Walt Disney World Resorts: see which are the best establishments to visit

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The Walt Disney World Resorts It is one of the places that attracts the most people in the world due to the magic that the place exudes. Since, the fun starts where you are staying, however, know what it is, as well as the establishments you need to know.

Do you know what Walt Disney World Resorts is?

Walt Disney World Resorts is a complex of hotels, shops, restaurants and parks in the magical world of Disney in Orlando, Florida, USA. 

These are themed and very luxurious establishments for those looking to have an even more complete experience and enjoy the place's main attractions. In principle, there are more than 121 square kilometers of area that covers its territory.

There, you can choose to stay in a Resort Hotels from Disney to spend your days in Orlando in the best way. In addition, you will be closer to the complex's 6 parks, which are:

The last two are aquatic, while it is one of the escapes for tourists to cool off and escape the strong heat of Orlando. Plus, being at one of the Disney resorts allows you to get to events and attractions first, as well as take photos with the characters.

Another advantage of staying at this hotel complex is enjoying the cuisine and having stores with different brands for your shopping. 

Why stay at Walt Disney World Resorts?

Resorts don't let the atmosphere of magic, adventure and attractions drop, even if you're in a hotel. This is because, within the locations it is possible to find Disney characters, like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and many others.

The entire hotel chain is themed, from guest rooms to restaurants. Furthermore, anyone taking a swim in the pool will have an even more immersive experience, with slides and several other fun options.

Not to mention that you will also be close to Disney parks, so you can enjoy the magic kingdom attractions, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. In other words, you will make the most of every moment of your vacation in Orlando.

What are the best establishments to visit at Walt Disney World Resorts?

At Walt Disney World Resort you have a range of establishments to visit, such as the parks, restaurants and stores for shopping. In other words, everything will depend on what you want, check out more details in the following topics.

Walt Disney World Resorts: see which are the best establishments to visit
At Walt Disney World Resorts, you can visit several establishments in the complex. Image by garetsvisual on Freepik.

Stores at Disney World Resorts

Those who go to Orlando looking to do their shopping have the famous shopping center as an option. Disney springs. In short, there you will find attractions, brand stores and other options, in addition to this, you can also go to:

  • Mouse Gear, a store that sells Disney products at Epcot;
  • Emporium, located in Magic Kingdom;
  • Mickey?s Pilhar Magic, which is also located in the Magic Kingdom.

There are many options for you to visit and check out the offers, as well as the items you want to buy for your family. However, the ideal is to always arrive early at these places, as, depending on the day, there may be a lot of people, which leads to queues and waiting.

Restaurant options

At Walt Disney World Resorts, besides the attractions and events to visit, there are restaurant options for you to enjoy, for example:

  • Be Our Guest, which is a Beauty And The Beast themed restaurant;
  • Cinderella?s Royal Table, for you to dine inside the Princess' castle;
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse, a Canadian restaurant;
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, with a retro theme featuring fiction films.
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There are several options you have for a unique meal at Disney. At first, not only because of the good cuisine you will find, but also because of the magical and incredible atmosphere that each place offers.

Attractions to visit at Disney Resorts

At Walt Disney World Resorts, there is a huge range of attractions for you to visit. The options are among the main parks, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, as well as the water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

When visiting one of these places, the range extends even further, while there are a series of themed events to admire, for example:

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance;
  • Pirates of the Caribbean;
  • Avatar Flight of Passage.

These are themed attractions for those who are fans of Disney's successful works. Therefore, whoever visits any of them will not only have a high-quality attraction and entertainment, but also a unique experience.

How to choose the best Walt Disney World Resorts?

At Walt Disney World Resorts, your choice will depend on some important factors, such as your budget, that is, how much you intend to spend on the trip. In summary, to arrive at this value, consider some vital points, for example:

  • how many people will go on the trip;
  • daily expenses with food and transportation;
  • purchasing tickets for the events and attractions you will visit;
  • accommodation in economic, moderate and luxury options;
  • money for shopping and extra expenses.

Add all of this and whatever amounts you deem necessary for your trip to Disney. However, remember that it is vital to always have money in reserve in case of emergencies, in addition, consider the topics that you will see below.

Walt Disney World Resorts: see which are the best establishments to visit
At Walt Disney World Resorts, it's important to have a good budget when choosing locations. Image by Bo shou on Pexels.

Features and amenities

Before choosing the ideal resort hotel for you and your family, evaluate each one of them to find out how they will meet your needs. In summary, some examples to consider are swimming pools, number of rooms, services and prices.

Also make sure that, before booking, there is no special offer or promotion for you to get a discount on. Since, depending on your total expense, this can make a lot of difference.

Analyze reviews from previous customers of the location you have chosen to find out what the services are like and what is best to take advantage of. This way, you will arrive at the resort of your choice ready to make the most of it.

How to save money when choosing Walt Disney World Resorts?

When choosing Walt Disney Resorts, always pay attention to promotions and special offers that will arise and take advantage of the opportunity. This will help you save a lot of money, as prices in normal times are, in principle, much more expensive.

Consult a travel agent to find out about news that may be of interest to you, however, they will also help you choose a good hotel. Additionally, you can check out the discounts that Disney offers, as well as other types of promotions for tourists.

Another good tip is to buy everything in advance, as prices may be lower depending on the date you choose. In this sense, opting for economy resorts can also be ideal.

This is because the values for this range are much more affordable than those in the moderate and luxury classes. This way, you won't spend as much on your accommodation and you can use the money to have fun at the attractions, as well as restaurants and shopping.

Short stay and sharing of expenses

A good idea to save money on your trip is to take a short stay at Disney. In other words, plan your trip with fewer days, but enough time to make the most of everything you want.

Also arrange with the people in your group to share the expenses, depending on the people, such as friends and family. This way the costs won't be as heavy and everyone will enjoy their vacation better.

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When is the best time to go to Walt Disney World Resorts?

To choose Walt Disney World Resorts, the best time is the low season. In short, this means that they are the months of January to February, as well as the beginning of September to December.

This, however, will depend on many factors, such as the period in which you are willing and able to make your trip. 

The weather can be another factor that will influence your trip to Disney and choosing a good resort to stay at. After all, many of the attractions may even close due to low temperatures, however, also consider:

  • festive seasons, such as Christmas, which runs from September to January;
  • spring, as the weather is great;
  • special park events that take place every year;
  • dates with promotions, for those looking to save money.

Many aspects will influence your trip to Disney and your choice of a good resort to stay with your family. Therefore, carefully evaluate all these variants and define the ideal date that matches your needs, expenses, attractions and preferences.

Walt Disney World Resorts: see which are the best establishments to visit
At Walt Disney World Resorts, the best time to go is in the off-season. Image by Craig Adderley on Pexels.

How to make the most of Walt Disney World Resorts?

To make the most of Walt Disney World Resorts, it's vital to plan well. In other words, do everything in advance, such as purchasing tickets for events, booking hotels and travel dates, and also consider:

  • download the My Disney app to see schedules and news;
  • arrive early to the events you want to enjoy;
  • on very sunny days, drink lots of water and use sunscreen;
  • go beyond the parks, visit stores, shopping centers and restaurants;
  • be flexible to adjust to new plans if something changes;
  • enjoy every moment, from your stay at the resorts to the attractions.

These tips are vital for you to have a unique experience at Disney. Finally, it's always good to remember that you're going to a magical place, so relax, enjoy, take photos and make good memories.

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