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There are many curiosities involved with the hidden secrets at disney world, so it's worth checking out some of these. Thus, with this reading, you will know, for example, that this space holds the Tree of Life or Tree of Life, the symbol of the famous Animal kingdom.

What are the 10 hidden secrets at Disney World?

Among the 10 hidden secrets at disney world it is possible to mention the existence of a train carriage and the optical illusion that builds the castles. Also, among the Pirates of the Caribbean were real skeletons and some smells that are fake in the park.

In addition, they have the edible plants of Tomorrowland, a water park already in disrepair and a code for those who wait in line. Also, the American flags aren't original, there's a suite in Cinderella's castle, and Mickey's ears are copper. 

hidden secrets at disney world
Knowing all the secrets hidden in Disney World is great fun. Image taken from the Pixabay website.

Thus, here is a list of some of the main secrets that will be addressed throughout this article:

  1. secret train carriage
  2. Castles and optical illusion
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean attraction
  4. Are park smells one of Disney World's hidden secrets?
  5. Tomorrowland and edible plants
  6. Abandoned water park?
  7. Code for waiting time in queue
  8. Fake American flags?
  9. Suite in Cinderella's Castle
  10. Mickey ears, one of the hidden secrets at Disney World

1- Secret train carriage

There is a carriage, which is a secret train on the Disney Railroad. Thus, the theme park has buildings by Walt Disney dedicated to Lilly Belle, his wife. In this way, one of them takes its name as a tribute and its existence is a little secret. 

Who was Walt Disney?

Walter Elias Disney was an important filmmaker and film producer who started one of the most revolutionary works in the field, which was Disney animation.

2- Castles and optical illusion

There is the strategic use of a trick that generates an optical illusion in Disney castles. So, in the construction of Cinderella's castle, for example, the engineers designed the bricks to get smaller as they moved towards the top. 

Furthermore, the impression that was left led to believe that they seemed taller than they really are. So, some details make the difference, such as:

  • at the top, the windows are smaller compared to the lower parts;
  • with the observation from the bottom up, there is the feeling that it is much bigger.

3- Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

In the construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, real skeletons are used. This is because the responsible organizers would not have been excited by the appearance that the fake skeletons left to the scenario. So they got it through the University of California.

4- Are the smells of the park one of Disney World's secrets?

The smells of the park are one of Disney World's secrets. The brilliant people behind the attractions have thought of a method to make the experience more intense for their visitors. So they devised a system that pumps out the fake smells.

Thus, there are strong smells, like salt water, for example, on the Pirates of the Caribbean promenade or like roasts on Main Street.

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5- Tomorrowland and edible plants

Tomorrowland is home to edible plants. That's right! The famous enclosure has its edible plants in its spaces, in fact, not just one. Furthermore, legend has it that absolutely all plants in the environment could be food for people.

6- Is an abandoned water park one of the hallmark secrets at Disney World?

One of the hidden secrets at Disney World is the abandoned water park. Therefore, the park named River Country fell into disrepair around 2001, more specifically in the month of November. Furthermore, its location is close to the Magic Kingdom.

7- Code for waiting time in queue

People waiting in line can receive a secret code. This can occur, for example, with the attractions of Guardians of the Galaxy in the Mission, which is Breakout! So if your clock happens to be at 13, that is in the queue, it means you can go.

8- Are fake American flags one of the hidden secrets at Disney World?

The use of false American flags is one of the hidden secrets at Disney World. That is, none of them are authentic and there are always some small details to differentiate. Likewise, some regulations are avoided, such as the act of downloading it.

9- Suite in Cinderella's Castle

There is a suite hidden in the famous Cinderella's castle. Also, the suite is decorated with antique furniture from the 17th century, while the floor has Cinderella's own design in the form of a mosaic. In addition, there is also a hot tub.

10- Mickey Ears, one of the interesting secrets at Disney World

Mickey's ears are also another interesting secret at Disney World. One of the ears, which is made of copper, serves as a lightning rod. That is, through Mickey Mouse who is at the very top of the attraction called Crossroads of the World.

Are there more hidden secrets at Disney World?

there are still more hidden secrets at disney world, such as, for example, the presence of a shop for big collectors. In fact, it is a space that even the fans themselves intend to keep secret, away from too many eyes, see more:

  • the Star Wars attraction with real props from the saga;
  • there are ashes thrown in the park;
  • dragon plaques;
  • cleaning mania;
  • coat of arms of the presidency;
  • ban on chewing gum;
  • photos come out with more vivid colors;
  • the presence of the tree of life;
  • there is no repetition of characters.

The Star Wars attraction with the real props

The Star Wars attraction has the realistic props/details that are used in the saga. That is, objects and characters from the film, for example, are the same present there.

hidden secrets at disney world
The famous tree of life that is present in the Animal Kingdom series is among the hidden secrets in Disney World. Image from Pexels by Luiz Gonçalves.

Who knows the hidden secrets at Disney World?

People who know the hidden secrets at disney world are visitors. That is, if you want to experience a dream environment and have many surprises, Disney World is a very suitable place for this purpose, in addition to lots of fun.

Are the hidden secrets at Disney World attractive to visitors?

The hidden secrets at disney world are attractive to visitors. However, they are responsible for giving greater brightness to a space that is already full of attractions. 

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