Dollar Tree Orlando: Everything for $1

THE Dollar Tree Orlando is the fantastic and giant store where everything in it costs $1 dollar.

Even with the variation of the dollar, the store remains an excellent option for purchases, especially when it comes to some specific products.

The quality is variable, that is, there are products of unknown brands that are not worthwhile and others that are very worthwhile, and of well-known brands that we already trust and know the origin and others that we do not trust, that is, you have to research .

Dollar Tree inside
Dollar Tree inside

is quite different from Shops how Walmart and Target where you can find well-known and quality products already known.

Check out 9 product categories worth buying at Dollar Tree, the store that sells everything for 1 dollar.

We will also give you the main units of the chain in Orlando and special tips to further enjoy your shopping.

The Dollar Tree in Orlando

With a chain of stores, Dollar Tree has more than 15 units based in Orlando or nearby cities.

Dollar Tree should be included in the itinerary of your trip, since we always need something useful, from day to day, and they are cheap in the store.

That is, you do not need to think about putting this type of item in the suitcase. Just leave it to buy there.

Dollar Tree Inside

In addition, when visiting the $ 1 store, you can find souvenirs for friends and relatives, as well as find items of great quality that you would not imagine buying for less than 5 reais.

Well organized and divided into sessions, the products in the store are easy to find. See the most interesting product categories to buy at the “Dollar Store”.

What to buy at Dollar Tree

1 . Goodies - If you can't miss the besties to sweeten life in your hotel room, you can assemble your candy kit for those pinching moments. In addition, you can also take parks and save a lot without having to spend all the time inside.

If you have a refrigerator in your Hotel, you can take the opportunity to buy some yogurts, soft drinks and other refrigerator items. If you have a freezer, you can even buy ice cream and frozen food.

In this case it is good to be aware of the brand because not everyone is good.
Usually sweets such as chocolates, snacks, candies and cookies are of varying brands and qualities.

It is worth buying snacks at the Wallmart, but Pringles, for example, are generally cheaper at Dollar Tree.

Depending on the delicacy you find there, you can even add to the souvenir you are giving to someone, such as a packet of candies from Werther's Original, for example.

2 . Seasonal Events and Party Decorations - If you like decorations you can be sure you will love this session at Dollar Tree.

Everything will depend on seasonality, that is, the time of year that you are traveling to Orlando.

Many items for Baby Shower, Graduation and Birthdays are also found in the store.

However, expect to find the variety of items normally found in the Party City!

It is worth remembering that there are many decorative items that are sold in Brazil at prices as good as.

So, when researching any Halloween, Christmas or other celebration decoration item, stay tuned for more exclusive items, which you won't find in Brazil.

Or items that are expensive in Brazil and that are really cheap compared to Dollar Tree.
Attention to the weight and size of the articles too, to evaluate if it is worth carrying it in the suitcase.

Dollar Tree inside
Dollar Tree inside

3 . Kitchen Utensils - This is a part that is really worth it. Salad tongs, gauges, peelers, graters, spatulas are some of the items among a wide variety, with great prices and quality.

4 . Pet Supplies na - Of all the sessions, the one that offers the most cost-benefit advantages is the pet session, even because in Brazil, these products are very expensive.

Products that you find in Brazil for 30 or 40 reais, there costs a dollar, that is, even at the high, it is still less than 5 reais.

Items range from snacks, to toys, pots, clothes, collars. A great option to gift a friend who has a PET.

5 . Office, Stationery and School Supplies - There are many stationery and office items that are worth buying at Dollar Tree, such as packs of pens and mechanical pencils for 1 dollar. By the time back to school, many new items arrive in stores.

6 . Makeup and Home Care - Of course, you won't be buying MAC base for $ 1 at Dollar Tree. But it is possible to find some cheap and useful items, such as false eyelashes, balm of good brand, among others.

Dollar Tree inside
Dollar Tree inside

7 . Home Decoration - Especially decorative scented candles are a good gift option. Decorative plates, rugs and other items are also found for 1 real.

8 . Health and Pharmacy Items - Shoe Insoles, which are usually expensive in Brazilian pharmacies and even interesting vitamins in the store.

Dollar Tree Orlando also sells prescription glasses.

If you choose to buy one, take it to your optician when you arrive in Brazil to find out if it is suitable.

9. Tools - Measuring tape, pocket knives, led lamp, set of keys are some of the useful items of the hardware item, with products that are generally really expensive in Brazil. It's really worth it.

Dollar Tree Shopping Tips

To make the most of your purchases at Dollar Tree Orlando, one of the things that deserves your attention is the shopping list.

Selecting the items you can buy at the store is a good tip to avoid unnecessary expenses on your trip.

For example, if you have made a list of the souvenirs and goodies you want to buy in Orlando, make sure you can find them on the Dollar Tree.

Aromatic candles, pocket tools such as pocket knives, portable key sets and led flashlight are excellent souvenirs that in Brazil are more expensive.

Search for items in advance on the Dollar Tree website.

Dollar Tree inside
Dollar Tree inside

On the Retail Me Not website you can print discount coupons. Usually they are for when you intend to buy several items of the same product.

Taking into account that you can decide to buy souvenirs for several people, it can be a good option.

Biggest Dollar Tree in Orlando Florida

The largest stores are those that generally have the greatest variety of items. The three largest in Orlando are the ones I listed below.

Each has a variation in opening hours, so be aware.

Dollar Tree from International drive Value Center
Address: 5295 International Dr #400, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm.
Orlando's largest Dollar Tree store

Curry Ford Dollar Tree
Address: 7311 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32822, United States
Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm and Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm.

Colonial Orlando's Dollar Tree
Address: 1840 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, USA
Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm and Sundays from 8 am to 9 pm.

The Best Dollar Tree in Orlando

We know that selecting the best store is extremely difficult and controversial.

We can say that the largest Dollar Trees in Orlando can be considered the best as they have a greater variety of products at their disposal.

Therefore, you can consider the 3 options listed above as the best Dollar Tree stores in Orlando.

Best Dollar Tree Disney

You can find several Dollar Trees scattered around Orlando. And of course you might want to visit one of them during your visit to an Orlando park or even during your day out in Disney springs.

With that, I take the opportunity to leave the address here of a Dollar Tree very close to there.

Address: 13605 State Road 535 Ste 103, Orlando, FL – 3282

Remembering that at their own website from Dollar Tree you can also find various information.

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