The Crystal Palace - Character Meal

Do you want to eat in an iconic restaurant with characters inside one of the Disney parks? Then Crystal Palace is one of the Magic Kingdom restaurants that you will want to visit.

Like all Disney restaurants, it is also themed, in which case the Crystal Palace allows you to discover the Winnie-the-Pooh and your friends.

It serves for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has a very varied buffet that is very pleasing to children.

The decor is really beautiful and all inspired by the aesthetics of the late 1800s.

The name Crystal Palace also refers to the numerous glass windows that surround the interior of the place, but at the end of the text there is an extra curiosity about the name of this pleasant establishment.

Directly from Bosque dos Cem Acres, teddy bear Pooh, Tigger, Leitão and Bisonho go to the restaurant every day to greet visitors, after all, Crystal Palace is the perfect place to be with family and friends. friends.


In this article we are going to talk about this nice restaurant. Who knows so you will find out if you should include it in your gastronomic itinerary during your trip to Disney.

Magic Kingdom Crystal Palace location

Crystal Palace's location is privileged. It is right in the heart of Magic Kingdom, specifically in the Main Street, facing Cinderella's Castle, and near the entrance to Adventureland.

It is very easy to find. Upon arriving at Magic kingdom, walk towards Castelo da Cinderella, and turn left as soon as Main Street ends.


The service at this restaurant is a mixture of “Table Service” and “all you can eat” buffet.

As soon as you arrive at your table, a waiter comes to take your order for drinks, but for meals, you can serve yourself at will at the buffet, repeating as much as you want.

There are also fixed options of main dishes on the menu, so you can leave completely satisfied.

Setting and Decoration

The facade of the Crystal Palace has Victorian inspiration with that air of classical architecture. The surrounding plants decorate the entrance and accentuate the beauty of the external look.

Speaking of plants, in this garden you will also find the characters of the Pooh universe in the form of flower arrangements. Another super careful detail of the Crystal Palace decoration.


At the restaurant reception you will give your name to confirm the reservation, and the attendant will give you a pager.

As soon as he touches a waiter he will take you and your companions to your table.

But before that, you will wait for a while on the balcony, a space that is usually always crowded. During this period take the opportunity to take your photos.

The interior of the restaurant is very spacious and the Victorian architecture remains.

All tables at Crystal Palace are indoors and the characters go through all of them greeting and taking pictures with visitors.

Crystal Palace service from Magic Kingdom

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Among the drinks on the menu are coffee, milk, soft drinks, water, juices and teas, and all of them are included in your meal so you can order as much as you want.

Alcoholic beverages are paid separately.

Crystal Palace Breakfast

The breakfast of restaurant Winnie the Pooh has a great variety of fruits and breads.

As you can not miss in a typical southern American cafe, there is also on the buffet: bacon, sausage, smoked salmon and eggs.


You can order your eggs any way you want them when they make them for you on the plate.

Complementing the breakfast options, you can also help yourself to pancakes, cereal and Mickey's waffle with its various toppings.

Lunch and Dinner at the Magic Kingdom's Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace's lunch and dinner buffet has a wide variety of options, but it follows the standard of what you would expect from a buffet.

Even so, it has everything the kids like most: chicken, nuggets, fish, shrimp, vegetables, pizza, pasta and salads.

There is a pre-set menu that includes crispy fried chicken with drops of honey (Pooh's face) served with macaroni and cheese and cabbage.

The roast beef rib accompanies potatoes au gratin with cheese, creamy spinach and horseradish cream.

A vegetarian option is Southern fried cauliflower that comes with hot maple syrup syrup, roasted potatoes and cabbage.

Alcoholic beverages are the only ones you pay for and you can choose between beers, wines and cocktails.

Among the desserts on the menu are seasonal cookies with icing sugar and chocolate sauce, banana cream pie, Hummingbird cake and what I think is Pooh's favorite, honey cupcake.

In addition to the desserts, Crystal Palace has an Italian-style ice cream maker (like McDonald's).

You can help yourself whenever you want or assemble your dessert with syrup, waffle and other caloric delicacies.

Crystal Palace Tips and Trivia

You already know that the characters come to your table, and the waiters even warn you when your turn is close.


Even so, try to be careful not to go to the buffet at that moment and end up missing that meeting.

Here is the curiosity I mentioned at the beginning of the text.

The name Crystal Palace is named after the English Crystal Palace, built in London's Hyde Park at the end of the 19th century for the Great Exhibition.

In the case of Magic Kingdom's Crystal Palace restaurant, reservations are highly recommended.

To ensure the best times, it is ideal that you make the reservation up to six months in advance.

As we have seen, Crystal Palace is a restaurant who has no great attraction in relation to meals, but going with the children is worth it for the contact with the characters.

As children generally prefer more common meals, they are sure to enjoy the menu a lot.

Anyway, it's worth the experience of visiting Crystal Palace at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

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