Did you know that there is a secret room in Cinderella Castle?

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The Cinderella's castle is one of the main attractions of Disney World and, therefore, has a high number of visitors all year round. However, what few people know is that there is a secret room in the facility's premises. So, to know more about it, read the text.

After all, does Cinderella Castle really have a secret room?

The Cinderella's castle it has a secret room, in fact, which is considered the most exclusive space in the Orlando theme parks. At first, it was designed to host Walt Disney himself, as well as his family, on occasional visits.

But, with the death of the company's owner, in 1966, there was a pause in the construction of the suite, which lasted until 2006. During this period, in fact, the space served as a warehouse and was also used by the company's operators until the construction.

When ready, during the Year of One Million Dreams, the room was used as the top prize for some special contests at the event in 2007.

Cinderella's castle

Cinderella Castle has a secret and VIP room. Image from Living Orlando website.

Location of Cinderella's Castle

The Cinderella Castle is located in the heart of the theme park Magic Kingdom, which is part of the Walt Disney World Resort complex, in Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Thus, it is located in the area called Main Street, USA, being the main attraction of the place.

How to get access to the castle?

to enter the Magic Kingdom and to access the castle, you need to have a valid attraction ticket. This, in turn, can be purchased in advance online or at the physical box office. Price may vary according to time of year and length of visit.

Visitors can walk around the castle to appreciate the details of its architecture and take pictures on site. In addition, there is a path that leads to the interior of the building, where you will find attractions such as:

  • Cinderella's Royal Table, a table service restaurant;
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a children's themed beauty salon;
  • Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, a journey through the underground corridors.

It is worth remembering that some areas are reserved for private events and may have restricted access. Therefore, it is important to always check the schedules available on the website.

How is the secret room in Cinderella's Castle?

The secret room of Cinderella's castle it's a dream come true, since it has elements that make reference to the film, in addition to the effects that give a touch of magic to the environment. From the hall to the bathroom, every detail refers to the magical world of the princess. 

The atmosphere also features subtle soundtracks from the classic work, which results in an immersive experience for everyone who has the opportunity to enter the suite.

Hall and Foyer

The hall has a cast member who is responsible for the check-in of the visitor, as well as assisting the guest. While the entryway features a large ?C? made of metal, a pillar bears the sculpture of mice, together with the birds that help the princess.

The elevator, which leads to the suite, has features that refer to Cinderella's magical means of transport. Upstairs, by the way, there is an octagonal foyer that brings a crystal chandelier that gives a tone of elegance. 

Furthermore, on the floor of the space there is a drawing of the famous carriage in golden color, placed on a round blue background. Exclusive items are also on display in this area, which are:

  • glass slipper;
  • crown;
  • scepter.
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Cinderella Suite

The Cinderella room measures 55 m² and can accommodate up to 6 people at a time, as it has 2 double beds, plus a retractable sofa bed. That is, it does not have a very wide proportion, but it is quite an accommodation with a great wealth of details.

In the main area of the suite are the two beds and a slope that, when lit, shows flames that resemble fireworks. The second space, in turn, houses a sofa and a piece of furniture with a secret TV. While the bathroom is a separate experience.


The bedroom furniture is made of solid wood reminiscent of furniture from the colonial period. In this way, the beds have a ?C? on top of each, blue and gold linens match the tapestry that hangs on the back wall.

Between the two beds, there is a built-in lamp, above a small bedside table with two drawers. On top of the piece of furniture, by the way, is an old telephone next to a music box.


The bathroom is a show of its own, as it features a bathtub with an impressive size in a square format. The biggest highlight, however, is the ceiling, which features a romantic decoration, with stars that illuminate the environment and resemble the sky.

Cinderella's castle
The bathroom in the Cinderella Castle suite is a real dream. Image from Living Orlando website.

Living room

The living room houses a sofa bed that is positioned in front of a piece of furniture that holds a huge TV, therefore, it is almost a cinema room. While the windows of the room have stained glass windows that narrate the saga of the princess who had her dreamed happy ending.

How to stay in the Cinderella Suite?

To stay in the suite Cinderella, you need a VIP invite which is given to selected people. However, it's good to pay attention to Disney's social networks, as, from time to time, they run contests that reward the winner with a night in their room.

However, the Disney Orlando hotels located around the park are the best options for those looking for accommodation to enjoy Disney.

Who has stayed there?

Those contemplated with a stay in the room are usually international celebrities who are in the area. Some of the names that have already been present include:

  • Mariah Carey;
  • Tom Cruise;
  • Nick Jonas;
  • Katy Perry.

Therefore, to gain access to the room, which is one of the hidden secrets at disney world, you would need to be famous and have the chance of receiving an invitation, or be lucky enough to win an official giveaway.

Do staff have access to the room?

Some Disney employees have the chance to enjoy access to the Cinderella Suite once a year, by appointment months in advance. However, it is very difficult to get this privilege.

What not to miss at Cinderella Castle?

The Cinderella's castle it has several attractions, for example, the restaurant and the children's lounge in the internal accommodations. The outdoor area, on the other hand, has the famous Fantasyland, which takes you to the magical universe of fairy tales.

At night, finally, the place turns into a dazzling backdrop for the classic fireworks show called “Happily Ever After”.

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