Fantasmic! - The Fantastic Show at Hollywood Studios

If you go to Disney's Hollywood Studios park, be sure to check out the show that brings together several visitors daily. Fantasmic! is the name of overproduction.

In addition, it is highly technological when using numerous special effects, fireworks, water and lighting.

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Mickey Mouse at the top of the mountain, at the beginning of the show. Photo: Disclosure / Disney

The night show features more than 50 artists who perform live and in color, literally, packed with a soundtrack well known to Disney lovers and scenarios beyond incredible.

Initially, Fantasmic! emerged and was presented at the Disneyland park, California, in 1992.

Later, in 1998, it was the turn of Hollywood Studios to receive the attraction, although with some changes.

In that way, perhaps it can be said that Fantasmic! be an attraction that competes, on an equal footing, with the fireworks display of the Magic kingdom (the show Happily Ever After).

And one thing is certain and indisputable, after all: Disney knows how to make real shows, which leave everyone immersed in the created universe and always asking for more.

Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios

At least 22 years in the park, the attraction happens, practically, every day. Always at night, which is the end of the park's schedule.

The duration of the show is approximately 30 minutes.

And, as stated above, it is to leave your eyes wide open and fixed on what is presented. There is no time to lose anything, because it is so impressive that you cannot even think to look away.

Basically, Mickey Mouse is the main character of the show. He is asleep and ends up dreaming that he is a sorcerer, who, in turn, manages to control the water and turn it into something magical.

In those first moments, Mickey is on top of something that resembles a mountain. You can see it well, in the distance, as the scene is almost 20 meters high.

The highlight, therefore, is on account of lighting and costumes.

As a villain, for example, Maleficent comes as a 40-foot dragon. Also appearing the Evil Queen, witch of Snow White, with the objective of going after Mickey and many other villains unite to capture the hero Mickey!

Other characters are also present at the attraction, these are very famous from some Disney classics, such as: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

1 day at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Attractions itinerary | Disney, Hollywood, Disney hollywood studios
The characters on the vessel. Photo: Disclosure / Pinterest

Towards the end of the presentation, however, all of them and Mickey come inside the Steamboat Willie, a boat that takes them on board for another incredible greeting to the public.

In addition to the villains, other changes are very noticeable, such as Mickey's costume change.

In all, there are five costumes, one more beautiful than the other, which reflect different moments in the story of the animated character.

Fantasmic schedules!

It is always important to look at the programming in the application My disney experience or in the Hollywood Studios Timetable before setting the best day to go, since, depending on the season, nights are selected.

At discharge, for example, there may be two shows per night.

As it is a very disputed attraction, it is necessary to enter with some time in advance.

An hour and a half before starting, the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater open the doors and you can already select a place that best suits you.

The importance of arriving early is to get a seat with a privileged view. So, never leave it to the last minute!

Fantasmic! allows the use of Fastpass +. So, if necessary, use it.

Park location

As soon as you settle inside the amphitheater, you will notice that there are several vendors circulating between the rows and showing the most varied products.

Food is also available for sale at the theater cafeteria. However, the most recommended is to enter the place already with the appetizers, since there are always queues.

And you don't want to and you don't need to miss the show, do you?

After all, there are almost 10,000 seats, counting the seats and those that are standing. At one point, it rolls over to “OLA”, as incredible as it may seem.

Hollywood Hills Amphitheater still empty. An hour before the show starts and the magic happens. Photo: Reproduction

Ah, depending on the season you are going to, remember to bring a sweater, because the temperature can drop sharply and, with that, it is more than necessary to use something to contain the cold and the splash of water, inclusive. Here's our tip!

To locate yourself within the park, have the map and also the Disney app.

But don't worry, it is very easy to find the place. It is next to the Twilight Tower of Terror, to the right of the entrance, and it is quite large.

Orlando Parks Map 2020 (can print!) | Disney again
Hollywood Studios map. Fantasmic! happens at number 55, however.

In addition, be sure to check out this presentation. It is one of the most beautiful and profitable things of the tour at Hollywood Studios and, to be honest, one of the most beautiful attractions in all Orlando parks, which we have already talked about here blog.

Finally, enjoy!

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