The Plaza Restaurant: A Great Main Street Establishment

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The The Plaza Restaurant it's one of the nicest spots on Main Street, plus a good view of the park. Magic Kingdom, which is a lovely place. In this way, it takes the visitor back in time, however, it serves current food, a tasty fast food.

Where is The Plaza Restaurant?

The Plaza Restaurant It is on Main Street on the right side as you enter the park. In fact, it's just before the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey. Ultimately, it stays in Magic Kingdom, one of the Disney parks of the complex in Orlando.

The Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom
The Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom

opening hours

The The Plaza Restaurant, at first, it opens for lunch at 11:00 am until 2:55 pm, from that time onwards it returns with the dinner menu from 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm. That's from Monday to Monday.

Reservation and cancellation policy

Reservations for the The Plaza Restaurant are made on the official Disney website and must be scheduled up to 45 days in advance of the visit date.

There is a cancellation policy of up to 2 hours for this location for dinner or lunch reservations. Anyway, this avoids the fee of 10 dollars per person.

Otherwise, it will be deducted from the card provided at the time of booking. Finally, this information is all detailed at the time of booking, including the charge rate per customer.

What is the menu at The Plaza Restaurant?

the menu of plaza restaurant It's very diverse, so it ends up pleasing the whole family. Because, there is an option of fried dumplings, red and white meat, as well as fast food classics, such as milkshake and hamburger.

The Plaza Restaurant menu
The Plaza Restaurant menu

For those who like a light meal, on the other hand, there is soup and salad with or without the protein. Also, the dessert sundae could not be missing.

The meal at the Plaza serves most people well, in fact, those with some type of allergy. So, let the waiter know if anyone in your group has any dietary restrictions, or wants to remove something from the plate, it will certainly be promptly attended to.

The Monte Cristo - The Plaza Restaurant
The Monte Cristo – The Plaza Restaurant

Lunch and dinner

On the lunch menu, visitors can try the snacks, which are the soup of the day, or chili and fries. In this way, in the main dishes there are the following options:

  • homemade meatloaf;
  • chicken sandwich;
  • Chili-Impossible Burger;
  • The Main Street Burger;
  • The Plaza Reuben;
  • sirloin steak salad.
Turkey Sandwich at The Plaza Restaurant
Turkey Sandwich at The Plaza Restaurant

For those who prefer a sweet taste, however, the The Plaza Restaurant offers options for cakes, milkshakes, ice cream and sundaes, for example:

  • banana cake with half bitter chocolate;
  • handcrafted milkshake topped with whipped cream and a cherry;
  • sundae;
  • original banana split;
  • Plaza Restaurant sundae.

For those traveling with children, the Plaza Restaurant offers seasonal soup and fruit options such as grapes and apples, as well as salads. Thus, parents can still assemble the little ones' dishes with the classics:

  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich;
  • grilled chicken strips;
  • hamburger;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • seasonal vegetables;
  • fruits.

Finally, it is good to remember that the children's menu is for children up to 9 years old. The difference between lunch and dinner is the amount of wine and cocktails.

Average meal price

During lunch, in principle, the average price is from US$ 15 to US$ 34.99 per adult, at dinner the price is the same. By the way, snacks vary between 9 dollars, which is the cost of soup and chili, while fries cost 13 dollars. 

Food at The Plaza Restaurant
Food at The Plaza Restaurant

As for main dishes, you have a traditional Reuben sandwich with jerky on rye bread with Thousand Island sauce, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, so it costs only 20 dollars.

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The most expensive dish, however, is the home-style meatloaf topped with tomato sauce, which is served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, which costs US$25.

The average sundae price is US$ 9, the same cost as cakes and milkshakes. Therefore, children's dishes cost 3 dollars for portions of soup, grapes, slices of apples and salads. However, main meals are around 12 dollars.

Is The Plaza Restaurant's decor elegant?

Know that the decoration of the The Plaza Restaurant it is charming and elegant, despite being a casual lunch and dinner, it is full of elegance and sophistication.

The Plaza Restaurant
The Plaza Restaurant

Incidentally, much of this is due to the setting that is the atmosphere of the early 20th century.

At that time, in fact, everything was more polished and more gracefully decorated, with touches of Art Nouveau. In addition, there are several stunning decorative lamps and mirrors.

Finally, the solarium has a privileged view of Main Street, overlooking Cinderella's castle and the parades that take place there.

Interior of The Plaza Restaurant showing its chairs and tables
The Plaza Restaurant, inside, has many mirrors and lamps. Image by Tom Bricker on disney tourist blog

Is The Plaza Restaurant one of the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom?

For sure, the The Plaza Restaurant It is one of top restaurants Table Service Disney World. That's because, it has a great location, it's right at the entrance to the park, right at the end of Main Street.

It is a place full of stores and details in their windows that deserve special attention. It is well decorated in more sober and delicate tones, great for adults.

Mainly, for those who want to get rid of the characters a little. Or a more adult environment, in a park that is aimed at children, it is something rare.

exquisite decoration

Despite the more refined decor, the food served is basically fast food, with one or two options for salad and soup. In other words, it is an informal space, so the visitor can go with the clothes of a park day or go straight from the attractions, without worrying.

Another positive point of the Plaza Restaurant is the value of the dishes that are average, some even fairer than the others. magic kingdom restaurants. Even, counts in his favor, the closed environment with controlled temperature.

This type of establishment, which requires a reservation and is more welcoming, is usually more expensive. Anyway, for all these reasons, it is very worth enjoying a meal in this place.

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