Is there a secret room at Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom?

You sure know the Cinderella's castle which is in the Magic Kingdom. But did you know that inside it has a secret room where you can spend a night?

The most famous building in the Magic kingdom it almost faithfully reproduces the castle where Cinderella will live with Prince Charming at the end of her story.

To know him is, without a doubt, a dream of many people. But… did you know that there is a room secret in him? Where can you stay (if you are very, very lucky)? Not!? Then read on to know everything about it!

The story of Cinderella's secret room


The Magic Kingdom is the “most magical place on Earth”, as its slogan says.

There are approximately 40 rides in the park, not to mention restaurants and other points of interest.

But without a doubt, the main point of the park is Cinderella's Castle.

Located in the heart of Magic kingdom, the place is the center of almost all the main events in the park. And it would be the place where Walt Disney himself would stay when he went there.

The original idea for Cinderella's Castle is that he had a special suite for Walt Disney and his family when they decided to visit the parks.

However, Walt died in December 1966, almost five years before the park opened, and plans to build the suite were stalled.

This remained so until 2006, for approximately 35 years.

For some years of that period, the space reserved for the Walt Disney suite was used as a warehouse. For another period, he stayed with the company's telephone operators.

However, in 2006, Disney started building the Cinderella suite as a “jewel” in the celebrations of the Year of One Million Dreams, celebrated in 2007.

In this case, the suite was used as a top prize for fans who participated in the event. One of them was able to stay in the suite created by Disney with 5 more guests.

That was in 2008, 11 years ago.

Since then, the Cinderella Castle suite has been empty most of the time, being used as a prize in some contests or given by Disney to some special guests, like Tom Cruise or Mariah Carrey, for example.

Part of the decoration of the secret room at Cinderella Castle

How is the secret room in the Magic Kingdom Castle?

The experience with the secret room at Cinderella's Castle begins when you enter a side door of the building.

Soon, the receptionist presents the entrance hall, which is decorated with elements from the character's film. There are statues of mice that help Cinderella, as well as a tapestry with the famous pumpkins turned into a carriage.

The most interesting detail, however, is the local clock, which never arrives until midnight. So, the magic never ends.

After that, the visitor is taken to the elevator (also abundantly decorated with elements that symbolize the film) and finally arrives at the secret room.

Leaving the elevator, there is a small hall with more decorative objects from the film (here the glass slipper and even a "collection" of Cinderella's pumpkins).

The secret room at Cinderella's Castle

The secret room is about 60 square meters (or a little more).

It is all decorated in dark woods and luxurious fabrics, more or less like the 17th century French castles, which served as inspiration for the whole project.

There are two double beds (Queen size) in the room, with a chic fireplace in the center (a nice detail is that the fireplace has some bright decorations that look like fireworks when lit).

Above the fireplace is a portrait of Cinderella, which magically transforms into a voice-controlled TV.

In fact, the portrait is used with one of those “transparent” TVs, a new technology that is coming to the commercial market now.

There is another TV like that in the bedroom, in a separate area, where there is a luxury sofa bed. This time, she is "disguised" as a mirror.

To top it off, there is the bathroom in the bedroom, which is another show.


Also richly decorated, the place has a very large square bath. The highlight is the ceiling: decorated as if it were the sky.

When the lights go out, the ceiling lights up as if the stars provide light for the environment. It is perfect for a romantic bath!

Overall, the secret room at Castelo da Cinderela accommodates up to 6 people (two on each double bed and two on the sofa bed).

How to stay?

I know what you're thinking: the room is perfect! You saw the photos, fell in love and decided that your dream is to spend a night at Cinderella's Castle.

No matter what the price: even if you have to sell a kidney, you will afford the dream, right?

Well, wrong. This is because there is no way to reserve the secret room of Cinderella's Castle.

That's right: not even $ 500, not $ 5,000, not even $ 50,000 is enough to convince Disney to release the room for you.

There is no money in the world that will allow you to spend the night in that room. What you need is luck.


Basically, Cinderella's secret room is an honor that Disney offers some people.

Some examples already mentioned were Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey, as well as Kevin Jonas (yes, from the Jonas Brothers!).

In these cases, Disney decided to give up the room as an honor for these people.

That depends a little on relationships and connections within the company, of course.

For us, mere "civilians", it is much more difficult to get that opportunity.

The only chance is this:

Turn and move, Disney opens some competitions or contests and decides to put a night in the secret room of Cinderella's Castle as a prize.

In that case, you need to keep an eye on Disney Parks official blog and see when such a contest takes place.

There is participating and being lucky to be the winner, to be able to enjoy a night in this place of dreams.

Other than that, just becoming an international celebrity!

So, what did you think of this secret room at Cinderella's Castle? Wonderful, isn't it? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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