.

The store has pieces inspired by others already used by well-known artists.

There are many different types of jewelry.

For example, the blue heart necklace from Titanic, Marilyn Monroe earrings or Meghan Markle ring.

Filthy Rich – Shop in Old Town Kissimme

There are also pieces for men, such as rings by Robert Downey Jr, Ashton Kutcher or Jason Momoa.

The most interesting thing is that the store also sells miniatures of famous guitars. Like that of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon or Paul Stanley.

In addition, it also has other instruments, such as the drums of Ringo Starr, from the Beatles.

Remember: all products in the store are replicas. So, you are not going to buy the real jewelry of the famous. Therefore, the price ends up being more affordable.

Old Town General Store

Strolling through Old Town is like stepping back in time, with several structures that remind you of the 50's and 60's. Therefore, it would be great to be able to take some of that back home.

Therefore, the Old Town General Store is ideal.

The store sells several products reminiscent of the 50's and 60's.

Old Town General Store - Old Town Kissimmee
Old Town General Store – Old Town Kissimmee

For example, paintings, t-shirts, and even objects inspired by the old Coca-Cola aesthetic. Even more, there are the perfect souvenirs like T-shirts with “Old Town” written on them.

Maybe it's the best store to take a souvenir. After all, it has all the essence of district. In the end, you will take a part of Old Town with you.

Enjoy the ride in Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town is close to the Disney parks.

So, despite not being part of Orlando, plan a day to get to know the neighborhood.

It's worth it and the cultural experience is huge. It's a perfect place for those who like or want to know more about the 50's and 60's.

Old Town Kissimme
Old Town Kissimme

So be sure to make a Old Town Kissimmee tour and discover its attractions and cuisine. Afterwards, don't forget to take some souvenirs so you don't forget about the trip.

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