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Written By Carlos Braga

Many Brazilians who go to Orlando to visit the Disney parks don't know the Whispering Canyon, by the way, many do not even know what this restaurant is or where it is.

However, those who visit the restaurant return full of praise.

And it is no less. In fact, Whispering Canyon is one of the top tourist restaurants on the Disney complex.

After all, it brings together the best of the entire Mickey Mouse House experience: entertainment and impeccable service.

I had the immense pleasure of visiting this restaurant on the program that we went to at the invitation of Disney itself, the Magic Influencers.

And I have to say that I just loved it! Both in terms of food and ambience, the Whispering Canyon impressed me a lot!

And besides, it's inside one of the most beautiful Disney hotels I've visited. Disney's Wilderness Lodge.

But why only talk if you can see how our trip was on the show:

If you are planning your trip to Disney and want to add a unique culinary experience to your itinerary, you need to visit this restaurant.

Were you curious? So keep reading the text until the end!

What is the Whispering Canyon?

Let's start from the beginning: after all, what is the Whispering Canyon?

It is a restaurant that mixes good food, thematic decoration and a very fun interactive service.

But let's go in parts!

Whispering Canyon is an Old West themed restaurant. It simulates a family farmhouse on the frontier of the Old West, with customers being part of the ?family? local.

The entire space is decorated to simulate a cowboy and western movie environment.

Whispering Canyon Cafe
Whispering Canyon Cafe

In addition to the decoration, the theme also takes the interaction in the service. Waiters treat guests like family, calling them cousins. In addition, they also do several interactive pranks.

Finally, the food is all thematic and classic of old American cuisine. All dishes, therefore, are typical of the Old West and rural USA.

What are the jokes in the restaurant?

One of the most striking features of Whispering Canyon is the banter the staff plays with customers.

As we speak, they treat everyone like family. Then, you already know, right?, it looks like a family lunch or dinner.

This means they call everyone cousins, talk in a loud voice, and play lots of pranks on everyone. For example, an attendant might start complaining if you order too many things.

How a cousin really varies at a family lunch.

Of course, the claim is not "for real". This is just a joke. That's why it's so funny.

Another classic joke is that of ?ketchup?. If you ask for ?ketchup? to one of the attendants, he? well, let's not tell (watch the video at the beginning of this post).

It's a very classic joke of the place.

Other games include:

  • stick horse racing;
  • serving 2 or 3 more drink refills than you ordered;
  • serve soups without spoons.

Sometimes, the attendants can ?implicate? with a member of your group. This makes the person the main target of pranks.

There are cases of people who had to write down the order on a napkin because the attendants ?refused? to accept the request. It is also common for the person to order a dish and the attendant to eat in front of him.

This is a "joke", of course. For those who like to party, Whispering Canyon is an amazing place.

However, it is important to note that, for some people, games can be too much. In that case, the restaurant won't be much fun. 

Therefore, we only recommend a visit to Whispering Canyon for those who enjoy this type of interaction and take the ?implication? of the attendants in the good.

What's on the menu at Whispering Canyon?

Whispering Canyon is well known for its pranks. However, don't think that's the restaurant's only draw.

In fact, it has a very good menu and serves delicious food. A lot of people go there just for the food, it's so good.

The menu is typical of rural and traditional American cuisine. Therefore, most of the dishes are very easy to eat and don't have anything too "different". Check out some of the main options available below!

Breakfast at Whispering Canyon

whispering-canyon-cafe Breakfast
whispering-canyon-cafe Breakfast

The breakfast menu at the restaurant is very complete, but a little pricey. 

The main dishes are the Skillets. They are like a multi-dish set. A lot of things are served and you can ask for a refill of ingredients, as if it were a buffet.

It has three options:

  • The Heritage, with traditional foods (Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, rustic potatoes, bacon, sausage and buttermilk bread);
  • The Lighter Side, which is lighter (with oatmeal, fresh fruit, yogurt, spinach, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, waffles and rustic potatoes);
  • and The Carnivore, which is heavier and with more meat (buttermilk bread, cheddar cheese, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs, ham, bonito breast, bacon and sausage).

Each one costs $22 dollars.

There are other options, such as omelettes, eggs benedict, Belgian waffle, rolled oats and fresh fruit platter for each season. They cost between USD $12 and USD $16 each.

Lunch and Dinner at Whispering Canyon

Whispering Canyon's lunch and dinner menu is very good. The main dish is Skillet (see photo below).

whispering-canyon-cafe Skillet Almoco
whispering-canyon-cafe Skillet Almoco

However, there is only one variation. it costs $24 dollars and comes with:

  • pork ribs with barbecue sauce;
  • chicken made with herbs;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • buttered corn;
  • carrot;
  • braised peas;
  • Grilled Peppers.

It is worth remembering that you can ask for a refill of each of these items in the Skilleteven if it means some joke from the attendants.

Other options include delicious grilled sandwiches, salads and hamburgers. Prices range from USD $18 to USD $21 per dish.

For desserts, they have fruit pies, chocolate cake, apple pie and panna cotta. Prices are from USD $8 to USD $9.50.

For children, there is a good option for people to create their own dish. Basically, you choose a main item (macaroni and cheese, chicken quesadilla, grilled fish, cheeseburger, nuggets or chicken breast) and a few sides.

How to go to the restaurant? Do I need to reserve a date?

It is not mandatory to book a date, but it is recommended as it tends to fill up because of the games. It's a very popular restaurant.

It is located at Wilderness lodgebut it's very close to the Magic Kingdom.

You can drive or take the Disney Bus to Disney Springs, whichever is easier for you.

As you can see, the Whispering Canyon it is a unique experience.

Not only is the food excellent, it turns the meal into a really fun interactive game.

We highly recommend going to this restaurant from Disney!

Extra Tip

If you are going to have breakfast at Whispering Canyon, enjoy a free tour that the Wilderness Lodge hotel offers called: “Wonders of the lodge Tour”.

This is a free tour of this WONDERFUL hotel that has a lot of history of Walt Disney!

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