The World's Largest McDonald's is the Orlando Mc

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The famous Golden Arches are an internationally recognized symbol. No matter where you are: if you see them, you know you can eat easily and for little money. And, of course, there are many McDonald's in Orlando.

Nothing says more USA than McDonald's. Well, maybe Coca-Cola and Disney, right? Mixing everything in one place, we have Orlando.

If you do not intend to eat the fast food options of the parks or other alternatives (such as the Olive garden, for example), you can feel right at home at Orlando's many McDonald's.

Want to know more about them? So keep reading!

How many McDonald's are in Orlando?

How many McDonald's are there in your city? Depending on the size of it, you can say about 5, maybe? For example, if you live in a big city like Orlando there are likely to be dozens.

If you live in a small town, maybe 1 or 2. In a Brazilian capital, there are dozens, no doubt.


In Orlando, there are many, many units of the most famous fast food franchise in the world as well as practically all major tourist cities.

According to Foursquare, they are at least 88 McDonald's locations in Orlando and in the region, taking some nearby cities or distant neighborhoods.

A lot, isn't it? So that means you'll have a McDonald's location nearby wherever you are.

How is McDonald's Orlando? What's the menu?

The basic experience of eating at McDonald's in Orlando is the same as almost anywhere in the world.

After all, this is one of the great attractions of the brand, right? The guarantee of a recognizable and reliable place even in a completely different country.

In other words, you can go to Japan, to Russia or South Africa and McDonald's will be the same in those places.

It is in the menu options that we feel a difference. Light but significant.

For starters, all McDonald's units here have free refill. In Brazil, there are only a few stores (and lasting 30 minutes).

Apparently, they're still testing the feature to see if it's worth installing nationwide.

Another novelty is that most units have self-service stations.

Above all, if you don't know how to speak English, you don't have to worry: just go to one of them and order your snack once you just select it as if it were ifood.

If you pay by card, you can pay right there. Otherwise, you just need to take the money to the cashier and pay.

Dollar Menu

The big advantage, however, is the Dollar Menu. A series of options that cost only $1 dollar or something close to that.


There are bacon burgers, nuggets, salads, cookies, drinks and even a McChiken.

The Dollar Menu offer varies from store to store, so it may be something different, but the basic idea remains: snacks for $1 dollar.

Not to mention several other promotions with super affordable values.


Likewise, in Brazil, there is something more or less similar nowadays: they are the snacks of the day for R$ 7.50 (around that).

Those who have traveled to Europe should also know the system, which there they call Eurosavings.

The biggest McDonald's in the world

Oh, of course, Orlando had to have something very, very special with McDonald's, right?

In the city is located the biggest McDonald's in the world whole.

The unit is located on the 6875 Sand Lake Road, intersection with the famous International Drive, close to a Burger King, Denny's and IHOP.


The place is huge and has about 51 arcade machines, in addition to several other toys and special areas.

Their menu is also different. In addition to the company's traditional snacks, they serve wraps, pasta with shrimp, Mexican food and even custom pizzas.

The price is very affordable: the vast majority of items are under $10 dollars, with the most expensive being $13.59 (but you can share with others).

The place is worth a visit, even if it's just to see it as a tourist spot. After all, it's the biggest and most unique McDonald's on the planet!

Are there McDonald's near the Disney parks?

Imagine you're at the Disney parks, enjoying your life, riding on the rides when that Big Mac with French fries and Coke hits.

Has as? Yes, of course there is!

In fact, there is no McDonald's inside the Disney parks. There are other fast food and cheap food options, but no Ronald McDonald.

However, there are two franchise units in the vicinity of the Disney complex.

The first unit is located at 9FJW + W3 Lake Buena Vista, very close to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, Disney springs It's from Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

There are still other hotels close by, but they aren't Disney, like versions of the Sheraton and Hilton in Lake Buena Vista.

already the second unit it is technically within Disney property, but not within any parks.

Located at 8CXF+G7 Bay Lake, adjacent to the Region Fire Department and close to Blizzard Beach Water Park, this McDonald's is within walking distance of the All-Star.


Well, depending on which All-Star pavilion you stayed in, of course.

It's the best option if you want a Big Mac, but don't want to leave the Disney complex or stray too far from the hotel.

Is it worth eating at McDonald's in Orlando?

If you really like McDonald's, it's worth it. If your budget is tight and you want to save a day or two on meals, that's fine too.

After all, food is simple, satisfying and costs very little.

That said, there are so many others fast food options at Disney parks and Orlando, in addition to other restaurant alternatives.

McDonald's you eat at home, right?

Not a bad choice (especially if you're in the All-Star and wants a quick dinner after a fun day at the parks).

It's cheap and delicious. But it's no different from McDonald's in your city.

Except for the Biggest McDonald's in the World, which is worth visiting even if it's a tourist spot.

So, what did you think of McDonald's in Orlando? Do you like franchise snacks? If yes, which is your favourite? Tell us below!

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