Disney in Paris: 9 places you need to visit

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The Disney in Paris It is a great option for those who want to discover one of the most famous complexes in the world in Europe. Just like the Walt Disney World, a Disneyland Paris It is a space with hotels and parks full of attractions for you to discover.

What to do at Disney in Paris?

There's plenty to do at Disney in Paris besides visiting the park attractions, as the place is a complex that also has hotels, restaurants and shops. Additionally, you can enjoy the seasonal events that take place there.

9 places you need to visit

To help you make the most of Disney, check out a list of 9 places you need to visit. So, when you're planning your trip, don't forget to include the following places in your itinerary:

  1. Sleeping Beauty Castle;
  2. Fantasyland;
  3. Discoveryland;
  4. Adventureland;
  5. Frontierland;
  6. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror;
  7. Avengers Campus;
  8. Worlds of Pixar;
  9. Disney Village.

1 – Sleeping Beauty Castle

Located at the end of Main Street USA, the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Sleeping Beauty Castle) is one of the most classic attractions in Disney parks. The castle has the classic animation design and displays all its beauty from the top of a hill.

Disney in Paris: 9 places you need to visit
Sleeping Beauty Castle cannot be missed on your visit to Disney in Paris – Photo by Thomas Evraert on Unsplash

A difference is the possibility of getting to know it from the inside and having a complete experience, after all. You can relive the story, go up to the balconies to get a general view of the park and, finally, meet the dragon that protects the castle.

Finally, in addition to enjoying the attraction during the day and taking the classic photo in front of the place, you can also come back at the end of the day to enjoy Disney Illuminations, which is the light show with projections on the castle and fireworks.

2 – Fantasyland

Fantasyland, in turn, is an area with several classic animation attractions, such as: 

  • Alice in Wonderland;
  • Snow White;
  • Peter Pan;
  • Pinocchio. 

You can explore an Alice-themed maze and spin in the Mad Hatter's cups. In addition, there are also the Princess Pavilion and Meet Mickey Mouse, which are spaces where visitors can meet and take photos with the princesses and Mickey.

3 – Discoveryland

Just like in Orlando's parks, you can visit the future at Tomorrowland, but in Paris, this place is called Discoveryland and it's worth visiting the place. Highlighting the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, which takes you on an intergalactic journey.

You can find other themed attractions, for example, Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear, as well as Autopia, where you can drive a futuristic car and also a 4D musical show with classic Disney soundtracks.

4 – Adventureland

Adventureland is another place you need to visit, as there is the classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction along with the restaurant with the same theme. 

There you can also take advantage of the Adventure Isle, in order to explore pirate attractions and also visit La Cabane des Robinson, finally, there is also the Indiana Jones themed roller coaster.

5 – Frontierland

In Frontierland there is a roller coaster that the most adventurous cannot miss, Big Thunder Mountain. This is considered by many to be the best version of the attraction compared to other parks.

There you will also find Phantom Manor, the famous haunted mansion. For those who enjoy a good mystery with a touch of horror, this is a place that cannot be left off the list, as it promises to tell chilling stories.

6 – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Another attraction present in other Disney parks around the world is the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. So, if you enjoy those butterflies in your stomach, enter the Hollywood Tower and take the classic photo as the elevator falls.

7 – Avengers Campus

For Marvel fans, Avengers Campus is the perfect place to meet the heroes, as you can take photos and undergo training with Spider-Man and other Avengers at the Hero Training Center.

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You can also enjoy immersive attractions such as Spider-Man WEB Adventure, in which visitors go on a mission with Spider-Man. Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is another unmissable roller coaster.

8 – Worlds of Pixar

Anyone who loves Disney Pixar animations cannot miss visiting Worlds of Pixar, especially the Ratatouille: The Adventure attraction. In this 4D experience, you become the size of the famous Remy mouse as you walk around a giant kitchen.

It is possible to enjoy a peaceful tour, for example, in addition to taking lots of photos on the Cars ROAD TRIP, where you will see the characters from the film Cars and tour the well-known film sets.

9 – Disney Village

Finally, Disney Village is the perfect destination for those who don't know what to buy at disney. Although there are several shops and restaurants scattered throughout the parks, it is worth visiting the establishments in this region.

Disney in Paris: 9 places you need to visit
Disney Village is one of the attractions in Paris. Image by Aline Dassel by Pixabay

You can visit the Disney Store and find everything in one place. In addition, the place also has a cinema and live entertainment, not to mention the PanoraMagique attraction, which is a ride in a giant balloon.

How many parks does Disney have in Paris?

Disney in Paris has two parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Both have several attractions that appeal to the most diverse audiences. Then, check out what you will find there.

Disneyland park

Disneyland Park is the most classic park where you can find castles and other Disney princess attractions, for example. This space is divided into five areas:

  • Main Street USA;
  • Discoveryland;
  • Fantasyland;
  • Adventureland;
  • Frontierland.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Walt Disney Studios Park is an immersive park with several Disney, Pixar and Marvel film and animation experiences. There you will find the following areas:

  • Front Lot;
  • Toon Studio;
  • Worlds of Pixar;
  • Production Courtyard;
  • Avengers Campus.

How to get to Disney in Paris?

You can get to Disney in Paris by car, public transport or official transfer. Disneyland is approximately 45 km from the center of Paris and there are transport options from the airports, and you can also choose to rent a car.

Other very popular options are the trains/metros that leave Paris and take you directly to the parks. So, just take the RER A line and stay at one of the two stations close to the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy parks.

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