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The Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios has been reworked and made much, much more amazing! That's because the place won a The Incredibles area, one of the most successful animations in recent years.

In fact, a “mini-area”. But still, enough to be worth a visit if you get the chance.

There, some cool attractions, new foods, products and the 4 character encounter of the franchise!

Want to know more about it? So keep reading!

Municiberg The Incredibles

What is The Incredibles area at Pixar?

As you already know, Disney recently opened a new Toy Story area at Hollywood Studios, called Toy story land.

With that, the area that was known as Pixar Place (a place to put Pixar attractions and characters) has become a little… purposeless, outdated.

To change the situation, Casa do Mickey decided to redesign the place. From this, the area of The Incredibles.

The place is meant to be a sort of re-creation of Metroville, the town from The Incredibles. There, are located some very cool attractions based on the two long films in the franchise.

One of them, for example, is a treasure hunt based on Zezé. Basically, there are a lot of cookie crumbs scattered around the region and you need to follow them to find… well, a big surprise.

Another cool attraction is a panel to take pictures. Basically, you and your family will be able to take pictures pretending to be the heroes of The Incredibles. Instead, you can take the place of Mr. Terrific by lifting a car, or Violet's, creating a force field.

There is a second place to take pictures in the Incredibles area. This one, however, is simpler: there's just an explosion in the background and people can take pictures holding up some signs with phrases like "She's awesome" or "He's awesome."

What are the Incredibles special stores?

In Metroville set up at Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios there are two stores: one for gift and one for food. Check out!

Municiberg Gifts

municiberg gifts

Municiberg Gifts is a gift shop and themed products from The Incredibles. It has EVERYTHING there. Seriously, everything: hats, t-shirts, action figures, stuffed dolls, mugs… in short, a little bit of everything, always decorated with The Incredibles.

It has a gray t-shirt, with the silhouette of Edna Moda sensacional, which is a daring success with people of all ages.


There's a small bakery in the Incredibles area for you to satisfy your hunger while fighting super-villains.

Some of the dishes served are based on the franchise. For example:

  • Incredible Hero Sandwich – is a sandwich with Italian meats and cheese;
  • Mask Pretzel with Cheese – is a pretzel made in the shape of Ms. Incredible's mask. It is served with cheese;
  • Num Num Cookie – have you ever noticed how Zezé loves a cookie? So it's this one. It has a crispy dough with chocolate chips;
  • Frozone Slush – a kind of slushie made with cotton candy and frozen Coke.

Which characters are in place?

You couldn't talk about The Incredibles at Disney without considering the possibility of meeting some of the superheroes, right? After all, they are among the most popular Pixar characters right now.

In The Incredibles area there are 4 characters available to be found, although the experience between them is different.

Let's check out what they are and how to get to know them next!

Edna Moda

Edna Moda hollywood studios

The whole world already knows that if one of us becomes a superhero, he shouldn't wear capes in his uniform. This is thanks to the work of the sensational and legendary Edna Moda.

The Incredibles stylist is a standout in both films, stealing the spotlight whenever she's on screen.

If you've become her fan (I know I have!) you'll love meeting her at Edna Mode Experience.

It is an event meet & greet in an environment that simulates his superhero uniforms atelier. There are his greatest creations, which you will be able to see up close.

In addition, you will be able to meet Edna Moda in person!

She will be there to greet fans, take a picture with them and sign autographs.

If you're a fan of the character, you can't miss this opportunity. It's a really, really cool attraction!

Frozone, Mr and Mrs Amazing

Incredible Hollywood

The other three characters featured in The Incredibles area at Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios are precisely the three adult superheroes from the films: Mr and Mrs Incredible, in addition to Frozone.

Contrary to the experience with Edna Moda, however, it is not a meet & greet, but a dancing party in the central square of the place.

That's right: a dance party.

The three characters are there to dance and interact with the audience. Well, who knew you could leave Disney with a picture dancing with Mr. Terrific, right?

The event doesn't last all day, of course (not least because nobody could stand to dance for so many hours), but it happens a few times a day. Check the calendar on the Disney app or official website for the exact time when you are there.

As you can see, the area of The Incredibles in Hollywood Studios It's a lot of fun, even though it's quite small.

The attraction with Edna Moda and the dancing party with the superheroes are the highlight of the experience.

However, the rest of the structure leaves a little to be desired.

The photo panels are too simple and the food is uninspired despite being delicious.

To save it, the little shop has some products that are really cool and worth spending a few bucks there.

A warning about the Incredibles area: it will only be available until September 30, 2019. That's right! After that, Disney will have to redesign the place and put another attraction there. So, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity, run and get your ticket to Hollywood Studios now!

So, what did you think of visiting The Incredibles area at Disney? Tell us in the comments below!

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